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Redeemed is book 1 in the new McIntyre Security Protectors series. It can be read standalone. It’s a full-length novel with a guaranteed HEA.


Ten years ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life

And I"ve paid the price every day since then, both in body and spirit

Now I"m desperate, and the only man who can save me is the one I betrayed so long ago.

I don"t deserve his forgiveness.

He doesn"t owe me a thing.

But like the hero he is, that won"t stop him from risking his life to save me". even when I don"t deserve it.


My life ended the day Annie broke our engagement and married another man.

I"ve been going through the motions ever since, unable to forget her.

Unable to move on.

I gave her my heart, and I don"t do give-backs, so she"s stuck with it, whether she wants it or not.

When I find out she"s in danger, I"ll move Heaven and Earth to protect her, regardless of what it costs me.

She doesn"t owe me a thing, but damn, I"ll go to my knees for her.

For just one look, one touch, one word.Books in Series:McIntyre Security Protectors Series by April WilsonBooks by Author:April Wilson Books

Chapter 1

Annie Elliot, 2004

Senior year in high school

Jake leans close to me in study hall on a Friday morning, nudging my shoulder playfully as his lips graze my ear. "Let"s go away for the weekend," he whispers, making me shiver. "Just the two of us."

I shoot him a cautious side glance, keeping one eye on our teacher, Mrs. Bates, who"s deeply engrossed in a romance novel. "Go where"" I mouth back to him.

"To my dad"s cabin in Harbor Springs."

"Are you crazy" You know my parents would never let me""

"Tell them you"re spending the night at Stacy"s. They"ll never know." His eyes glitter with a challenge. "Come on, Elliot, say yes. I dare you."

I roll my eyes at the pouty expression on my boyfriend"s handsome face and find myself fighting a grin. I"m so tempted to say yes. The idea of spending a whole night alone with him is temptation beyond belief. With my parents breathing down my neck all the time, Jake and I don"t get a whole lot of alone time, so every hour we have to ourselves is precious. A night away, alone with him" I can"t even imagine.

He reaches beneath the table and squeezes my thigh. "I"ll tell my parents I"m spending the night with Cameron."

"But I have a ton of homework this weekend," I whisper, thinking of the many reasons why I shouldn"t agree to this crazy scheme, starting with the fact that my parents would kill me if they found out. "And I have my calculus exam to study for."

He shakes his head. "Not a problem. You can do your homework and study all you want. I won"t interfere"I promise."

I sigh, so torn between what I want to do and what I know I should do. "Jake"."

My parents think Jake is a bad influence on me. And to be honest, they"re right"he is a bad influence. He"s always talking me into doing things that will get one or both of us in big trouble. But I"ve also never been happier in my life. He makes the ordinary seem extraordinary.

He lays his head on my shoulder, gazing up at me with these big puppy dog eyes. "Please" Think of all the back rubs I"ll be able to give you."

I am such a sucker for back rubs. Just the thought of his hands on my body makes me shiver with anticipation. "Okay!" I whisper back. "I"ll do it."

He gives me a devastatingly handsome smile, his dark eyes lighting up. "I"ll pick you up tomorrow morning at ten o"clock."

The class bell rings, signaling the end of our study hall period. This is the only class period we have together. All of my courses are advanced placement pre-college courses, and Jake"s classes"well, academics aren"t really his strong suit. He"s more a man of action. He struggles a lot with academics, but on the football field" he"s a god. His lack of interest in school is one of the things my parents dislike about him, but I don"t care that academics aren"t his thing. I love him anyway, for who he is. My parents, on the other hand, aren"t quite so forgiving.

Jake walks me to my locker"actually it"s our locker now. We decided to share a locker so that we"d have more time together during the school day. As usual, he carries my heavy textbooks along with his own. I"m not oblivious to all the longing glances he gets in the hallway. At over six feet tall with muscles that won"t quit, he"s the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, and he stands out in any crowd. The girls can"t help following him with their eyes. I"m used to it by now, and it doesn"t bother me because I know he"s not returning their come-hither stares.

No, for some completely unfathomable reason, my hot-shot boyfriend has eyes only for me. Go figure.

Jake stands guard like a dark sentinel as I quickly work the combination lock and open the locker door. He shelves the textbooks in his arms and pulls out the ones we need for our next classes. He hands me my ancient civ textbook, along with my class notebook. Then he grabs his remedial math book.

After closing the locker door, he glances around to make sure the coast is clear"that is, there are no teachers within sight"and then he kisses me in front of a dozen pairs of watchful eyes, a full, on-the-lips kiss that makes my head spin. Wicked boy.

"I"ll see you after class," he says, giving me a gentle push in the direction of my next class. "Go kick some ass, Elliot."

Elliot. Somehow, my last name became his favorite nickname for me. When he calls me that, I go weak in the knees. With a stupid, sappy grin on my face, I head to my next class, ignoring the snide looks I get from some of the girls on the cheerleading squad as they ogle my boyfriend.


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