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Back in high school, Annie Michaels was an outcast. Too short and plump with frizzy red hair, glasses, and braces, she was the poster child for unpopular. But now, ten years later, things have changed. Annie is still plus-sized but she"s ditched the glasses and braces and pays to have her hair straightened. She just wants to go to her high school reunion in peace and try to hook up with her old crush"the elusive Christian Wentworth.
Too bad a tall, dark Kindred warrior has other ideas for her.

Drugair of the Drake Kindred is annoyed when he starts Dream-Sharing with the luscious little redhead. He doesn"t have time to call a bride and besides, as a member of the Kindred Elite Espionage Corps, his job is too difficult and dangerous to complicate matters with a helpless Earth female. It also doesn"t help that he has a Darker Side"the Drake who lives inside him wants to claim Annie as theirs but Dru does everything he can to suppress it"s fiery desires. He tries to ignore the dreams and finds he can"t"he has to go to Annie.

But just because she"s been dreaming of Dru doesn"t mean Annie"s willing to drop everything and be his bride. It"s only after he rescues her from the reunion gone wrong that she begins to feel for him"enough that she stows away on his ship and gets caught up in his latest mission, tracking a terrorist to the Shadow Palace in the Maw Cluster millions of light years away.

While in the Shadow Palace, Annie has to pose as Dru"s x"aan-chow or "sex pet." This new twist in their relationship brings them closer together but when Annie is threatened, Dru"s Darker Half takes over. When the Drake comes out, will it bring them closer together" Or will they both die as a result"
You"ll have to read Releasing the Dragon to find out"Books in Series:Brides of the Kindred Series by Evangeline AndersonBooks by Author:Evangeline Anderson Books

Chapter One

It was Halloween and Annie Michaels was ready for the reunion of her life.

Why the fifteen-year high school reunion should be held on Halloween was beyond her. It probably had something to do with the influence of Michelle Prouty"who all the boys used to call "Michelle Pretty""because of her long blonde hair and perfect boobs. Back at Hillsborough High, Michelle had ruled the roost and was always the chair of the party planning committee as well as the head cheerleader and class president. If she decided she wanted to have the fifteen-year reunion at Halloween instead of during the summer like most reunions, she would do it and no one would dare to tell her no.

Annie didn"t care when the reunion was held though"she had been preparing for the event for a solid year, ever since she"d first gotten the notice from her old high school"s alumni board that the reunion was in the works. Well, almost a solid year, anyway.

At first she"d been reluctant to go and had almost sent the email directly to her spam folder. Then she"d thought to do a quick FaceBook search for Christian Wentworth and had seen his status was currently "single."

Christian was the golden boy of her graduating class"literally. He had hair that looked like melted honey in the sunlight and gorgeous deep blue eyes like the sky. He"d been the captain of the football team and the captain of the chess team"the perfect Renaissance man.

He was also one of the only guys in her class that had never called Annie "fat" or "four-eyed-freckled-fat-face" or "pig" or "oinker" as in "Little Oinker Annie" which was the nickname Michelle Prouty had hung on Annie freshman year"the name which had stuck all the way through graduation and made her life miserable.

It had taken Annie years to get over what she went through in high school and when she"d graduated, she had promised herself she was never going back. She"d thrown away her cap and gown"stuffing them into a nearby garbage can before she even left the auditorium where the graduation ceremony was being held. She"d wanted nothing to do with Hillsborough High ever again. In fact, she had only bought a yearbook so she could have a picture of Christian and he was the only one, coincidentally, who had signed it.

Now she took out the battered Hillsborough High Sentinels book and flipped it open. It fell open naturally to the one page she had looked at over and over, back when she was still a love-struck girl"the page dedicated to Christian with the title: "School Hero in Sports and Smarts." It had color photos of him in his gray and blue football uniform and also looking intently at a chess board as though he was just about to declare "check!"

Under a beaming picture of the golden boy himself, Christian had written, "Hey, pretty Annie"you"re a real cool girl. Thanks for all the help in English lit"I"ll never forget you! Love, Chris."

It was the "love" part that the teenaged Annie had swooned over, alone in her room on Friday nights when all the other girls had dates. She would lay there on her second-hand pink ruffled bedspread and imagine what her life would be like if she wasn"t stuck with braces and glasses and didn"t have such frizzy red hair. If only her freckles erased themselves and she was the size of Michelle Prouty instead of "the size of a hippo""as Daren Thomas had said to her during one awful gym class she would never be able to forget.

Annie used to imagine herself sweeping up to Christian on a dark dance floor, her hair long and smooth, her teeth straight and white and gleaming, her freckles magically erased and her figure svelte and athletic. She would wait until he turned around and noticed her to smile at him. But of course he wouldn"t recognize her"not "Little Oinker Annie""because she wasn"t that person anymore. She would be a bewitching red-haired siren"a temptress he couldn"t resist. He would ask her to dance and only after they had been dancing for hours and he had fallen completely in love with her would Annie reveal her true identity.

This was the point where the fantasy got really vivid. She could just see his gorgeous, sky-blue eyes widening and he would say, "Annie" You mean Annie Michaels who helped me with all my English Lit papers""

Annie would blush prettily and nod and smile and Christian would say,

"But you look so different now! You"re so thin. And where are your glasses"" He would peer closer and murmur, "Brown"your eyes are the most gorgeous shade of brown. I always wondered what color they were."

Then the band would start playing a slow-dance and he would take her in his arms again and they would spend the rest of their lives together"happily-ever-after"just like in the cheesy romance books which were Annie"s secret indulgence.


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