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A Prince with one rule.
Never marry a princess.

I follow my heart.
It’s the code I live by.
And that’s saying a lot, since they’ve been trying to put me in a royal match since the day I was born.

I’m not cut out to be a prince. I’ve always been more of the playboy type.
The crown sits a lot more comfortably on my older brother’s head.
I play my own game, live by my own rules, and will never be the smiling, waving aristocrat they all want me to be.
I like to think I got my rebellious streak from my mother.

And now, I wonder what she’d think of my choice.

Tamara is the last woman on earth any of them would have matched me with.
She’s not royalty. She doesn’t have a drop of aristocratic blood in her body. She’s multicultural.
Oh, and it gets worse. A lot worse.
You guessed it.
She’s American!

She’s the star of the hit new royalty TV show, Princess of Nowhere.
And for the first time in my life, I’m reconsidering my No Princess rule.Books by Author:Chance Carter Books

Chapter 1


One of the best things about Winthorpe Palace, aside from the tens of thousands of square feet of luxurious accommodation, was the ease at which a recalcitrant prince could sneak in after an evening of frivolity.

Of course, I wasn"t really sneaking in. Our security was tight and would never allow someone to stumble past their defenses, but they were also discreet and never said a word to anyone"my family or otherwise"when I rolled up in the dark hours of the morning with bloodshot eyes and messy hair.

One of them let me past his station now, nodding to me as I made my way up the long gravel path to the side of the palace. It was my favorite entrance, mostly because it led past the downstairs staff kitchen where I could relieve my parched throat before heading up to my room on the third floor.

Honeysuckle perfumed the evening air, reminding me of the impending summer and all that would mean for my family. Garden parties, croquet, and fancy hats were on the horizon. Joy.

At the door, I swiped my security pass and entered, checking that the hallway was clear before I let the door whisper shut behind me. Not everyone in the palace was as discreet as our security. If word got around that Prince Alexander was seen sneaking in, bedraggled, at nearly six in the morning, my father would be furious. So too would Edward, since he was determined to prove himself a carbon copy of our father. They knew I went partying, and they knew that if my royal apartment was empty, it likely meant I was up to no good somewhere, but as long as I kept a low profile and didn"t flaunt my hedonism, they often looked the other way.

The sconces cast warm light down the desolate hall, which extended far in both directions. I swung left toward the kitchen. My mouth was dry and I wished I"d remembered to grab a bottle of water before leaving the party. I"d been too busy grabbing something else, a pretty little redhead with more family money than sense.

The kitchen light was on as I approached, and I ran a hand through my hair to calm it and tried to look like I was coming out of bed. I heard soft voices as I approached. Someone was watching a video. I considered heading straight up to my apartment but my thirst nagged at me. I decided to risk it.

Confidence was the name of the game as I strolled into the kitchen. The white-haired figure hunched over the kitchen island glanced up slowly upon my arrival, narrowing her pale blue eyes.

"Where are you crawling in from"" Nana asked in a gravelly voice.

She tapped at the screen of her tablet several times before the video paused.

"Where am I coming from"" I grabbed a glass and furrowed my brow with feigned confusion. "I should ask the same thing. Sneaking around the kitchen at all hours…"

She grunted and picked up the mug of tea next to her tablet, watching as I filled the glass with water.

"I couldn"t sleep," she said. "I came down to make myself a cup of tea and watch some television."

I gestured to the laptop, bringing the glass to my lips. "What are you watching""

Ah, sweet refreshment. There is nothing in this life that can satisfy more than a glass of water when one is parched. Well, besides sex, I suppose. If I had to choose between the two, I"d have a hard time.

"Princess of Nowhere. It"s my new favorite show."

I finished the glass and wiped my mouth on the back of my hand. "Never heard of it."

"No, too busy partying like a seventies rock star." Nana laid the full force of her judging eyes on me. If I hadn"t grown immune to it a long time ago, I would be quaking in my Oxfords.

I sidled up to the counter, leaning my hip against it and cocking a brow. "And what would you know about that, Nana" What sordid tales have you been keeping from us all these years""

She exhaled through her teeth. "Your silver tongue will only get you so far in life."

I chuckled. "I expect stunning good looks, wealth and status will do me the rest of the way."

I winked.

Nana frowned. "That might work on other people, but it has never worked on me."

I pushed off from the counter and moved over to the sink to refill my glass. "I don"t know what you"re talking about."

"Pretending you don"t care. Pretending it"s all nothing but a game to you. Using your ego and what everyone else thinks of you as a shield."

I turned from the sink with a fresh glass of water and gave her an incredulous look. "Shit, Nana, this is starting to sound more like an intervention than a scolding. I was only having a laugh."


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