Russian Billionaire's Virgin Secretary ~ Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Come on, Sarah. You don’t want to be late for your own birthday.”

“I’m coming,” Sarah called out to her roommate as she finished getting ready. As Sarah looked at herself in the mirror, she was surprised at the transformation. Growing up on a cattle range in central California, Sarah’s idea of dressing up meant clean jeans and fresh boots. But today was her twenty-first birthday and her friends insisted on going to the Casbah to celebrate. One of the newest clubs in San Jose, they had a dress code and her friends took great pleasure in putting together an outfit for her to wear.


“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Her neighbor, Chloe, had loaned her a silver-colored halter dress that complimented her curves perfectly. With five inches difference in height, the dress length was a bit more modest on Sarah as it draped just below mid-thigh. Sarah twirled around in the mirror one last time. Sparkling blue eyes peered back at her, as her dark blonde hair fell in waves around her. She really did look good.

As she exited the bathroom, her three besties whooped and whistled as she twirled around to show herself off. Mia, Chloe and Lisa laughingly began an off-key rendition of Happy Birthday as her roommate, Mia, presented her with a cupcake with a lighted candle. As Sarah smiled at her friends, she made a wish and blew out the candle.

“I hope you wished for a new boyfriend,” Lisa said as they headed out the door.

“There’s nothing wrong with Daniel,” Sarah defended. “He apologized that he wouldn’t be here tonight, but he had to work. Besides, I’d rather spend my birthday with you guys. But not too late, okay? I have that interview in the


“Uh huh,” Mia replied, as she dragged her friend to the car.


When they arrived at the club, there was already a line around the corner. As Sarah stepped into line, Chloe grabbed her arm as they continued walking to the front. “No lines for us tonight,” Chloe said as they approached the rope. One of the bouncers stepped forward when he saw the girls approach. Smiling brightly, he gave his sister, Chloe, a big hug as he ushered the girls through.

“Happy birthday, Sarah.”

“Thanks, Mathew.” As the girls walked into the club, Sarah nudged her friend, “I’m really glad your brother works here.”

“Come on,” Lisa called as the girls climbed the steps to the tables above the dance floor. “We can get a better view from up here.” As the girls settled in and placed their drink orders, Lisa and Mia leaned over the rail to check out the club. It wasn’t even ten o’clock and the club was already in full swing, as the floor was alive with undulating bodies moving in rhythm to the dance mixes.

As the girls surveyed the club, they noticed a familiar figure out on the dance floor. Turning around, Mia gestured to Sarah and Chloe who joined them at the rail. Pointing down, Sarah looked down to see Daniel dancing with a brunette dressed in a halter top and short skirt.

Sarah clutched the rail as she watched her boyfriend kiss the woman as they exited the dance floor. Following his moves, they settled at the bar as the woman stepped between his legs and they continued to grope and kiss each other.

Wrapping one arm around her friend, Chloe asked, “Do you want me to get Mathew to kick him out?”

Straightening her shoulders, Sarah shook her head no.

“No, I have a better idea.” Grabbing her phone, she texted Daniel.

Hi babe, missing you tonight. It’s not the same without you. How’s work?

Work is boring. I can’t believe they made me come in. What are you up to?

Oh, you know, out with the girls. What do you think of my outfit?

Did you send me a pic?

No, but if you turn around and look up, you’ll see it.

As Daniel looked up, he saw Sarah and her friends watching him. The brunette he was with seemed to have no idea what was going on as she attempted to latch back on to him, before he pushed her aside. As Sarah raised her drink to him, Daniel’s phone pinged with another message.

Consider yourself dumped.

As Sarah turned around, she put a smile on her face as she looked at her friends. Lifting her glass, she downed the contents before waving her empty glass at the waitress.

“Let’s get drunk,” Sarah declared as her friends quickly downed their drinks and ordered another round.

Chapter 2

The next morning, Sarah stumbled into the bathroom. She had lost track of how much she had to drink well before midnight, as she danced and partied with her friends. After discovering that Daniel was cheating on her, she was determined to have a good time and Daniel was smart enough to stay away from her or risk the wrath of not one, but four women. Stumbling home before four, she’d managed to get a couple hours of sleep before the angry screech of her alarm clock forced her up.


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