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Chris Savage.
Gorgeous. Famous. Arrogant.
He moved to my mountain for a fresh start…
Now he"s my neighbor
And I think he wants more than a cup of sugar.

He"s a global celebrity, and it"s not just because he"s mouthwatering.
He wrote a book no one will admit they"ve read, but somehow sold millions of copies.
People call it the Kama Sutra Volume 2 or the Sex Bible. He just called it You"re F**king wrong.
Tragedy struck, and now he wants solitude and a place to avoid the spotlight.
He certainly came to the right place, because the spotlight has never been anywhere near my town, especially not next door to me.
You"d think I would be thrilled.
Except he"s easily the most rude and abrasive man I"ve ever met. He"s a brute. A savage.
I hate that the sight of him makes my skin tingle and my cheeks flush, that I can"t think straight around him.
The worst part"
Some stupid, very stupid part of me knows I"m going to try to fix him, because he"s broken and hurting, no matter how much he hides behind his anger.
I just hope I don"t break myself before I find out what happened to him.
*As always, this is a totally SAFE, full-length book with a happily ever after, no cheating, and plenty of steam.*Books by Author:Penelope Bloom Books



Chris Savage – The Aftermath

The pop culture icon stunned the world last year when he stepped away from the global stage without a trace. He exploded onto the scene just three years ago with the book that was the most divisive and immensely popular in recent memory: You"re Fucking Wrong. Most of us have taken to just calling it The Sex Bible, or the Kama Sutra Volume 2. Whatever you call it, there"s no denying it took the world by storm, just like its author.

Hate him or love him"and let"s face it, ladies, we hate to love him as much as men love to hate him"Chris Savage was a force of nature, a colossus, and of course, an unapologetic asshole. The combination of tattoos, piercings, sexy eyes, and an attitude that was a big metaphorical middle finger aimed at the rest of the world made him into an icon.

But the storm that was Chris Savage passed just as suddenly as it came six months ago when the millionaire playboy turned recluse. Sources close to Chris are tight-lipped, and the author himself hasn’t given a single interview since he turned his back on the spotlight. Speculation has run rampant in the months since his disappearance with theories ranging from a bad breakup to drug addiction. Hopeful fans are crossing their fingers that his disappearance is just setting the stage for his next big book. But what’s left for Chris Savage to do" He couldn’t possibly top the worldwide firestorm that was “You’re Fucking Wrong,” and he certainly can’t need any more money. This writer thinks maybe Chris just decided he’d done it all and hung up his hat for good. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Either way, it seems we"ll just have to keep speculating until Chris Savage comes out of hiding or releases a new book. Until then, the only thing we do know is that the world misses you, Chris, especially the female half of it (this writer included), so please come back. My editor wouldn"t let me leave my phone number for you in this article, but phone books still exist. Call me!

I click out of the online article with a disgusted sigh, but not before stealing one last glance at the picture of Chris Savage at the bottom where he looks like an angry, wrathful god. I make my living writing reviews for all kinds of books on my blog, Book Whores Anonymous, and my followers have been begging me to review You"re Fucking Wrong by Chris Savage for so long that I finally decided to do it just to get them off my back. My usual process is to read the book first and then dig around the internet to find out everything I can about the author just in case it helps spark some ideas for my review.

I have to admit I might have spent more time researching Chris Savage"s six-pack in paparazzi photos and magazine shoots than I did studying his past. It"s just eye candy though. It"s not like I"d ever, ever be interested in a guy like him on an emotional level. It only took a few minutes of reading to gather that he has probably slept with more women than any man in history. Yeah. I"ll give that a big, fat, no thanks. I"ve had my share of jerks, chief of which was the jerk I was dumb enough to get engaged to. Thankfully that all went up in a flaming pile of "nope" last year, but I"m still dealing with the emotional aftermath of that one.

I shake my head at myself and laugh. Here I am mentally passing on a guy who would probably take a look at my knobby knees, flat chest, and plain features for a microsecond before wiping me from his memory.

For the first time since I started doing my reviews, I open up a word document and start to write a bad review for a book out of spite. Maybe it"s because he"s such a big name and I know my review won"t even be a blip on his radar. It could even be that I"m acting out for feeling like my readers forced me into writing a review of his book. Hell if I know, but the truth would be too irritating to write. Yes, his book is actually compelling. On the surface, it is as advertised: a guide to having the perfect sexual experience. But if you read between the lines, it’s also a guide to having better, more meaningful relationships and how that connection can also enhance the sexual experience. I can see why so many people have taken to calling it The Sex Bible. I initially thought they were just referencing the complete collection of all things sex in one place. After reading the book, I think many of them are probably talking more about the message between the lines that speak to a better way to be with a romantic partner, and not just in bed.


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