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Noah tries to do the right thing"protect the innocent and make the evil pay for their sins. But instead of saving the world, he loses himself. After testifying against one of the biggest crime bosses in the country, Noah"s fear of retribution leads to a serious case of agoraphobia. There isn"t much in Noah"s safe zone that calms his nerves" well, except for his short interactions with his surly but hot new neighbor.
Life crushed Dr. Zachary Meadows"s rose-colored glasses years ago. He makes amends for the deeds of others"and for his failure to protect those in need"by saving as many lives as he can as an ER physician. After early betrayals, he purposefully keeps his circle small. Until he meets his odd new neighbor and unwanted desires cause him to act like a jerk.
When two survivors collide"one desperate for love and one afraid of it"sparks fly. But just as Zachary and Noah begin to heal one another, the past returns"with a vengeance.
One. Two. I"ve decided to come for you.
Three. Four. It won"t help Scaredy Cat to lock his door.
Five. Six. You committed a sin you can"t fix.
Seven. Eight. I"ve picked the date.
Nine. Ten. No one will ever see you again.Books by Author:T.S. McKinney Books

Chapter 1

The dull thump of music crept through the thick walls of his neighbor"s penthouse apartment, irritating him to the point he punched in the incorrect code to open his door. He"d only lived in this tower for three months, but he"d already learned the curious and annoying schedule of the only other top floor resident. Loud music, erotic costumes, and a different group of lovers every second and last Friday of the month.

When the electronic lock buzzed a warning to indicate he"d entered the incorrect code, his best friend barked out a laugh. Connor being there to laugh at him didn"t help the situation one damned bit. The bastard knew how much his younger neighbor pissed him off and was clearly enjoying witnessing it firsthand.

Zach had lived in his new apartment for exactly ninety-three days and had complained to Connor all ninety-three days about Neighbor Boy. Hell, the thing was, Connor hadn"t heard the half of it. He"d only complained about the loud music and irritating way the kid was always at home. He"d yet to mention the fact that he was fairly certain the guy was a prostitute of some sort.

Neighbor Boy rocked the kind of sexy appearance that could make a straight man untuck his wallet and smack down some of his hard-earned cash to see those plump lips wrapped around his cock.

"Fuck!" He hissed in frustration as the image of those lips wrapped around his own cock caused him to fumble with the code yet again. "Damned music," he muttered, unsure if the lie was for Connor"s benefit or his. No, the lie was solely for Connor"s benefit. As far as his friend understood, Zachary hated his new neighbor because of the wild parties"not because just looking at the guy made him forget his ABCs and 123s. If Connor had any hint of the beauty residing on the other side of the heavy iron door, he would know exactly why Zachary bitched from daylight to dark to anybody who would listen to him as he complained about the one and only offensive thing about his new penthouse suite. Yeah, his lifelong goal was to never allow Connor to meet John face-to-face.

The guy told him his name was John. Mr. Hottie Hot Pants didn"t look like a John, but Zachary assumed the kid knew his own name, even if he didn"t know turning tricks was against the law and extremely dangerous.

"Problems, Doctor"" Connor asked with one of his annoying smirks. "Here, let me hold the pizza so you can focus all your intellect on punching in the seven-digit code you"re struggling so diligently with. I hope to fuck you aren"t the doctor on duty at the hospital if I"m ever injured in the line of duty." He leaned against the wall. "I mean, seriously, Zach, the music isn"t that loud. To hear you tell it, I would"ve estimated having to have you fitted for a hearing aid sometime in the next two weeks. Jeezus, man; I used to answer 911 calls where pictures on the walls were rattling six doors down in a neighborhood instead of a top floor uppity penthouse suite." He shook his head. "I think somebody is just old and crotchety."

Connor tugged the delicious-smelling pizza out of his hands about the same time the bane of Zach"s existence started unbolting the locking mechanism on his door. Shit. Shit. Shit. He didn"t want Connor seeing what he was about to see. Connor was about to learn exactly why Zachary did indeed feel old and crotchety since moving in, and it didn"t have one damned thing to do with loud music or sex parties"that Zach had never once been invited to.

His finger trembled with nervous embarrassment as he hit the last digit and heard the blessed sound of the locking mechanism indicating he"d finally entered the proper code. He grabbed Connor"s upper arm and tried to push him through the door at the same time he was shoving it open.

But, of course, he wouldn"t dare get so lucky. Not him. No sirree. Luck wasn"t his friend tonight.

The music"s clarity increased then became muffled again, warning him his neighbor"s door had opened and closed. Hell, who was he fooling" He hadn"t needed the musical warning to alert him that John had stepped out into the hallway. Every fucking nerve in his traitorous body went on high alert, especially the really big one between his legs.

Defeated, he dropped his head and tried to wish himself somewhere far, far away, but Connor"s soft whistle told him he remained stuck straight in I-lust-after-my-hot-prostitute-neighbor land. Party for fucking three since Connor was right there with him. One glance in his friend"s direction told him he was fucked seven ways to Sunday. He absolutely refused to look in John"s way.

"Hey, neighbor." John"s sexy voice filled the hallway.


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