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I caught them trying to spike her drink.
Wrong move.
It was a simple negotiation until they took her from me.
In my line of business, you sometimes deal with dangerous men.
I"ve found dangerous women are where the real trouble is.
I came to this island paradise to save my business from the mob.
Instead, I found Katy.
She"s s @xy. She"s sassy. And somehow, we woke up married.
She"s trouble, the kind of trouble that can change a man.
The kind of trouble I want to claim.
And now she"s a damsel in distress.
The mob has taken her from me. They"ll hurt her to hurt me.
They don"t know how far I"ll go for what I love.
No matter what happens, I"ll save her.
I"ll make her my bride, forever.
No one fucks with my future bride.Books by Author:Kira Blakely Books

Chapter 1


I"d never been nervous in my entire goddamned life.

My nerves were iron. My resolve steel. My bank card platinum.

Shit, it didn"t matter who was at this meeting, or what type of weapon he had strapped to his side. Fucker could have a twelve-gauge shoved down the leg of his pants and it wouldn"t make a difference to me.

"Where is he"" I asked into my phone, voice calm, as I stepped through the front door of the El Toro Bar. A rustic affair, lights swinging low over pool tables, booths in dark corners, and a dusty TV flickering images above the bar. "I"m here."

Jessica, my assistant, stammered wordlessly for a second. "Just a moment, Mr. Wright."

"Take your time," I replied, softly. "It"s not like the fate of my business hangs in the balance here." Or my life.

Jess managed a tense giggle in reply, followed by the frantic shuffling of papers, the click of keys. "Outside on the balcony. He"ll be wearing a poncho and a peak cap."

There was an image.

I strode across the creaky boards, the gazes of alcohol-soaked patrons, men, and women in various states of undress, following me.

This was the last place I wanted to be " on the "wrong" side of a tiny paradise island out in the Caribbean, known for its resorts and white sands ringed by turquoise waters. I belonged in New York, making deals, selling luxury jets or hotels. But desperate times called for walking into darkened, rundown bars, apparently.

I halted in the doorway to the balcony, placed my hand on the jamb and surveyed the place.

An outdoor bar overlooked a set of sticky tables and chairs of dark wood to disguise the stains. The place was just about empty. Three men hovered near the bar, all wearing dirty jeans and shirts that were either beige or hadn"t been washed in an eternity.

I kept a scowl from my lips " hated grime " and continued my study.

"Where" At the bar""

"The bar, yes, sir," Jessica said.

Except there was no one in a poncho at the bar. What there was, was a young woman, blonde hair falling in waves to her bare shoulders, sapphire eyes focused on the TV overhead as she idly swished a straw through a fruity pink drink.

She didn"t fit in.

She shouldn"t have been here.

Christ, she shouldn"t have existed in this universe, let alone this shitty bar on Nowhere Island. The woman had dropped right out of the sky, in a strapless cocktail dress which matched the color of her eyes. She was slender with a tattoo etched delicately on her ankle beneath the strap of her high heel.

Fuck, I was a sucker for ink " hearkened back to those rebellious teenage years. The ones I never thought about.

"Mr. Wright"" Jessica"s voice screeched in my ear. "Are you all right" Oh my god, are you okay" Is he there" Mr. Wright, do you need me to make the call""

"I"m fine, Jessica," I said, slowly, still wrapped up in her. What a woman. What a distraction. I tugged my gaze from her collarbones, her milky white throat, the curve of her delicate chin. "The emissary isn"t here, so this is what we"re gonna do. You"re going to call Marino"s people and inform them that I am done playing games. He"ll come to meet me himself, and we"ll settle this issue once and for all. He has seven days. You got that" Seven days and he meets me on this island."

Jessica whimpered. "Mr. Wright""

"Write it down and repeat it over the phone word for word."

"Yes, sir."

"And Jessica" Call me the minute you"ve spoken to them. I want this handled. I"m done playing nice, now. If Marino doesn"t"" I cut off, and zeroed in on the woman at the bar again. No, not her, someone else. One of the jeans and dirty sweatshirt gang had sidled over and leaned on the worn surface.

He grinned at her, showing off two rows of yellowing teeth, and murmured something.

She shook her head once, firmly, and formed the word "no."

"Sir" Sir, are you there""

"Do it," I said, and hung up. I slipped the cell into my pocket and focused on the scene in front of me, side-stepped into the shadows next to the end of the bar. The skin on the back of my neck prickled.

Another of the men approached, and as he did, the bartender backed away. It was subtle, him moving to the other side of the space and turning his back, but it was enough. My muscles tensed up, but I didn"t move just yet.

I waited it out.

The guy chatting up Dream Girl leaned in and brushed her hair back from her cheek. She stiffened and steadied herself on the bar, narrowed her eyes, and opened her mouth to berate him. That was when the second asswipe stepped up and dropped a small, white pill into her drink.


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