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Book 3 in the Clearwater Curves Series

Who knew that this summer would change the lives of all four girlfriends. Stella Sharp sure didn’t. When her latest client happens to be a sexy foreigner can she keep the lines of passion and business from getting blurred.

Not if Domani De Luca has a say. He’s been waiting to meet, touch, and claim Stella from the first look at her while searching for galleries for his family’s art collection. When Dom is determined nothing can stop him.

And he’s determined to have Stella.
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Book 2: Fancy Curves by MK Moore
Book 3: Sharp Curves by C.M. Steele
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I rush out of my gallery, leaving my new receptionist to lock up. I look at my watch to see I"m running late. I"m never late for anything. It"s very unprofessional, and first impressions are everything, especially when it comes to working.

I can"t believe I"m going to a weight loss meeting. I"ve never done something like that before. I feel like a fool coming here. "Hi, I"m Stella, and I manage everything in my life except for my weight," I mutter to myself.

To top it all off, I"m running late. I had a last-minute client who thought that my curves were just perfect for him. I hate people sometimes. Why can"t I just be around people who are likeminded" I get to the door and see a group of women already sitting down. Shit balls. I"m never late, and this is starting to piss me off. I don"t like it one bit. I don"t want to hear anyone"s mouth. I hope they don"t give me attitude. I"ve been harassed enough for one day. I smile weakly, giving way to my apology. "Sorry, I"m late. I had a client that took a while."

I don"t know what to make of the women around me. They"re all pretty in one way or another. I guess we"re all in the same place for the same thing, so I should be able to stay confident. "Oh, that"s okay Stella dear"" the weight loss expert says.

She"s cut off by another woman who doesn"t look like she belongs here. I wonder if she"s got some sort of crazy idea that she needs to lose weight. "The meeting started fifteen minutes ago." This bitch needs to take her ass to her yoga class, maybe it"ll loosen her up. She looks to be about one hundred and ten soaking wet. She"s giving all of us a look as if she"s smelling shit. I"ve had a rough day, and this broad isn"t going to like where she"s taking me.

I return my own scathing look, refusing to hold back I spit out, "I said I was sorry, I"m not going to say it again." My teeth grind against each other as I think about punching her snobby face in.

"Preach it, sister," one of the other women adds in, making me laugh.

She scoffs at us, and then starts her tirade, "That"s the problem with you people."

"She did not just say, you people. Tell me I"m hearing things and this bitch isn"t starting something she can"t finish."

Crossing her arms, the woman walks towards us. "You want to know why you"ll never look like me""

"Not really," Fancy says looking pissed.

"It"s people like you who sit on your fat ass every day, binge eating carbs, complaining about your bodies and never doing anything about it that proves my point. Fat people are lazy and gross. You make me sick."

Seconds later, the one who cheered me on decked the skinny bitch, laying her out flat on her back. As she holds her face, screaming nonsensical threats, I lean down over her, and leave her with a warning, "Listen up cunt bag. I"m proud of my "fat ass." You have no idea who I am or what you"re dealing with, so watch yourself."

A few minutes later, I"m introduced to the crew and laughing as we hit the parking lot. Avery, Fancy, Lanie and I stop to talk about the boxing match. "I can"t believe you hit her," I say, shaking my head.

"I can"t believe you called her a cunt bag," Lanie snorts out.

"I hate bitches like that. How"s your hand doing"" Fancy asks.

"I need a taco and a margarita. Who"s in""

"What about your hand" You need to get it looked at." I insist. It looks swollen.

"I"ll be fine. This isn"t the first time I"ve hit somebody, probably won"t be the last." I was hoping to meet like-minded people, and like that, I found three of them. This is great. Tacos and booze are just what I need.

Chapter 1


Four years later"

I sit at my computer screen counting the hours down before I see her. Just one more day, and I will finally see her confident beauty in person. I will be able to smell the sweet scent of the vanilla and cherry blossom she wears. I know"how can I know what perfume she wears" Well, I know more about her than I should. Two long months ago, my family asked to set up an art expo tour of our family"s historical collection. I started looking for galleries, and that was when I came upon Sharp Curves Gallery. The second I saw her bio with her picture, I began planning to learn everything I could. She goes out to drink with her girlfriends once a week for fun but spends most of her time working or reading on the beach. She has no idea how sexy she is. My chief security manager has been keeping track of her. He"s sent me random images of her smiling. That"s something I can"t get enough of.


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