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Everything about this moment feels so right.

I felt his hands parting me as I clung to him, grabbing onto his hair and bracing myself for what was to come.

He sank to his knees in front of me and breathed over my clothed pussy as I sat there, my legs spread wide on the edge of his balcony. His hands grabbed my lower back, supporting me as my fingers curled into the tendrils of his hair. I ground into his face, no longer self-conscious about the sweat dripping down my back. His hot breath shook me. Chilled me to the bone despite the sweltering heat engulfing our bodies.

His nose nuzzled my flimsy panties to the side and his tongue dove in. I bit back my moans, clinging to him as I teetered off the balcony. The synapses in my brain were firing rapidly and my inner voice was warring with itself. I didn"t want him to stop what he was doing, but I was afraid that if he continued, I"d fall for him all over again.

Then his tongue teased my clit and all rational thought left my head. My legs were shaking, and my hips were rolling as he moaned into me. I was dripping for him. My body was buzzing with ecstasy. I raked my nails against his scalp as he held me with the strength of his hands.

I swallowed every moan, every urge to say his name as stars shot behind my eyes.

My body shook against his face as his lips wrapped around my clit. His tongue flicked at lightning speed as he pressed deeper into my body, drinking me down the way he used to all those years ago.

"Oh, fuck."

My body burst, erupting in a pool of pleasure that seeped out onto his lips. My body fell limp and his face rose from between my thighs, and he caught me before I fell over the edge of his balcony.

He carried my trembling body back into the house, not bothering to shut the door as we made our way to his bedroom.

He laid me down onto his bed and ripped my panties from my body. I could hear the fabric tearing and it was music to my ears. He pulled his own clothes off, the stitches popping in my ears before he fell against me. My hands rushed around his body as his cock pulsed against my damp folds.

I pressed my lips against his, tasting myself on him. Sweat covered our bodies, adding to the scent of the sex swirling around our heads. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him toward me.

"I"ve waited years for this. I can"t wait any longer."



"Daddy! Daddy! Look! The ocean is so blue!"

"Just like those pretty blue eyes of yours, Sydney," I said.

"I have blue eyes like you, Daddy," Sydney said.

"No way, your eyes are way prettier than mine," I said.

"Can we go swimming"" Daniel asked.

"All you want," I said.

"How long can we stay, Daddy"" Sydney asked.

"The entire week. How does that sound""

"Swimming for a whole week! Yeah!" Daniel said.

As my four-year old twins peered out the windows of my private jet, I smiled at their excitement. This was what made my business worth it. This was what made all the mistakes I"d made up until this point worth it. The woman I had loved and lost. The heartache I"d gone through with my children"s biological mother. Seeing the joy in their eyes when I could treat them to things I knew I"d never experience as a child made every minute of work and every second of dealing with investors worth it.

They were hitting that age where everything was wondrous and cool and awesome. And I loved that I could be there for them as a father. Growing up without my father made me appreciate time with my kids that much more. I knew he was successful, but that was about it. That was all that mattered to my father and it compromised the family he had created. I didn"t want to be that kind of father to my kids. I wanted to be successful, sure. But I also wanted to be present.

My father dropped the ball, but I sure as hell wouldn"t, at least not intentionally.

Unfortunately, there are still moments when I struggle to play the part of single dad and businessman. I did my best to be 100% focused on them when we had our time together, but I often wondered if I was doing a well enough job, or if I let work get in the way too often.

They were like miniature spiritual teachers. My children were at the stage where they gasped at everything from Christmas lights to big bodies of water. Hell, sometimes they would sit in a chair out back and squeal at the squirrels hopping from limb to limb. Their childish wonder was always a reminder to me to stop and appreciate the little things.


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