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Falling for a fireman is so clich".

Yet, here I am. The elementary school teacher who’s all worked up over New York’s finest.
It started out as a simple ride along. Now the only brass pole I want to slide down is his.
I know, good girls don’t think those thoughts, right"


The sculpted jaw, the tight t-shirt rippling with muscles. I’m only human.
Now, I’m the only witness to a crime. One that puts me on the run.
Solving the case is our main focus. Well, almost.
Staying at his place was supposed to be temporary. His love wasn’t expected.

Can a girl have her cake and him too"Books in Series:Hot Boys Series by Olivia RushBooks by Author:Olivia Rush Books



The alarm at Fire Station Ladder 128 blared, its whooping whine cutting through the calm. It was time to move.

"You hear that, boys"" called out Stone Black, a huge wall of a man with short, black hair, and my best friend in the station.

"Hear what"" I asked.

Stone swatted me on the shoulder as I hopped up out of my chair where, only a few seconds ago, I"d been seated calmly, eating lunch and reading the paper.

"That smartass mouth of yours is gonna get you in trouble one of these days, Ethan," said Stone, matching my grin.

"I don"t know," said Rick Parker, a short guy with broad shoulders and a head of rust-red hair. "Seems to work with the girls."

"Yeah," said Mike McDonnell, a reedy, slim guy with narrow eyes who"d joined the station around the same time I had a couple of years ago. "He gives "em the sarcasm, and they give him, heh, well"you know."

"I swear," I said, starting off toward the golden, gleaming pole that led down to the first floor, "you have a few one-night stands and you get a reputation that won"t go away."

"You guys still yakkin" up there"" called out the stern voice of Stan Swift, the fifty-something, bearded and barrel-chested chief of the station. "I don"t wanna interrupt you all going over your dates like a couple of teenage freakin" girls, but we"ve got a damn fire to get to."

"You heard the man," I said, stopping in front of the pole and turning my attention to the ten or so men formed up behind me. "Let"s get to work!"

The men all nodded, and that was that. I wrapped my hands around the cool metal of the pole and dropped down to the first floor, the alarm still blaring, now even worse from the echo of the garage. In front of me was the massive form of one of the cherry-red trucks. I stopped for a second to look it over, my hands on my hips and my mouth twitching up into a smile. Though I"d been a fireman for a couple of years now, the sight of these trucks never failed to bring a smile to my face. They made me feel like a big kid, in a way"but a big kid who could actually do some real good in the world.

"Let"s go, let"s go, let"s go!" called out Chief Swift, clapping his hands together as he marched along the length of the truck. "Get dressed, grab your gear, and get ready!"

Just as I started off, however, I caught sight of something out of the corner of my eye"something small and furry. I turned just in time to see Mitch, the station Dalmatian, rush toward me, leap up, and cover my face with happy licks.

"Sorry, buddy," I said, matching his licks with enthusiastic pets. "Fire time"you gotta sit this one out."

I gave Mitch one last good pet and then set him back down and hurried over to the lockers where the rest of the crew was already well into getting ready. Once there, I pulled on my boots and threw my heavy rubber coat on over my broad shoulders, the muscles still sore from the major workout I gave them at the gym the night before.

"You ready yet, big man"" asked Mike, looking up at me from under his hat.

Standing at six-five, I was already a good amount taller than every other man in the crew. Mike, however, at five and a half feet, looked almost comical in comparison standing next to me.

"Look at you two," said Stone as he pulled on his last boot. "He looks like a kid trying on his fireman daddy"s uniform."

Laughs sounded out from the men.

"Hey, screw off," said Mike, grabbing a nearby helmet and whipping it at Stone.

"Enough with the screwing around!" shouted Chief Swift. "I want you boys on the trucks in no more than two minutes."

"What"s the situation, Chief"" I asked, getting my mind good and focused for the job ahead.

"We"ve got a report of a fire over in Brooklyn Heights," he said. "It"s not quite in our area but Ladder 102 is busy with another one of those business fires."

This caught my attention.

"Another one"" I asked. "How many is that now""

"Four," said the chief. "But I want you all focused on the damn task at hand."

Chief propped his foot up on one of the benches in front of the lockers and addressed the rest of the men. Chief Swift was a born leader, the type of man who was able to inspire and direct with effortless skill. And in our line of work, where running into burning buildings was part of the job description, getting men to do things they might"ve thought they weren"t capable of was essential.

"Formed up and ready to go in one minute!" shouted the chief, the men"s eyes all on him. "Let"s kill this fire and be back in time for dinner!"


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