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Rich daddy"s girl, pampered little princess, and all mine.
The plan was to steal her.
Not fall for her.
She"s my captive, my tempting little prisoner.
But it"s her who"s stolen my heart.

The plan is simple: kidnap the girl, and then use her as leverage to blackmail her asshole father and save my home. Easy enough, right"

Yeah, wrong.

I planned for everything, but I didn"t plan for those tempting curves. I didn"t bet on that sassy mouth driving me wild. I didn"t plan on the girl I"m kidnapping to make me crazy and make the devil inside of me roar for more.

I"ll have Lia"s submission. Because I have to, in order to save the only home I"ve ever known.

But what happens when my prisoner becomes my obsession" What happens when I fall for her"

"What happens when I find out she"s carrying my baby"

Her father, the world " they"ll all say this is wrong. They"ll all try and take her from me.

But I found her, I took her, and now, I"m keeping her.

"And I dare anybody to come and try and take her from me.

Steal Me Away is a full, novel-length contemporary mountain man. Steamy hot and sweet as pie, with a dominant alpha hero who"ll stop at nothing to take and protect what"s his. Safe, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ever after!Books by Author:Ilsa Ames Books

Chapter One


I"d been planning for this moment meticulously for the past few months. Stalking, watching, researching, going through each step over and over in my head, making sure I wasn"t going to make any mistakes. I was ready.

I was about to commit a crime. A serious crime.

I was going to kidnap her.

Her. Natalia Canonelli. Rich, spoiled"a pampered, bratty little daddy"s girl to the fucking letter. It may have been her old man"Preston Canonelli"who was the real guilty party in all this, but Nicole was going to pay for his sins.

And oh, was she going to pay.

I just needed to make sure I wasn"t caught. This was the most dangerous time, the moment of the kidnap itself. If all went well, we"d be off to my secluded and well-hidden cabin, way out in the heavily wooded mountains before anyone even noticed anything. If not" Well, I"d have to get the hell out of town, and months of planning and determination would be for nothing.

But that was not going to happen.

I"d made a lot of mistakes in my youth. More than I could remember, even if I wanted to. Ditching school early when the lure of crime and drugs beckoned. Getting deeper and deeper into that world"drinking and getting high and then stealing and dealing to keep the party going. My best friend in the world, Dan, had gotten mixed up in all that shit with me, and it"d been us against the whole damn world until it all came crashing down.

The day Dan ODed, I left that life behind. I just walked away from all of it"the dealers, the fights, the constantly watching over my shoulder for the cops. All of that shit.

I"d carried a weight of guilt on my shoulders ever since, thinking there must have been something I could have done. That maybe I could have stopped our downward spiral into drugs and crime. But deep down I knew we had both been to blame equally. We"d been looking for something different, something exciting, and we"d found it. Only one of us didn"t make it to the other side.

I got back on the straight and narrow after all that shit. I got a job, got back in touch with family. I"d started working for my uncle, who owned a logging business out in the mountains near town. I"d worked with him for a good few years, and we became close as time passed. It was only a few years later that he"d died suddenly of a heart attack.

One more person I got close to leaving too soon.

I didn"t know at the time, but it turned out he"d left me as the main benefactor in his will. I was shocked when I found out, wanting to thank him for his generosity. He"d left me a sizeable chunk of money, and the logging business. That I"d sold, reluctantly, since it was nothing that was ever going to be my passion.

I used some of that money to buy a plot of land out in the mountains, and set to building myself a log cabin, enjoying the solitude and peace from the forest surrounding the house I had so painstakingly built. If I was honest, I"d always been a bit of a loner, and I was content in my own company, fixing up the place, hunting, and taking the odd trip into town for supplies every now and then.

After a while I began to notice subtle changes to my surroundings. Plants and trees that would bloom late, or not at all. Leaves turning a sickly grey-green color on trees near the stream just down from my cabin. The occasional dead fish, or small bird.

Eventually, even the deer I hunted on occasion looked sickly, hair falling out in clumps, bleeding gums, and lesions. I knew then that something was definitely wrong with what was going on here.

All signs pointed to something being wrong with the water supply. And that"s never good. I"d tracked the source back to a huge natural reservoir further up in the mountains, hidden away in the middle of nowhere. The thing was, that reservoir flowed naturally down to a few man-made reservoirs, which minimally treated the water before sending it down to the town where my cabin was near, Parkersburg.

And then it was the people that started getting sick too"the elderly and kids being hit the hardest. I"d hunted around, and pried for answers, but not a single person could tell me.

Until one day, that is. One day, when an old timer"sick looking with frail eyes and patchy hair"pulled me aside when I was in town and asked if he could buy me a beer. He"d told me about the work he"d done for a chemical production company based out of town. He said they had a legal license to dump treated chemical effluent into the local water system, but only at a specific rate. The owner of the company had got greedy and had started sending batches of effluent to be dumped, anywhere that was far enough away from the plant to avoid suspicion.


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