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Just like the mountains of Oregon…
Graham is rough and wild.
I hear rumors about why he moved this quiet town.
But when I see how he cares for my daughter…
I start to question all the gossip.


Graham was hard not to take notice.
Rude, impatient, and totally barbaric.
But then I see the way he nurses my daughter’s injury.
And there’s something different in his eyes.
He’s hurting – and I’m all too familiar with that feeling.

I know there’s much more to him than meets the eye.
But can I ever melt the ice around his stone heart"

A f*cked up world made me into the man I am today.
Then Cindy walked into my life.
I want to have her. Own her. Taste her.
But, my dark past is coming back to haunt me.
And this time, I’m ready to unleash h*ll.

I’ll protect Cindy and her precious little girl.
And finally get justice for all I’ve lost.

70,000+ words in this full length standalone single mom and mountain man romance.Books by Author:Rye Hart Books


Is this real"

Is this actually happening"

My hips connected with his kitchen counter as the kissing intensified. His hands were all over me as I threaded my arms around his neck.

I felt alive.

On fire.

Ignited with electricity and surging with pleasure. I couldn’t help myself. Even though a part of me was wracked with a guilt that made me nauseous, I couldn’t stop. His tongue traveled along the roof of my mouth, making my knees grow weak.

My legs gave out from underneath me as his arms tightened around my body.

I could feel his rock-hard cock pressed against me. He wanted me as badly as I wanted him. There was something about that notion that made me smile into his kiss as his hands traveled my curves. He cupped my ass and gripped my thighs, bouncing between letting me lead and taking what he wanted. He pinned me against his counter as my hands traveled down to his chest.

I could feel the swell of his strength underneath my fingertips.

His hands gripped my ass again, and I jumped against his body. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my hands threading through his hair. My lips traveled down his neck as he carried me through his house and then closed a door behind us with his foot.

We were in his bedroom, and his hands were sliding up my shirt.

Piece by piece, we ripped our clothes off. He yanked my shirt over my head, and I fell to my knees and took his pants with me. He pulled me off the floor and tossed me onto his bed, his eyes filled with a predatory instinct.

I watched him remove his boxers, taking in the thick cock he had bouncing between his legs.

He crashed into me, our naked bodies taking in one another. I ran my hands up and down his back, caressing the chiseled muscles there. His arms were bulging with veins, and his legs were trimmed with sinewy strength. He was sin incarnate, and I couldn’t get enough of him.

His lips traveled down my neck, nipping and sucking at my delicate skin. His hands were firm but gentle, holding me to his bed but not pinning me so I couldn’t move. His lips wrapped around my nipples, lapping and sucking and making my thighs grow wet with want.

I spread my body open for him as he continued to travel down the length of my form.

My eyes locked with him as he dipped between my legs. That cheeky little grin spread across his face. My legs were shaking, waiting in anticipation for what was going to come next. His lips kissed my thighs and lapped up the juices already gathering on my skin.

Then, he parted my pussy folds and began to devour me.

His tongue was heavy and thick. He pressed on my clit as his beard tickled the sides of my pussy. He tossed my legs over his shoulders as my hands threaded through his tendrils, pulling him as close as I could get him. My hips rolled, and my toes curled. Moans of ecstasy and desire fell from my lips. I groaned at him. Growled at him. Allowed the animal inside of me to unleash. I could feel my pussy dripping onto his lips as he lapped me up, swallowing me down and humming at my taste.

I could feel it, that white-hot sensation in my abdomen. My heels propped up on his strong shoulders, and he raised up, bending me in half and rendering me motionless. His hands pinned my hips, and his thumbs caressed the backs of my thighs. I felt my world spinning and colliding, shattering into pieces as electricity shot through my brain. My mouth opened and my eyes screwed shut. My toes curled into his skin as his tongue pressed deep into my pussy.

I couldn"t take it anymore. I needed to feel it.

"Yes, baby. Yes. I"m coming. I"m coming. I"m com""



"Mommy, is Grandma gonna be okay""

"Why would you ask that, Lily""

"She seemed sad when we left."

"She"s always sad when you leave, honeybee. She misses you when you"re gone," I said.

"So, nothing bad happened"" Lily asked.

"No, sweetie. Nothing bad happened."

"Why doesn"t Grandma come to visit us then"" she asked.

"Because Grandma can"t move as easily as we can."

"Are you calling her old""

"No. Grandma"s not old. She"s got a lot more life in her, but that doesn"t mean she can move like we can."

"Is that why Grandma always only wants to rock and read me a story"" she asked.

"Maybe Grandma likes reading to you. What"s wrong with that""

"Sometimes, I wanna run around outside with her."

"Then ask her to do that next time. Grandma might have to sit on the porch, but she"ll watch you while you do it."

"Will you run around with me outside"" she asked.

"We can play tag when we get home. How does that sound""


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