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Summer Romanced will delight fans of Jenika Snow and Alexa Riley

My brother"s best friend buys a summer beach house and he needs someone to decorate it.

It"s my first time working in my chosen field after graduating college, but I"m hoping this younger woman gets to experience another kind of first time with the older man I"ve been eyeing for years.

But when it"s time to break the news to my brother, will he think this is just some instalove summer romance, a beach house bonding, or can my brother"s best friend convince him this isn"t just a summer romance and this is no longer his beach house.

This is our home and our love will last forever.

*Summer Romanced is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.Books by Author:Flora Ferrari Books



"She"s the one," I say to myself as I toss another bag of concrete mix to Kyle from the construction crew I hired and look up at her standing there in the driveway.

"Whoa, guy. These things are eighty pounds each. Let"s stick to tossing them and not throwing them like footballs," he says.

He"s right. Just seeing her here gives me more strength"makes my muscles tense and flex. And my muscles aren"t the only thing that"s suddenly a whole lot firmer.

I feel my Levi"s stretch in the groin area and a tightness in my gut as my blood shoots through my veins. My nostrils flare as I inhale more air, filling my body full of oxygen making me feel more alive and lightheaded at the same time.

All from the sight of her.

But when I see Dave, also from the construction crew, stop mixing the concrete mix and take in the sight in front of him I know I"m not the only one who"s noticed.

And I"m going to put a stop to his, and anyone else"s wandering eyes, right now.

Because they need to be focused on making the concrete for the deck I"m adding on, and I need to be focused on making something concrete with her.

As in a life. A baby. Our family.

I"ve known Summer forever, but there"s something different about the way she looks today. Something about the way the sun lights her from behind making that red hair of hers glow like a bonfire. Like the beach bonfires we"re going to have every night for the rest of our lives together when I get this summer house finished and we move in for good.

I have no idea where these thoughts are suddenly coming from. There"s just something about the curve in her hip"the fullness of her breasts"and her shyness that shows me she"s still as innocent as the day she left for Savannah College of Art and Design four years ago. It"s been four years since I"ve seen her, but right now it seems like a lifetime.

She was just a girl then, but now she"s a woman. Once a barely eighteen-year-old high school graduate, but now it"s clear she"s not only graduated from college, but she"s also graduated from adolescence into adulthood.

There"s something different about her and it"s making me feel something very different about her too. Something I can"t deny. Something so primitive and basic that it"s a primal human urge.

But not just an urge"a need. The need to make her mine forever.

"We"re over here," Dave yells from the area where we"re working causing her head to turn and to start moving in his direction.

Hell no.

I march over to Dave and grab him by the back of his flannel shirt.

"You"re here to work, not hit on my best friend"s sister. You understand me"" I growl in his ear.

I feel the space between where I"ve got a white-knuckle grip on his shirt and his T-shirt widen as he leans forward cowering from me.

It"s one thing to be six foot five and two hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle. And it"s another thing to be that size and like a gun that"s loaded and cocked and ready to fire at anyone that tries to so much as look at her.

"I"m sorry, man. I didn"t know."

"And now you do," I say. "And now you"re on your way home," I say motioning with my eyes to his truck.

I release his shirt and he half looks back at me making sure not to make eye contact. I"m not fucking around when it comes to Summer.

She"s mine and only mine. She may not know it yet, but she will soon enough.

And if I keep staring holes through her soon enough might be right now.

Which is fine by me, because I"ve wasted enough time already. The most beautiful and amazing girl in the world was right under my nose all those years and it took her going off to college and coming back here four years later to realize it.

I"m not the fastest learner, but when I do grasp onto something it sticks with me forever.

Just like she"s going to be by my side for the rest of time.



"Hey Sebastian," I say as he approaches me. "Is everything okay"" I ask wondering what just went on between him and the guy who he was speaking with.

"Summer," he greets me. "Everything is perfect now."

"What happened with that guy"" I ask as I watch him get into his truck. He looks depressed.

"He made the kind of mistake that can"t be tolerated around you"here," he says.

Around you or around here" Which did he mean" He seemed to catch himself there at the end of his sentence, but I still haven"t caught my breath yet at the sight of him.

His white crew neck T-shirt is snug, not tight, but the sweat from all the work he must have been doing so far today has made the cotton more transparent than the manufacturer must have expected.


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