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He has a big"smile.
It was the first thing I noticed that day until he stood. His grey sweatpants hung off his hips and I didn"t want to look. I really didn"t.
I"m a feminist.
I don"t believe in objectifying men. I don"t catcall men. I don"t ogle the bodies of men. I don"t view men as objects of my affection rather than complex people with feelings, wants, and needs of their own. I don"t treat men the way society often treats women.
I treat men the way I want to be treated as a woman"with respect!
So, when Carlos ran into me while I was reviewing my interview questions in the park, it surprised me to see my photography classmate out of context. I was also surprised to see as much of him as I did.
It wasn"t just that it caught my eye. It was the fact that it held my attention.
It wasn"t just that it was large. It was the fact that it was visibly large.
It wasn"t just that it was Carlos Richmond. It was the fact that I am Akila Bishara.
And I am not seduced by anything other than intelligent conversation, witty rapport, and meaningful actions.
I am not seduced by a dick print.
I am not.
Seriously, I"m not.Books by Author:Danielle Allen Books


"So, what we"ve learned is that all women"" City Boy started, his voice rising with amusement.

"Not all women," Country Boy interrupted, his deep voice countered.

"All women," City Boy yelled, doubling down on his claim.

"Oh god, here we go," Country Boy muttered as he laughed.

"All women who wear lowcut shirts are doing it so that we can check out the fun bags! They want us to look. They are showing so much skin that they are basically begging for the attention. So, VanDamn645, you are not wrong for looking at your classmate"s cleavage. She has them out for a reason."

"VanDamn645, what I will say is that you may not be wrong for looking for a second, but you"re wrong for staring. There"s a difference between an appreciative glance and a full-on creep move. Don"t be a creep," Los Cabos chimed in.

"Los Cabos is always riding the fence," City Boy complained cheerfully. "I say fuck it! Be a creep! Just don"t touch. But if she got them out for you to look at them, look! The saying goes "look, but don"t touch" not "look for no longer than three seconds and don"t touch" okay, VanDamn645""

"If you"re out there listening, VanDamn645, don"t let City Boy get you caught up in some bullshit," Country Boy laughed.

"Better yet, VanDamn645, don"t listen to City Boy period," Los Cabos laughed.

"Okay, that"s it for tonight. Tune in next week and we"ll answer more of your emails. We"ll also have a special guest that you won"t want to miss. I"m City Boy""

"I"m Country Boy""

"And I"m Los Cabos."

"And this is Date Night with the Lost Boys," the three of them said in unison.

I turned off the podcast and looked at my best friend, Meghan Parks, and my younger sister, Alexandria Bishara. Shaking my head, I waited.

"This is what"s wrong with a lot of the men at Hamilton University," Alexandria snapped, crossing her arms over her chest.

"This is what"s wrong with a lot of men in this society," Meghan amended, pouring the rest of her wine into her mouth.

"Exactly! Thank you!" I threw my hands into the air as I rose to my feet.

"I"m pretty sure a bunch of guys on campus listen to this. Who are these idiots"" Alex asked as she reached for the bottle of wine we"d been drinking since we returned from dinner.

"They"re a group of dimwitted, egomaniacal, frat boys and assholes," I replied, sitting back. "According to the description, Date Night has been around for a few years. They built a cult-like following feeding bad advice to boys aged eighteen to thirty-five." Rolling my eyes, I emphasized the word boys.

"Please tell me the bio on these assholes didn"t say boys. Please," Meghan groaned.

"No, it said men, but no one who actually takes advice from The Lost Boys could possibly be a grown man. They have to be adult children like the on-air clowns," I pointed out.

"Definitely clowns. You have to admit it was a little funny when they were answering the question about how to flirt with women at a party or in a bar," Alex giggled, dribbling some wine onto her shirt. "Shit! Some of the advice was terrible, but there were a couple of funny moments."

I looked "They are the enemy." The show was cringe-worthy, but decently humorous." She shrugged as she blotted the wine spot.

"None of that shit was funny because men actually take and utilize this advice." I narrowed my eyes. "Is that my shirt""

Alex"s eyes darted to Meghan before returning to me. "Nooooooo."

I put my hands on my hips. "Yes, it is!"

She scrunched her nose and her eyebrows crumpled in confusion. "Is it""

"Alex! It"s bad enough you stole my shirt, but you spilled red wine on it," I scolded my little sister.

"Well, in my defense," she started, holding her hands up. "I took it from Meghan"s closet, so if anyone stole it, it wasn"t me""

My jaw dropped. Shifting my eyes from my sister to my best friend. "Meghan!"

"In my defense, I bought that shirt for your birthday, and Alex had it on all night and you"re just now noticing." Meghan leaned forward, her platinum blonde wig framing her face. "So, really, should I be offended""

My jaw dropped. "Are you kidding me""

As hard as I tried, I couldn"t contain the short laugh that escaped me once Alex laughed.

"Okay, fine!" I pointed at them both. "But leave my stuff alone," I warned them as firmly as I could.

Alex rolled her eyes and Meghan saluted. "Yes, Kiki," they said in unison.

"I can"t stand you two," I chuckled. "Anyway"" Shaking my head, I continued pacing the living room of the apartment I shared with Meghan. "I referenced Date Night with The Lost Boys as poor examples of the dating pool in a piece for the Lifestyle section of Richland Times Dispatch."

"Wait" I didn"t know about this!" Alex squealed. "When did this happen" What"s the article about""


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