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Lanie gave up long ago trying to impress her family. Her looks don’t fit their views of what a Crews should look like. She’s made her peace. She’s got good friends and an ice cream shop to run, she doesn’t have time for their drama.

Wyatt came back from the war and pushed everyone away needing time to heal. He meets Lanie right when he’s ready to start living and he knows instantly that she’s the one for him. Will he give her a chance to be the woman to own his heart or will his inability to trust get in the way of something that could last an eternity"

Find out what happens when Lanie and Wyatt learn what unconditional love means.

Join us this summer when four curvy women fall in love at the beach. Find out what happens when alpha men go bananas for their curves and all the craziness that follows.
This is an insta love romance with an HEA and is first in the Clearwater Curves novella series.
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Lanie Crews

I can"t believe I listened to my mother and I"m going to a weight loss support group right now. I know she means well, but it still hurts. This only drives home how I"ve never been good enough for our family. Ever since I was born, I"ve always felt like I had to live up to the Crews name, but never really felt like I fit. My older brother Leo and sister Lydia always made sure to let me know I wasn"t a welcome addition to the family. Mom had me later in life, and they had already earned their right in the family, I guess I had something to prove.

When daddy died a few years ago, Leo took over the family business and made Lydia his right hand. I have to admit, they are a great team. They always look down their noses at me and never once asked if I would be interested in helping. I wasn"t, but it would have been nice to be wanted. Instead, I work at my Nana"s ice cream shop, The Ice Dream Shoppe. She"s owned it since the fifties, and it"s become a staple on the boardwalk in our beach town. Thank god for my Nana, because if it weren"t for her, I don"t know what I"d be doing right now. She is the one person I"m closest to in the family. It probably has something to do with the fact that no one takes us seriously since we"re both a little bit on the different side.

Whatever, I"m going to go to this meeting and see if they can help. It"s not like I eat too terribly awful and sit around all day. In fact, I"m usually on my feet all day at the shop and barely have time to eat. It doesn"t help that I"m surrounded by ice cream all day though.

Pulling into the parking lot, I can"t help but wonder why the hell I"m even here. I know my mom suggested it, but still. I should have stood up for myself. Why does it matter so much that I"m bigger than the rest of the people in my family" Does my existence really bother them that bad" Do my curves offend them" I roll my eyes and fight the tears that are threatening to fall. I"m going to give this meeting a chance.

Walking in, I"m not surprised to find women in all shapes and sizes sitting around waiting for the meeting to start. After checking in, I sit next to a pretty woman who looks to be around my age. I begin to fidget, not sure what to do with myself.

"First time here"" The woman I sit next to asks me.

"How can you tell"" I ask and shift to look at her.

"You seem nervous, kind of like you"re not sure if you should be here, kinda like how I feel."

I let out a breath I don"t realize I am holding. "I didn"t even want to come. My mom found the place for me and made this big production of me coming. I promised I"d go at least once just so she"d leave me alone about it."

"And here you are." She smiles. There"s something about her that puts me at ease, something I haven"t felt from many people.

"Here are am." I laugh. "I"m Lanie," I say holding out my hand to her, and she shakes it.

"I"m Fancy. Don"t you work at The Ice Dream Shoppe on the boardwalk""

I smile and nod. "I manage it for my Nana."

"Oh my fucking God, I love that place!" Another woman says, sitting down beside me. "Must be why I"m in this place," she mutters under her breath making me and Fancy laugh.

"Thanks. I"m Lanie, this is Fancy."

"Avery. But seriously, that place is sin in a bowl. I go by sometimes after work. I"m a server at Sean"s Crab Shack."

All three of us sit and talk until the meeting begins. I"m actually enjoying myself, but everything she"s saying are things I"ve heard and tried before. A few minutes later a stunningly beautiful woman, dressed impeccably, walks into the meeting and sits beside Fancy. "Sorry, I"m late. I had a client that took a while."

"Oh that"s okay Stella dear-" The leader says, but is interrupted by another woman. "The meeting started fifteen minutes ago."

This woman looks like she should be leading a spin class and drinking a kale smoothie. No offense to people who enjoy those things, all I"m saying is I"d be surprised if she ate sugar let alone need to be at a meeting like this. That"s not what bothers me though, because to each their own, but it"s the look she"s been wearing since I saw her when I walked in tonight. She"s been looking down at all the women in here as if she"s better because of the way her body looks.


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