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I had never asked for a break. It had been a small request for space so I could think. Just some time to reflect and search myself. Loving Marty had never been the problem. It was the word marriage that haunted me.

In the end, none of it mattered.

Marty proved to be exactly what I feared. Unfaithful. And he"d fooled me, not once, but twice.

There sure as hell wouldn"t be a third time.


Three long years and the sight of her still feels like electricity jolting me awake from a sleep I didn"t realize I was in. Even with plenty of time to mentally prepare for this, being near Fiona reminded me what I"d never managed to find in another woman.

Even if she was crazy as hell. A mixture of hot, cold, funny, brutal all wrapped into a fucking gorgeous package.

When I left town, I was getting away from any memories of her. Protecting myself the only way I could.

But my twin brother and her half-sister were tying the knot. Unlike us, Shay and Mack could claw each other"s eyes out one minute and be madly in love the next.

Making it through this wedding weekend was all Mack asked of me. I could do it. I had to.

Even if it took all the whiskey in Savannah.

Fiona wouldn"t break me.

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10 Years Ago


HOW FOLKS MANAGED LIFE WITHOUT a replica of themselves as a backup I didn"t know. It must have sucked to not be in two places at one time. Having an identical twin wasn"t a hardship. I often felt sorry for other kids when I was younger. They got lonely or bored without a friend around. But Mack was always there. We had each other.

And now that we were in high school, it still came in handy. Like today. I owed Mack one for taking my Biology test two weeks ago while I skipped class to stand in line and score the 3 Doors Down concert tickets when they went on sale at ten in the morning. Which was why I didn"t ask out Melanie Trainer tonight like I"d planned. I really wanted to ask out Melanie.

She"d been flirting and giving signals for a week now and I knew from stories guys told in the field house that Melanie, who was a senior this year, liked to get naked in the back of pickup trucks. Mack owed me big time for missing out on getting what I knew she was offering.

I didn"t know Mary Grace Whitehouse. I"d never even spoken to her. She was quiet, made good grades, did volunteer work, I think, and went through her day like she couldn"t wait to escape school. She never went to any of the parties, games, and never did anything fun. At least I"d never seen her anywhere having fun. The only place I had seen Mary Grace was sitting on the front row of all her classes. Listening aptly.

Everything I knew about Mary Grace led me to question, how in God"s name had Mack ended up with a date that I was now filling in for with her" He had sent me a text asking me to meet Mary Grace at her house this afternoon around five. No other explanation except that he had something more important he had to do, but he couldn"t not show at Mary Grace"s for the date.

Letting a girl like her down kind of felt like a sin. I got that. Besides if I did this then Mack and I were even again and I owed him nothing. He"d have done it for me. I doubted we had one thing to talk about, but then again, neither would Mack and Mary Grace. They"d have had a terrible date. I felt no pressure to make this memorable for her. Get it done and over.

The house she lived in looked like it belonged on a Hallmark greeting card. Much like Mary Grace herself. I knocked on the door hoping this lasted even shorter than I anticipated. There was still the chance I could call Melanie.

The door opened and luckily I wouldn"t have to chat with any parents or annoying younger siblings. Mary Grace was there dressed in a simple pink sundress that hit right at her knees. The pale blonde hair that stood out even when she was dressed like her mother still dressed her, hung over her right shoulder and curled softly on the end. Sun-kissed shoulders displayed a warm tan with a few freckles sprinkled across the top.

The pink gloss on her full lips was distracting because up close like this it made it difficult not to look at her lips and think about them. Maybe this was why Mack had asked her out. He"d seen her up close like this at school and paid attention to what she looked like. Instead of brushing her off because she was smart. I"d never thought the academic sort was very exciting.

"You"re on time," Mary Grace said with a surprised but polite smile. She"d expected Mack to be late. At least she wasn"t under some sort of delusion where he was concerned.

"Yeah, uh, well, I didn"t want to keep you waiting," I stammered still trying to adjust to my realization that Mary Grace was attractive.

She lifted her left shoulder with a little shrug. "That"s okay. I had no other plans today. Outlining our project shouldn"t take that long," she said, stepping back as if she expected me to walk inside.

Project" I paused then stepped inside her house. With a quick glance, I deducted the style of her house fit Mary Grace. It was as perfect and polished as she was.

"Yeah, shouldn"t take too long," I agreed but I wasn"t sure what I was agreeing to. I was beginning to realize Mack hadn"t sent me to fill in for him on a date after all. This was a school thing. He had Mary Grace as a partner and I was here for that.

"My parents won"t be home for two hours. We can use the dining room table. It will be easier," she explained with suddenly pink cheeks as if she had said something embarrassing. Her blush was endearing. It made me want to kiss one of her cheeks or touch it to see if she felt warm.


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