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"If you could go back and change one moment in your life what would it be"" I expect him to say the week the three of them were held prisoner, but what he says next is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

"It would be to find you sooner, because I would have never let anyone hurt you."

And that was the moment I gave Sawyer Evans my whole heart.Books in Series:Men Of Honor Series by K.C. LynnBooks by Author:K.C. Lynn Books

"Shoot!" After looking at my watch I break into a light jog, trying to juggle my backpack and cheer bag. I should have waited and caught a ride home with Tara. But when I saw my teammate talkin" with Max Donovan, I knew she was going to be a while, and I was already running late.

When my phone dings with a text, I slow down and reach into the side of my backpack to pull out my cell.

Adam: Hey beautiful, just wanted to say good luck. Have a good weekend. I"ll miss you. I know you and your mom will win, bring me back any leftover pie. Love you babe. :)

I smile, and my stomach does a little flip at the sweet message. Dang, I just love that boy. Adam and I have been dating almost a year, and lately he"s been pushing to take our relationship to the next level. I appreciate how patient he"s been, considerin" he isn"t a virgin. I"ve been thinking about it a lot, and I have decided when I get back from the fair with Mama I"m going to tell him I"m ready.

I send him a quick reply, lettin" him know I"ll miss him too and that I"ll call as soon as we get home on Sunday. I hope he"s right about Mama and me winning the bakin" contest. The prize money of $20,000 will help us start our dream; a dream we have been talking about for as long as I can remember. When my house comes into view, I pick up speed again and run up my front steps. By the time I open the door I"m out of breath.

"Hey, Mama, I"m sorry I"m late. Coach made us stay late at practice, but I"ll be quick. Just let me change, and we can start loadin" the car." I throw my backpack and cheer bag off to the side and walk into the kitchen. The pies are stacked and ready, but there"s no sign of Mama.


Suddenly, a loud thump sounds above me, drawing my gaze up to the ceiling. Suddenly an eerie feeling hits me. I can"t say why, or what, brought it on, but I knew somethin" wasn"t right. I slowly start walking towards the stairs, my pounding heart tellin" me something is wrong.

"Mama"" I call her name again as I start up the stairs. "Mama, are you up here"" When I make it to the top, I see her bedroom door slightly ajar. As I walk closer to her room, every instinct I have is yellin" at me to run, that there"s big trouble.

With my heart in my throat I push open the door and see her room in disarray. Suddenly the closet door flies open, and Mama barrels out onto the floor, naked and bleeding.

"GRACE, RUN!" she screams, just as a big guy rushes out after her. Without a second thought that"s exactly what I do.

"Fuck! Hurry and grab that bitch."

I make it halfway to my room before someone grabs a fistful of my hair and yanks me off my feet. My breath gets knocked out of my lungs when I land painfully on my back. As I struggle to regain my breath I look up and see a big, scary guy who doesn"t look much older than me. His greasy jet-black hair hangs in his dark, glossy eyes- eyes that lack any emotion and are so dark they appear black. He grins down at me maliciously, sporting yellow teeth. "You"re just as fuckin" pretty as your mama. I can"t wait to fuck you too."

Oh no" Mama!

"No! Leave her alone, please let her go," Mama begs hysterically.

Oh god, I have to get us out of here; I have to get to the phone. The guy yanks me to my feet by my hair. I barely feel the painful sting because of the amount of adrenaline that"s rushing through my veins. He keeps one hand tangled tightly in my hair and wraps his other around my waist, pulling me against him. Then, before I have time to register what he"s about to do, he crashes his disgusting mouth to mine. I cry out against the brutal force and try to push him away. Instinct has me bringing my knee up and nailing him between the legs.


The second his grip loosens I shove myself away and bolt into my room. Slamming the door, I click the lock in place and race to my bedside phone. I quickly dial 911 and start pushing my dresser towards the door to barricade myself in. All the while I can still hear my mom screaming.

"Oh god, Mama," I sob.

A forceful pounding starts against my door, almost throwing it off its hinges. I rush into my closet.

"911. What"s your emergency""

"This is Grace Morgan, I live at 917 Lakeland Point. Two men have broken into my house, and they are hurting my mother." My mom"s screams become so loud and painful, it"s all I can hear. "Oh god, please, you have to hurry! They"re hurtin" her real bad." I"m sobbing hysterically, but somehow manage to get the words out.

"All right, honey, I want you to try and stay calm, the police are on their way. Stay on the phone with me, all right" How old are you, Grace""

"Seventeen. Please"" Suddenly, the pounding on my door gets louder, and I hear the wood start to splinter. "Oh no! Please hurry, he"s almost in my room."

My closet door flies open.

"Ahhhhhh!" I scream just before the guy yanks the phone out of my hand and smashes it against the wall. I race out past him in the split second that it takes for him to throw it. He tackles me from behind, and I face-plant into the hardwood floor right next to my bed, splitting my lip open. "You stupid bitch. You"re gonna fucking pay for that."

I scream and kick against him as he pummels my back. Reaching out in front of me, I try to grab the cord of my lamp, hoping to use it as a weapon, but before I can reach it, he flips me over and strikes me across the face. Black spots dance before my eyes, and my mouth pools with so much blood I almost choke on it.


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