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He may have swiped right, but this all wrong.

After my break-up, I"m in a funk.
Enter Timber, a new dating app full of bearded hotties.
I"m matched with Wyatt, a man who"s seriously too hot to handle.
Ripped biceps" Check.
Six pack" Check.
Eyes as clear as a mountain lake" Check.
Sure, this sexy cross-fit trainer is a player, but I"m not looking for a commitment. And neither is he.
After a night of sexy-times we wake to realize we"re total opposites.
Good thing Timber is just about hook-ups.
Tiny thing though … I need a favor. And only he can help me.
I may have given him a super like on the app … but in real life"
This is a super bad idea.
Or is it"

Dear Reader,
Wyatt knows what you need–a full body work out like you"ve never had before.
With good reason, this rugged mountain man is all kinds of cocky.
He doesn"t need to lift weights when he can pick you up and put you right where you belong: in his lap.
It"s time to swipe yes, please.
xo, frankieBooks by Author:Frankie Love Books



I"ve always been the practical one. It wasn"t a hard role to fit into considering Kensie, my older sister, is the cray-cray member of the family. But now that she"s engaged, she"s become… I don"t know, less of a wild card. More of a sure bet.

And for the first time in my life, I"m the one who doesn"t have my act together.

I"ve been in break-up mode for the past forty-eight hours. Rocking a stretched-out tank top, pajama pants printed with tiny llamas, and hair so ratty no amount of dry shampoo can fix it. I need back up.

"Kensie," I text. "Just come over. Please." Then I fall back on my bed and begin scrolling through Facebook, torturing myself by looking at Markus living his best life. Why do I care what that cheating sack of bologna is doing"

Because we dated for, like, three months. I know it wasn"t forever, but I thought it was going somewhere. Instead, our entire history was deleted in a single day.

When my sister arrives a half hour later with Tillie, her BFF, I know I made a good choice in reaching out.

Kensie has brought sustenance in the form of pints of ice cream"my very favorite non-dairy sorbet"and a bottle of organic Pinot Grigio from a local winery. They know me well.

And while I"m usually a health food freak"if I"m going to bend the rules with all this sugar"tonight is the night. Tillie is already pulling up a playlist titled GET OVER HIM.

This pair is golden, and while my sister is four years older than me, we"ve become so close since I moved back to town this past year. It was supposed to be just for the summer as a nanny, but then I decided to finish my business degree online, which I did as of a month ago. Yay me! Living in the big city of Seattle was fine for a while, but I missed the mountains of Linesworth.

"Markus was a douchebag from day one, Winnie," Kensie says. "You can do way better than him."

"But he was so put together. He worked at a bank. He owned his own home. He""

"He cheated on you with a ski instructor," Tillie says. "He doesn"t get your tears, girl."

"And you"re twenty-one years old. You"ve said yourself, you don"t want to settle down. And you"re your own woman. You"re planning on opening a juice bar for goodness sakes. You have drive all on your own. You don"t need a man with a thirty-year mortgage to tie you down. You just need to have fun," Kensie points out.

"Maybe," I sigh, taking the pint of lemon sorbet. "But you"re so happy, Kens, now that you have Kodiak. I want a happily ever after too."

Kensie walks to the kitchen and grabs spoons. Handing me one, she twists her lips. "Then you should maybe take a shower. Because this," she points to my clothing and hair situation, "isn"t exactly working."

I moan, digging into the sorbet. Her input sounds like a lot of work. Showering. Washing my hair. Putting on clean clothes. I look over at my laptop.

"A Netflix marathon of Gossip Girl sounds way more fun than going to a bar to find a one-night stand," I tell them."

"You know," Tillie says with a glimmer in her eye. "I have an idea."

"Are pants required""

She shakes her head and grabs my phone from the nightstand. "Nope, but a really good selfie is. I bet you have one on here."

I try to snatch my phone from her, not liking where this is headed, but she squirms away.

"It"s a great idea, promise. You need a rebound. Have you heard of Timber""

I shake my head, looking lovingly at the unopened bottle of wine. Like the good sister she is, Kensie heads back to the kitchen for a bottle opener and clean glasses.

Not sure she"ll find any considering my sink is filled. I haven"t exactly been in the mood to clean. Wallowing alone in bed is way more fun than that.

"It"s a new dating app. Like, you swipe right on a guy if you"re interested, left if you"re not. If you both swipe on one another, you"re matched."

"Where are these potential suitors located""

Tillie smiles, pulling up the app she"s already downloaded. "They all have to be in a thirty-mile radius. So, it"s like, perfect for you."

"What"s the catch""

She laughs. "That"s the best part, there isn"t one. Timber is made for mountain men only. If you"re a guy and you want to be on the app, you have to have a beard."

"That"s…" I pause, looking for the word.

"Brilliant"" Tillie laughs. "Out of town guys who come to Linesworth for the weekend, hop on the app and look for a hook-up. It"s perfect for a rebound. And guys who come here are usually looking for outdoorsy stuff. Which means they are usually the bearded ones."


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