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Natasha wasn"t in the mood for this. With a migraine dancing in her eyes, she just wanted to rest on the plane. After her cousin dropped her and her bestie off on the tarmac, Natasha took her meds and passed out while they flew to her brother"s island resort"or so she thought. Getting off the plane and into the waiting vehicle. When they pulled up to the hotel, she knows something wasn"t right. They weren"t on Ostrov; this was all she needed. Before she realizes it, she"s being questioned by some mean looking guys. They want to know where the girl is that she stole the identity from. She has no clue who the woman is, but one thing"s for certain"she"s on the wrong island.

Julian Navarro has been working himself to the bone in order to give his sister the good life. The death of his parents left him cold and hardened his heart and determination. Realizing that he"s been neglecting her for a long time for work, he decides to spoil her with an overly lavish trip to the island. There"s just one little hiccup in the process. She hasn"t arrived, and there"s another woman pretending to be her. The little identity thief is trapped in a room giving his police shit, but Julian wants answers, and he wants them now. Sending them on their way, he takes over the interrogation. It was a huge miscalculation. The woman in question is his latest competitor"s sister, and she"s stolen more than Marisol"s identity, she"s stolen Julian"s heart.Books by Author:C.M. Steele Books

Chapter 1


This day is turning out to be really shitty. I woke up with a headache that"s growing by the minute. The thumping in my skull is driving me insane. It"s only going to get worse as the day goes on. Maybe it"ll pass if I caught it early enough. I"ve already popped in two Excedrin Migraine, but I know silence and my eyes closed are the only things that ease the pain. Zoey, my best friend, is doing her best to handle all of the packing for me. She knows that once I get one, I"m done. I"m starting to believe there"s a correlation between my headaches and what I eat. I put on my sunglasses and chill before we make our way out to the SUV. Viktor gives me a smile, but I don"t feel like being nice to anyone right now.

We arrive at the airport on the tarmac. I tip my head to the side, examining the plane"s exterior. This isn"t my brother"s plane unless he managed to acquire a new one which I doubt. "Why does his plane look different""

"His is being serviced. He borrowed this one," Viktor answers before walking up to the stewardess. He was only supposed to drop us off, but he wanted to make sure we were set. I nod, then drop down on the bed-like seats. They are so comfortable and just what I need. I lay my head back and plug in my earbuds to drown out the sound and pass out. Zoey doesn"t mind because she"s happy to be going while she has some time off from her cleaning gig.

The next thing I know Zoey"s waking me up. "Hey, how are you feeling"" she whispers, looking at me as if I"m going to fall apart.

I give her a smile hoping that she"s not going to worry too much. Worst case scenario, I stay on the island longer to get my fill. "I"m better now. I think the stabbing pain"s calming down. I"m hungry."

"Here. They set out a buffet of fruits and treats." I snack on a few pieces, feeling immediately better.

"Wow, Mikhail went all out," I say, munching on the snacks.

"Yes, he did, but what do you expect for you" He"ll spoil you as often as he can."

"Yeah, I think it"s a way of making up for our parents" death. But something"s up with him."

"I noticed the last time I saw him. The scowl was gone, but then it was as if he wasn"t in the room with us."

"I know right," I agree while pouring myself a glass of orange juice. "I need to have a little talk with him."

I move back to my seat when the light comes on. "Well, let"s wait until we have a boatload of fun because I don"t want to ruin the mini vacation."

"Very well," I mutter. I take a drink of juice. Then two ladies come out to clean up the food before we descend.

"I hate this part of the flight," I admit, slipping my earbuds back in. Zoey just laughs at my weird quirks. I get that I"m strange, but alas she still loves me. Once we start to deplane, I feel a shift in the atmosphere. Two large men are waiting down by the bottom of the stairs. One moves to the car without a word. The other one lingers much longer, staring at Zoey with his brows knitted. He"s tall and military looking with his short brown hair cut close to the scalp. We"re led to the car, and the silence is deafening.

"I thought my brother would be meeting me here," I say, trying to get him to say something. I had a terrible feeling about this. I had no idea who this guy was. I know the majority of the staff at the resort.

"He"s in a meeting. We"re to take you to the hotel," he grunts. I nod and get in the SUV with Zoey sliding in after me.

"Goodness, I"m having a bad feeling about this. I"m guessing that they think we"re someone else because I can"t see them treating us bad. My brother wouldn"t tolerate that nonsense from his staff," I whisper as the grunty guy gets into the truck.

"Well didn"t your cousin say that the plane was rented. Maybe it"s the owner"s staff."

"True. That could explain some of their behavior." I see the hotel, and I know that we"re not where we"re supposed to be. "Fuck, Zoey. We"re not on Ostrov. We"re fucking somewhere else." It"s a Navarro Resorts hotel.

"What are we going to do"" she asks in a hurried whisper, panicking and looking back and forth between the driver and me.

"We"re going to speak to the manager of the hotel or something. I can book my own room and then call Mikhail and find out what the fuck is going on. I can"t believe that I didn"t ask questions."


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