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The complete Collection of the Best Selling Teacher’s Pet Series.

Lesson #1 Life Happens When You’re Busy Making Other Plans

Lynora Minnelli must remain focused and graduate, but that’s not easy when Simon Foster, the hot new Professor, is so irresistible. Keeping her head in a book grows more and more unlikely as long as Simon’s around. There’s no denying she’s attracted to him, but when he becomes equally smitten with her, not studying will be the least of Lynora’s problems. If their affair is discovered, it will be a hard lesson for both of them to learn.Books in Series:Teacher’s Pet Series by Avery PhillipsBooks by Author:Avery Phillips Books

Part I

Lesson # 1

Life happens when you"re busy making other plans

"I have no idea why I"m here." -Lynora Minnelli

"So" do you know why I asked you in my office""

Professor Nora Temple was sitting behind her large oak desk, twisting left to right in her chair, as she tended to do when she had something serious to say. Her office was in complete disarray. For a self-proclaimed neat freak, this was a rarity. Papers were strewn from her desk to the floor, and any remaining space was littered with boxes and other belongings. There was barely any room to move around.

I carefully pulled up a chair, tucked in my legs and stretched my sweatshirt down around my knees. My nerves were on edge. I hadn"t the slightest clue why she would call me into her office. It could be to let me know that I was fired; I’d probably do the same if I were her. Last week, I had fallen asleep in her class while grading test papers for midterms. I was so tired, I just couldn"t help it. To make things worse, I hadn"t even awoken from my slumber until class was already done and over with. The room was completely empty.

Once I realized I had been asleep, I shot up out of my chair, wondering where everybody had gone. It obviously amused Professor Temple, because she laughed so hard she had to sit down in her chair for fear of clutching her stomach and doubling over on the floor. I didn"t think it was that funny, but her laugh was so infectious, I was caught with a case of the giggles myself. Soon, we were both red-faced and busting out laughing like a couple of crazed hyenas on the hunt in the African jungle.

I tried to look as innocent and unknowing as possible as I answered her. "No, I"m sorry. I have no idea why I"m here." I started picking at a small splinter of wood sticking out of the right arm of the chair I was sitting in.

Professor Temple tucked a stray strand of pin-straight hair behind her ear. It was a layered chestnut brown and cut short in a flat-to-her-face bob. "You seriously have no clue why you’re here""

"Nope." I squirmed. "Not at all."

"Well, that"s certainly interesting. Things get around this campus pretty fast these days, so I was sure you would"ve heard the news by now."

I wrung my sweaty hands, sure that my anxiety was apparent by the dampness on my sleeves. People know I’m getting fired" The more I rubbed my hands, the more they seemed to sweat. Embarrassing amounts of moisture were seeping out my pores. "I haven"t heard a thing. Why" Should I have" Is something wrong""

Professor Temple gazed directly at me and grinned. This confused me even more. Did a person normally grin when they were about to fire someone"

She pushed away from her desk and rolled back in her chair until it touched against the off-white wall behind her. She stood up slowly and straightened the folds of the bright yellow dress that rested on her very swollen tummy.

"Now do you know why"" she said, rubbing her stomach like a proud pregnant woman, which she was.

I was confused. I gave Professor Temple a quizzical look. "Well, I"ve known you were pregnant for months, Professor Temple. Is the baby all right" I mean, it’s not coming right now, is it"" I gripped hard on the armrests. I was an economics major, not a doctor. Surely she wasn"t expecting me to help her with that issue.

She wobbled her way toward the front of her desk and sat on the edge, looking uncomfortable. "No, the baby"s not coming, silly, but I am leaving."

"Leaving" You mean for good""

"I don"t know. It"s possible. I sort of doubt it, me being a workaholic and all. But it"s very possible I could not be returning. I was prescribed to go on leave immediately. Being pregnant and close to forty doesn"t always mix. I"ll be out for the rest of the year, at least. It depends on how I feel, really. You know us old birds can"t recover like a spring chicken. I need some time."

"Ha! You"re far from an old bird, professor, but I understand." I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand, feeling relieved. "Whew! For a minute there, I thought you were going to fire me."

"No, I wouldn’t do that, ever. You’re the best assistant I’ve ever had. But"" Her face scrunched up. "If you want the truth, I"ll give it to you."

"Shit!" I shot my hand over my mouth. "I"m sorry."

She was amused by my sudden burst of profanity. "No, it"s perfectly okay. I didn"t mean to scare you. What I"m trying to say is whether you continue to be a TA or not is going to be left up to my replacement. I"ve talked to the department chair to see what he could do to try and keep you on, but that"s as far as I could go. And, it"s really not up to him in the first place."


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