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Three HOT Alpha Professors, One Very Bad Student.

It all started with just me and Professor Holden Moss, the grad school professor I seduced by flashing him my pink goodies the first day of class. I love being the Teacher"s Pet. And Holden loved playing my games.

Then Holden invited his best friend, Dr. Wynn Driver, to join our little party. Wynn was the epitome of hotness: tall, handsome, with surfer boy good looks and a foot long of pleasure inside his linen slacks. The three of us were having the time of our lives, then along came Wynn"s buddy, Lane.

Dr. Lane Curtis, the former football star turned psychologist and bestselling author who held o*gies at his exclusive spa, became the forth player in our little game.

We play everywhere: in the class room, in the parking lot, in the ladies room"the thrill of doing something soooo forbidden!

I hope we don"t get caught.

Now, I have three lovers and experience something new and fantastic every day.

Someone should write a book about the things we do to each other.

Oh, that"s right" someone has" Enjoy.Books by Author:Amy Brent Books


I don"t want to be some guy"s wife. I don"t want to be some guy"s girlfriend. Hell, I don"t even want to be some guy"s friend.

I want to be one thing and one thing only.

I want to be Teacher"s Pet. And I know exactly how to do that because I have done it every year since high school.

This year, Holden Moss is the teacher I"ve chosen to share my bed and my body with.

He"s a professor actually, a grad school psyche professor that"s as much muscle as brains, just the way I like them.

And if his reputation is any indication, the good Professor won"t think twice about taking me up on my offer.

Who better than the faculty stud to teach this pet everything he knows about sex. It"s going to be a fantastic freakin" year.

CHAPTER ONE: Judith "Jude" Allen

I was always super smart in school. I breezed through junior high and high school with straight A"s without ever cracking a book, and I had major universities across the country lining up to offer me academic scholarships.

I opted to go to Midwestern, which I chose because it was clear across the country and thousands of miles away from anyone who had a clue who I was. I loved the idea of moving to a new town and starting over. It would be like being reborn, being washed of my sins, leaving all the heavy baggage of my old life behind.

They say that when you go away to college, it"s a chance to reinvent yourself, start new with a clean slate, shuck off your past dirty deeds and start anew, and that"s exactly what I wanted to do. I had established a somewhat dicey reputation for myself in high school that I knew would weigh like a heavy chain around my neck if I chose to stay in Clarksford. The slut in high school becomes the slut in real life. That was not the life I would choose to lead. I was not ashamed of the things I"d done, but I didn"t want them following me around like a ball and chain the rest of my life, which would happen if I didn"t move away.

Going to Midwestern would give me a fresh start without a reputation, even if that reputation was well-deserved. Plus, Midwestern had one of the country"s best psychology programs. I wanted to be a psychologist, which required a Bachelor"s degree with a psychology major, then a Master"s degree. Maybe I"d even go all the way and get my Ph.D. and become a psychiatrist or a doctor of some kind.

Getting my Bachelor"s seemed like a million miles away when I first started, and even now, nearly four years later, there"s still so much more work to be done. So, for now, my sights were set on getting my Master"s degree within the next two years, which meant I would start the Master"s program in the fall, but could take classes over the summer if I chose to, and that would speed up the process. I hadn"t made the decision to take summer classes yet. I"d look at the curriculum when the time came to see if anything struck my fancy.

If I didn"t go to school over the summer I could pick up more hours working nights as a waitress at the Pink Pony, the off-campus dive bar popular with students and the "cooler" faculty members (yes, professors and students do fuck, shocking huh). That would let me stock away a little cash and blow off some steam at the same time. Plus, I got to drink and eat for free at the Pony because Duke, the fifty-something owner/manager, wanted to fuck me.

Hell, Duke wanted to fuck every girl who walked in the door, whether they worked for him or not. But he wanted me most of all because I made him want me. I knew how to manipulate a guy like Duke. I"d been doing it my entire life. I could make his pudgy dick hard with just one dreamy look or by running my tongue around my lips. A little shake of the ass, a little bending over in front of him, a little leaning down so he could see my tits down the collar of my Pony t-shirt. Duke was putty in my hands. Which was why he wanted my pussy on his cock.

Duke figured the way into a girl"s pants was through her stomach, not her heart. Even though his hair was shaggy and gray, and he was kind of greasy-looking, he was also kind of sexy in a "Sons of Anarchy" sort of way. And he made a mean bacon cheeseburger, so we"d just have to see how things progressed.

Anyway, within six years of leaving home I could acquire both my Bachelor"s and Master"s at the same school and graduate with honors. I could probably do it in five years if I really pushed myself. Then again, that would leave me little time for the fun things in life; those things that had driven me away from home in the first place, but all work and no play makes Judith a very sad girl.


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