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Tease – verb: to tantalize especially by arousing desire or curiosity often without intending to satisfy it….unless your name is Tate Morrison.

It"s been four years since Logan Mitchell walked into Tate"s life and irrevocably changed it. Four years since the sexy as sin lawyer dared him to try, and four years since Tate won his love.

Now, as they approach the next chapter of their lives Logan is determined they won"t end up like many of their friends. Settled. Domestic. Boring. However, that"s easier said than done. With busy careers and working odd hours, finding time for one another is becoming increasingly difficult.

But that sh*t isn"t going to fly with Logan or Tate.

The two of them are determined to compromise to get what it is they want, and what they want is each other.

Tease is the sexy, tantalizing continuation of the two men who stole your heart… and popped your cherry.Books in Series:Temptation Series by Ella FrankBooks by Author:Ella Frank Books

Chapter One


THE bailiff"s voice cut through the tense courtroom as Judge Wilson emerged from his chambers and took his seat behind the bench. It had been ten minutes since the defendant"s attorney had called for a recess, and the time for negotiations was coming to an end as Logan Mitchell got to his feet and buttoned his suit jacket.

He glanced over at Paul Bishop, the tight-assed prick in the horrible tweed suit who had been a thorn in Logan"s side for the past seven months. But this time when their eyes met, a smug smile crossed Logan"s lips, because what was about to happen was going to be real fucking sweet.

He, and twelve other associates at his firm, had been working tirelessly on a class action suit involving one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country, Berivax, and after his client had taken the witness stand, Logan knew he had this one in the bag"and so did Bishop.

The fight had been hard and drawn out, as one would expect of a giant corporation, but when Bishop leaned down and scribbled a number on a piece of paper, Logan turned to his client and winked. He so had this.

"Please" Take a seat. Take a seat," Judge Wilson said with a wave of his hand.

Everyone in the courtroom complied, except for Bishop, who handed Logan the piece of paper. He took the note and was pleased to see Bishop"s frown as he moved back to his side of the courtroom. Logan read over the message then, and barely managed to stop his jaw from hitting the table he was seated behind.

Thirty-five million. Shit. They"d been willing to take fifteen. But thirty-five" Holy. Fucking. Shit. Schooling his features, Logan slid the paper over to the woman beside him. He inclined his head once, and as she read the note, her eyes widened. No words were needed.

After months of discovery, depositions, and court dates, this case was finally going to be over, and they"d just received an offer that was well over what he"d been instructed they"d be willing to take. He had just won them the motherlode.

"Okay, you two," Judge Wilson said, looking between Bishop and Logan. "Did you manage to come to some kind of settlement, or am I going to be making a decision for you today" Because either way, we will be wrapping this case up before that clock hits four. Do you hear me""

Bishop got to his feet without sparing a glance in Logan"s direction and said, "Yes, Your Honor. We"ve come to an agreement."

"I"m so pleased to hear it," Wilson said as his eyes shifted to Logan. "And I assume you share this consensus, Mr. Mitchell."

Logan stood once again, and pushed his glasses up his nose. "We do, Your Honor."

"Good. In that case, go and settle it," Wilson said as he looked between them and picked up his gavel. "Court is adjourned."

As he brought the wooden hammer down, calling the session"and trial"to an end, the courtroom exploded in chatter, and Logan caught his client Renate Aleman pushing back from the table to stand.

"You did it," she said, shaking her head. "I can"t believe they gave us what we were asking for."

"More," Logan said as he bent to pick his briefcase up off the floor. He placed it on the table and started to load his files inside it. "They gave us more. They offered to settle at thirty-five, and that"s because of you. You did great up there on the stand, Renate. That"s what finally had them caving."

"On that we can agree," someone said from behind Logan. He turned around to see Bishop standing in the aisle of the courtroom with a document in hand and a pinched expression on his face. "You barely had a case until you got her up there."

Logan had to resist the urge to roll his eyes as he reached for the paperwork. "Don"t be a sore loser, Bishop. Your client makes that much money in a couple of hours."

Logan took the papers and placed them inside his case so he could take them back to the office and have everyone sign.

"You know," Bishop said, his gaze drifting over Logan"s shoulder to Renate and then coming back to rest on his face, "one of these days you"re going to bite off more than you can chew, Mitchell."

Logan shut his briefcase and made sure to lock it before he took it by the handle and looked Bishop directly in the eye. "I don"t think so. You see, I"m very careful about what I put in my mouth because it"s my motto to always swallow. But you have a good evening, Bishop. I"d like to say it"s been a pleasure, but" Let"s just leave it at "see you next time.""

"Whatever, Mitchell." Bishop turned and walked out of the courtroom, and with all of his belongings packed away, Logan waited for Renate to pass by and then dug his cell phone out of his pants pocket.


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