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A Baby for the billionaire"
The old-fashioned way"

Well"not such a bad idea when it pays you a million bucks.
Yes, I"m going to do it. I need the money.
I don"t care what the world thinks,
And nobody really has to know, yeah"
I am thrilled when "One Billion Fantasies," calls me to meet the man who wants to be the baby daddy.
But my jaw drops and face freezes, the moment I meet him.
Ethan " my best friend"s brother!

Wait, we can keep it a secret and no strings attached, right"Books by Author:Amy Brent Books

Chapter One


The name of the swankys cocktail bar was lost on me as I admired the bartender who was pouring my glass of rye. She was a tanned blond goddess with gold jewelry winking on her wrists and at her throat. Her eyes were the palest blue I had ever seen, and they were framed in thick, dark lashes that gave her stare a seductive appeal. I really hadn"t needed another drink, but it had been an easy way to get her attention.

As she approached to hand me my glass, the girl on the barstool beside me nudged me with her elbow. I glanced over to see her blinking bashfully up at me. She was cute, that was for sure, with bright pink lips and short black hair, but she was aggravating as hell.

"What did you order"" the black-haired girl cooed in my ear.

"Rye," I said shortly, hoping she took the hint that I wasn"t particularly interested. I only had eyes for the bartender who had given the girl by my side an evaluating up down when she handed me my drink.

"Rye"" the girl beside me asked. "Of all the things on the menu. I thought maybe you"d be more of a vodka kind of guy."

"Did you"" I asked lazily, not even bothering to look over at her this time.

"Mhm, and I"m usually pretty good at guessing those kinds of things. I can tell a lot about a person just by looking at them. Like you, for example. Tall. Handsome. Well dressed. You must be in business. Or sales." She paused, resting the tip of her forefinger on her chin. "Not real estate but cars perhaps""

I smirked into my glass as I took a sip of rye. "Most definitely not sales."

"Oh," she said, rather disappointed. "I must be off my game tonight. How odd. Well, anyway, I"m Trish." She beamed at me.

"Right. Nice to meet you, Trish." I reached my arm across my body to shake her hand. This way, I didn"t have to turn to face her. She still didn"t take the hint that I wasn"t interested.

"Nice to meet you, too, umm""

"Ethan," I conceded, unable to see a better way out of the situation.

"Ethan." She smiled sweetly. "It suits you."

"My mom thought so." I sighed, tiring of the conversation.

Trish giggled like a school girl and clapped her hand over her mouth. "Oh, you"re so funny," she chided, waving her hand and grazing my shoulder.

I didn"t say anything.

"Well," she said, overlooking my silence, "I have to run to the ladies room to freshen up. Don"t go anywhere, Ethan." She gave me a wink and then turned on her heel to weave through the crowded bar toward the restrooms.

I groaned and threw back the rest of my drink. I stood up, eager to make a break for it before Trish reemerged ready for round two.

The blond bartender appeared in front of me. She had a playful smirk curling the corners of her lips upward, and her arms were crossed beneath her breasts, pushing them up in a most fascinating way.

"I don"t think Trish is your type," she said, glancing at the restrooms.

"No"" I said, putting my glass down on the bar. "What is my type""

The bartender shrugged. There was gold glitter on her cleavage. That was a nice touch. I tried to look at her eyes when she spoke to me.

"You need a woman, not a girl. Someone who knows what she can do with her own body. Someone who knows what she can do to yours."

I arched an eyebrow. "I don"t suppose you could point me in the right direction""

The bartender laughed, showing me white teeth and dimples. "I could, but she still has fifteen minutes left in her shift, and I don"t know if you"re the kind of man who would be willing to wait."

"I can wait," I said. "I assume she doesn"t have plans after she"s done with work""

"Only taking you home, I would imagine," she smiled.

My cock pressed against the inside of my pants. I would most definitely wait. "I"ll catch you around back in twenty," I told her. "I don"t want to be anywhere near here when Trish gets back."

The bartender laughed as she turned back to her bar mat where some customers were waiting impatiently. She didn"t say a word to me. I liked that. She was confident. She was sexy. And she was going to have my dick in her in less than half an hour.

I felt a little out of place behind the bar. It was nearly one in the morning. There wasn"t a soul around. I waited with my back resting against the wall beside the emergency exit at the back of the bar. I glanced at my Zenith Christopher Columbus watch. She would be arriving any second. My erection was still holding on, and I was desperate for a release. Twenty minutes of anticipation was a lot longer than I usually had to wait.


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