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I’m on a mission to have a baby – but I never imagined my fertility doctor would become my baby daddy.
He’s my brother’s best friend.
The man who broke my heart so many years ago.
Now, he wants to give me the one thing I want most in the world.

My jaw dropped when Lara came into my clinic for treatment.
She wasn’t expecting to see me either.
My best friend’s little sister looked as stunning as the day I went away.
Except for the resentment in her eyes.
She doesn’t know I never wanted to leave her.
Maybe I should tell her what really happened.
She wants a baby"
I’ll give her one.
Skin on skin.
Me inside her.
Her calling my name.
F*ck the IVF program. I’m going to get her pregnant the old-fashioned way…

The Baby Plan is a stand-alone novel of 80000 words with a hot-as-hell alpha and a HEA.

Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.Books by Author:Tia Siren Books

Chapter 1


I"d heard it a thousand times before, but I was not convinced I believed it. If everything happened for a reason and there was always another door opening when one door closed, why did it hurt so bad when the door slammed shut" Why did we have to feel like shit when the "everything" was happening for such good reasons" It was bullshit. That was all there was to it. I didn"t believe it.

"Here you go, Mrs. Brown." My attorney"s secretary handed me the stack of paperwork that wrapped up the past decade of my life.

Wham, bam, thank you, ma"am. Marriage over.

"Miss McCall now. Thanks, Brooke," I said with the friendliest smile I could muster.

"Look on the bright side," she started, and I inwardly cringed. "He didn"t show, which means he isn"t going to contest the final agreement. That means you pay us less!" She said it all with a bright smile.

I wanted to punch her.

No, he didn"t show up. My now ex-husband was a world-class piece of shit. He couldn"t even bother to show up to the last meeting to finalize the division of assets. He obviously had far better things, or women, to do. The lying, cheating sack of shit.

"Thank you," I said again as I took the stack of papers that summed up my life and left.

I pushed open the doors of the office and inhaled the fresh sea air. I refused to cry. Not anymore. I had done far too much of that already. The scent of the bay combined with exhaust and a lot of people in a small area assaulted my senses. I walked to a bench and plopped down. I wasn"t quite ready to go to my store yet. I needed a minute to process.

I looked around the area that had once been a new development. Mission Bay was the place to be in San Francisco nowadays. The neighborhood boasted multimillion-dollar condos, tons of shopping and eating, and high-priced galleries. Now I rarely ever ventured into downtown. We moved here ten years ago when Mitchel first invested in these high-rises. To see the area transform into a bustling, upscale neighborhood had been exciting. We"d thought this would be the place we"d raise our family.

Shake it off, Lara.

I gave myself a few more minutes before I picked up the manila envelope with the divorce papers inside and headed down the street to the baby boutique store I owned. I smiled, thinking of the fond memories of when I opened this store so many years ago. It had started on a whim when I couldn"t find what I wanted for my own future babies here in Mission Bay. I wanted clothing and gear that was made without a lot of chemicals. I wanted high-quality, cute, and functional without the designer prices. I wanted my baby to be dressed differently than the million Carter babies I saw everywhere I went.

As it turned out, I wasn"t the only hopeful mother who thought that way. The store had been very successful, and I was proud to have outfitted many babies over the years"just not my own. My baby never got a chance to wear any of the outfits I had lovingly picked out.

"Hi!" Kali greeted me the second I pushed open the door. She was my assistant manager. We had a couple part-time staff members, but the business wasn"t all that big and we didn"t need much additional help.

I smiled and did my best to appear happy to see her and the customers browsing the racks and shelves in the store.

"Hi, Kali," I said, walking through the store and toward my office in the back. I couldn"t bear to be surrounded by expectant mothers picking out baby goods. Not today.

I plopped down at my desk and pulled open a drawer to deposit the envelope. A little black and white picture caught my eye. I picked it up and looked at the tiny lentil shape in the image. It was terribly grainy and certainly didn"t resemble any human baby, but I knew it was. I needed to put the picture in a box or something, but I couldn"t. Not yet. The grief counselor I saw after the miscarriage had advised me to put everything in a box to look at when I needed to, but not to look at it day in and day out.

I put the picture and the envelope in the drawer and closed it. It was ironic that those two items were stashed away together. I had lost my baby and my marriage in a matter of two days. It had been the worst week of my life.

"How did it go"" Kali asked, coming into the office.

I checked the security monitor and saw the customers had already left. The store was empty.

"He didn"t show."

"What"" she said in shock.


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