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He knows he shouldn’t make a move on his daughter’s hot nanny…but he can’t help himself…

Running a business is hard. Being a single parent is harder. Reed is trying his best to keep his head above water and to keep his daughter happy and safe. But he can"t help feeling that sometimes, even his best isn"t good enough. Which is why he decides to hire a full-time nanny.

Taylor is beautiful and interesting and Reed is instantly attracted to her, but he knows that getting involved with his daughter"s nanny is a bad idea. He has enough on his plate, with work and fatherhood and a past that keeps coming back to haunt his present in the form of his wealthy socialite ex, Sofia.

Reed must decide what kind of future he wants for himself and his daughter and if that future includes Taylor.Books by Author:Claire Adams Books

Chapter One


It didn"t happen very often that a more beautiful sight eclipsed the view from my Manhattan penthouse. I looked back at my laptop screen and admired the numbers for the second time. Free Bird Publishers had absolutely smashed its fourth quarter.

We had two books on the New York Times" Best Seller list, and we had resurging sales for a book that we had published two years ago that was now in cinemas everywhere with Ryan Gosling and Brie Larson in the lead roles. Things couldn"t have been better, and I took an egotistical moment to bask in the triumph.

I was just going over the numbers a third time when my phone rang. "Hi, Jennifer," I said. "How"s my favorite editor""

"Are you going over the numbers now""

"Of course."


"We did brilliantly."

She laughed and then she took a deep breath. "We got a couple of hundred new manuscripts in the last week alone."

"With or without agents"" I asked.

Jennifer paused, and I could feel the argument brewing. "Come on, Reed," she sighed.

"What was the first book we published"" I asked.

Jennifer groaned. "Seriously""

"What was the first book we published"" I repeated.

"Wickersham Lane," Jennifer replied tiredly.

"Who was the author of Wickersham Lane""

"Andrea Harley," Jennifer replied, and I knew she was already over this conversation.

"She was an unpublished author when her manuscript showed up on my desk."

"I don"t need to be reminded of that, Reed," Jennifer said. "But I think you need to be reminded of a few things."


"Sure, Andrea was unpublished and unknown" but so were we," Jennifer continued. "We had been in business for almost a year, and we were desperate. We were running at a loss, and we hadn"t found a novel worth putting our necks out there for. Sure, we took a chance on Andrea, but she took a chance on us too. We couldn"t afford to be picky."

"And now we can""

"No one was sending us manuscripts," Jennifer pointed out. "But now we have a name" we have a reputation. We"re getting thousands upon thousands of new manuscripts a year; we can"t afford to go through them all."

"Not everyone can afford an agent," I said. "Andrea couldn"t" she had been rejected from dozens of different publishers because of it. But her novel was brilliant. It"s the reason we even managed to get this company off the ground."

"I remember, Reed," Jennifer said tiredly. "I was there."

"Just because a writer doesn"t have an agent, doesn"t mean they don"t have a good book. It doesn"t mean they don"t have a profitable book."

"We can"t go through every single manuscript we get," Jennifer said decidedly. "It"s just not practical."

"How many books do you look through weekly""

"Don"t even go there," Jennifer said firmly. "I do more than my fair share of work. I don"t have the time to take on anything more. If this is so important to you, then you"ll have to make time."

"I don"t have the time," I said, in annoyance. "You know that."

"I understand why you feel the way you feel," Jennifer said, softening her tone. "But this is the nature of the business. If you don"t have an agent, then you don"t get to have your manuscript read. Half the manuscripts with agents don"t make the cut."

"I know," I sighed.

We had the same argument every six months, and every six months I found myself backing down to Jennifer"s unassailable logic. It was still hard for me to look at the mountain of manuscripts on my desk and the desks of all my editors and know that there was a Harry Potter in there that would never be read.

"In any case, we need to focus on our current clients if we"re going to keep this streak going," Jennifer told me. "Eric McCarthy is coming in tomorrow to discuss marketing options for his book."

"Fine." I nodded. "Book him in at a few different venues around New York. He can do some readings and get him maximum exposure. We need to put him out there. He speaks well, and he"s charismatic. We can use that to promote the book."


"Is that all""

"Um" Louis Salvatore wants a meeting with you," Jennifer said.

"Fuck," I sighed. "Does he want to discuss the same thing again""

"Yes," Jennifer said. "He wants to know when his royalties start kicking in."

"We invested a three-thousand-dollar advance on him," I said. "His books haven"t sold enough copies to be able to pay back that advance."

"He doesn"t seem happy with that answer."

"Well, tough," I replied. "Didn"t anyone ever tell him that being a writer doesn"t actually pay the bills" Not unless you"re JK Rowling."

"Will you meet with him""

"No," I said. "I"ve explained all this to him twice before. I can"t mollycoddle him anymore."

"Great, that means I"ll have to."

"Once the advance is paid off, he"ll start making his royalties," I said. "How many copies has his book sold so far""


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