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She didn"t know it yet but she"d be mine.
From the first moment I saw Shauna all those years ago, I knew that I had to have her.
Sweet and innocent, she was the soft to my hard, the feminine to my masculine.
I was done waiting, done pretending like I had any self-control when it came to her.
I was ready to show Shauna just how possessive she made me

Maxim. The man I loved. My father"s boss.
He kept to himself.
Lived out in the middle of nowhere.
Was big and strong and had every womanly part of me coming alive.
And I"d loved him for as long as I could remember.
But I didn"t have to make my move because Maxim was staking his claim " on me.Books in Series:Cavemen Series by Jenika SnowBooks by Author:Jenika Snow BooksSam Crescent Books


She was so innocent, so fucking vulnerable that it had every possessive and protective instinct in his body rising. He didn"t deserve her, but he wanted her regardless.

Maxim curled his hands around the steering wheel as he watched Shauna carry out a flat of flowers to a customer"s car. She stood there in a pair of short shorts, ones that had his cock hardening because so much damn skin was showing.

Golden, long and full legs.

A round, perfect ass.

Breasts that were more than a handful and looked so fucking delicious and soft.


His fingers itched to run over those luscious curves, to pull her back so her ass was pressed right up against his stiff cock.

"Damn," he ground out and reached down to adjust himself. He was being a fucking creep right now watching her … wanting her. But he couldn"t help it. He didn"t want to even try and pretend like he had any morals where she was concerned.

The customer left and Shauna stood there, the green apron she wore molded to her curvy as fuck body. And then she looked at him. Their gazes locked, his dick got impossibly harder, and all other thoughts left him aside from taking her as his.

For an entire year he"d wanted her, watched her. At only twenty-one she was well over a decade younger than him, and the daughter of one of his contract employees.

So all of that meant she was off limits. But he didn"t care. For a year he"d waited, tried to talk himself out of being with her. But there was no way to change his mind where Shauna was concerned.

And the longer she stared at him, the more he knew she"d be his. There was no way around that.

He watched her constantly, and although she should feel off kilter about it all, the truth was she enjoyed it. She liked that Maxim watched her with this possessiveness that she felt right down to her very marrow. Never had a man looked at her the way that he did, the way that made every single part of her come alive with desire.

And as a twenty-one-year-old virgin she knew being with him, a man who could surely show her what pleasure was, tempted her beyond belief.

No one except Maxim.

He was her father"s boss, an entrepreneur who"d built a construction company in their town. It had grown over the years, spilling over to neighboring cities and even states. He was wealthy and educated, but he was also rugged and burly. Maxim reminded her of a caveman or a barbarian by the way he acted and spoke, and by the fact he was rough around the edges, took no shit, and always got what he wanted.

And all of that turned her on. She didn"t care that he was so much older than her, or that she should be intimidated by the way he watched her, maybe even frightened her.

She thought about Maxim all alone in his cabin. Built on ten acres of property in the woods, it was gorgeous, yet no doubt lonely. It had taken him a year to build that cabin and she"d gone up there with her father many times to watch the progress, had even helped him pick out colors for the walls.

That"s when she"d really noticed him, spent any amount of time with him.

Exhaling and pushing those thoughts aside, she turned away from Maxim"s truck. She could still feel his gaze on her, wondered what he thought, why he didn"t make a move. Maybe good intentions had him staying away" Maybe the fact her father worked for him made him not want to cross those lines"

God, Shauna wished he would cross those lines.

And she did want him to cross those lines, so damn badly. She headed back into the nursery and walked behind the cash register just as another customer came up.

"How are you doing today, Mr. Walters"" Shauna asked the older man. His wife had passed away five years ago but every year he came by and bought a cart full of flowers to plant in the garden they had created years ago. It touched Shauna, made her long for that kind of commitment and relationship. It didn"t matter that Mr. Walters was alone, or that it had been years. He still honored his wife"s memory by doing something they used to love doing together.

Maybe one day she"d have that. Maybe one day she"d finally have the gall to go up to Maxim and tell him that they should be together.

Enough with the long looks.

Enough with the gazes that spoke volumes.

Shauna wanted to tell him that she wanted him as well, but the fear of rejection rode her hard.

But we only live once, right"


Every single day at the same time, Maxim arrived at the nursery where Shauna worked. As he sat there for the second time this week, the feelings he experienced were not going away. They were getting stronger. Tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, he stared inside the shop and saw only one customer.


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