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From that first time Abel saw her there was no doubt in his mind that she would be his. This sweet little virgin stuck in a storm, soaking wet and cold, and no one but him for miles.

With the storm raging outside his cabin and both of them trapped inside, he didn’t know how much self-control he could have around her. It was that moment when he first saw her that he knew he couldn’t let her go, that Shea was meant to be his in all ways. He just had to convince her to stay, that living off-grid with a caveman was exactly where she was supposed to be.

Shea should have been afraid of the stranger who showed up at the exact time she needed help. He was big and muscular with a mountain man vibe going on. The way he looked at her had her body heating in ways she’d never experienced before.

When he brought her back to his cabin in the middle of the woods maybe she should have been frightened. But the truth was she’d never felt more at home, like she was in the right place, with the right person.

Shea was a virgin but she knew one thing for certain " She wouldn’t be innocent for much longer.Books in Series:Cavemen Series by Jenika SnowBooks by Author:Jenika Snow BooksSam Crescent Books


All Shea wanted to do was leave, escape her dead-end job, set up shop somewhere else, and just have a new life. It"s not like she had anything tying her down, no friends who would care if she were gone, no family who gave a damn if she weren"t around.

After she left her deadbeat mom"s house in the city, she moved in with her grandmother at the age of sixteen life had been increasingly better for her. But then her grandmother had died, her house had foreclosed, and Shea was left with a mountain of bills and no one to show Shea support.

So she"d worked her ass off at a shitty job, nearly had her grandmother"s accrued medical bills paid off, and knew that she had to get away for her own sanity.

That"s what this little trip had been about. There was a one-bedroom cabin just an hour outside of city limits, one that wasn"t too far out that she couldn"t commute to her job, while continuing to save up. One day she"d have enough just to live on her own, not worry about anyone or anything but herself. A solitary life for sure, but it was one that would suit her.

So this was her life, but Shea accepted that. It was lonely at times but it suited her well enough. But even though she wanted to escape, to run from her problems, the truth was she needed that dead-end job. She was saving up, planning on getting a little place out in the middle of nowhere.

"Fuck," Shea cursed out. The sound of her engine sputtering and then the sight of smoke billowing out from under the hood was the icing to her already shitty day. She pulled the car to the side of the road, the sun setting just beyond the horizon and casting ominous shadows along the backdrop of forest on either side of her.

But of course as luck would have it she was now stranded on the side of the road. She reached into her purse, which sat in the passenger seat, and dug out her cell. Of course she expected the damn thing not to work. Being this high in the mountains and away from the town meant reception was sketchy at best.

She had one bar.

"Thank you," she whispered. But as soon as she tried to make a call that bar disappeared and she was left with a useless piece of technology. "Of course." She tossed the cell on the passenger side seat and exhaled roughly.

Looking around, she felt her heart start to beat a little faster. This was the worst possible place to break down.

No way in hell she"d get out of the car to see if she could get better reception, but what did she expect to do" She couldn"t sit in her car and wait for someone to come by. For all she knew that could be hours. The road she was on wasn"t a high traffic one, and she regretted taking the shortcut that led her here in the first place.

But the very idea of getting out of her car out in the middle of nowhere, knowing there could be wild animals just lurking behind the tree line, scared the shit out of her.

No, she was going to have to do something, because sitting in this car and praying someone would come and help wasn"t smart.

And venturing off by myself is smart"

"Better figure out what in the hell you plan on doing because it"ll get dark real soon and then you"ll really be up shit creek without a paddle."

Abel had his rifle slung over his shoulder, his gaze alert and tracking everything. A twig snapped in the distance and he stopped, crouching low and bringing his rifle close, listening. This was how he got dinner, how he survived living out in the middle of nowhere. Hunting for food was essential, and although sometimes things were scarce, stocking up and making sure he had supplies ahead of time was the only way one could make it out here.

He sat there for long moments, listening, focused. After a few minutes he finally stood and started making his way again. The sun would be starting to set within the hour, and he"d need to backtrack to the cabin before nightfall.

The only thing that surrounded him for miles were trees, flora and fauna, and the silence that stretched out for days on end. It was what he lived for, this isolation and being alone that made him connect with himself and content all around. It was also the fact he"d never been a "people person," preferring to be on his own since he was younger.

So for the last two decades he"d lived by himself. No electricity. No running water. He was totally off the grid, cutting his own firewood, curing his own meat. He had a cistern for rainwater, gas lanterns for light. This was how he preferred to live and now he always would.


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