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Jess Carter wasn’t looking for a place to belong when she arrived in Banks, Idaho. It was supposed to be a temporary spot to finish out her last year of high school and bond with her dad.

Meeting Dom changed everything.

Now, the Pack needs her. Dom needs her. And she’s figuring out she needs them if they plan to survive what’s coming.

A challenge has been issued and if the Pack doesn’t respond they’ll be seen as weak. With the motel at capacity, they have a lot to lose if the challenge coming their way isn’t met. Caleb is struggling, Anna is absent, and Sam refuses to see her brother or father. Can Jess bring them together before the Hanley’s finish tearing them apart"

Book 2 in the Pack series. Recommend reading The Pack first.Books in Series:The Pack Series by Kristin ColeyBooks by Author:Kristin Coley Books

Chapter One

"You"re going to your mother"s. That"s final," Dad barked, or attempted to bark. My standards had gone up since Dom entered my life. Dad tried to be intimidating but fell short when compared to a giant black wolf.

"No," I enunciated clearly least he think he"d changed my mind.

"Yes!" He shouted in exasperation. "I"m your father. You have to do what I say."

I shot him an, "Oh, really"" look and he huffed. "The same way I had to do what Mom said" Come on, Dad. I"m eighteen."

"I will throw you out," he threatened, nodding as he pointed at the door. "How you like them apples""

"Well, it"s a motel." I braced my hands on the countertop of our small efficiency apartment, the one attached to the motel where we lived and ran the rundown motel my Dad had bought on a whim. "I could just book a room."

"I won"t rent you a room," he declared with a sharp nod.

"Well, I could always go stay with Dominic at his place," I suggested, watching as he blanched. "But that won"t be necessary since I own half the motel."

He growled and I stuck my tongue out. "I win."

"Why are you so stubborn""

"I"m your daughter""

"Yes, and I want you to be safe."

"I can"t really think of anywhere safer, Dad." I glanced at him and seeing his worry, eased up. "The Pack patrols constantly. Most of the time Dom is sleeping outside my window."

"So long as he stays outside," Dad interjected, pointing at me.

"Outside," I repeated. "Plus, Trent is still renting a room and we have more guests than we know what to do with."

"Women and children," Dad corrected, concern tightening his expression. "They"re going to come for them eventually."

"I know and they need our protection," I reminded him. He wasn"t the only one worried about the sudden influx of guests and how vulnerable they were. I knew Dom was running himself ragged patrolling, and part of it was because his sister was the one who"d led them here.

"I want you to be safe," he mumbled, giving up the fight as he came and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "And a little distance from your teacher wouldn"t hurt either."

"He"s not my teacher," I said in exasperation, elbowing him lightly. "He"s a coach at the school and we keep it completely appropriate."

Dad shot me a look and I amended, "PG-13."

He groaned, "Not helping your case."

"Seriously, Dad, you have nothing to worry about on that front." For now, I added mentally. His sharp glance gave me a moment"s pause, wondering if he"d suddenly developed the ability to read my thoughts.

I relaxed when he said, "I love you, Bunny." He squeezed my shoulder and released me. "I have to go finish some paperwork. You going to be okay""

"Yep, Anna"s coming over in a little while."

"Alright, you girls stay close, okay""

I patted his arm, knowing he needed the reassurance. "We will stay on pack lands." He kissed my forehead and went out the door, and a few seconds later, I heard the office door open. The apartment was next to the office on the bottom floor of the two-story motel, but Dad had intentionally left them separate when he"d remodeled. It was one of the many changes he"d made after he bought it with my college fund. The place retained the retro vibe I loved, but had lost the creepy pay by the hour feel I"d noticed when I"d first moved here.

I flopped backwards on my bed and noticed some long black hairs on my pillowcase.

Dom! Keep your hairy butt off my bed! I shouted mentally. A silent chuckle drifted through my mind and I rolled my eyes.

Marking my territory, he rumbled, and I growled.

Say that to my face, I challenged him, smirking when there was no reply. That"s what I thought, I added in satisfaction.

The sound of my window opening caught my attention in time to see a massive figure slip through it with an ease that suggested he"d done it more than a few times.

I jumped up from the bed but there was nowhere to run, even if I was stupid enough to attempt it.

"Dom," I said warningly, holding out my hand. He arched one perfectly black eyebrow, waiting. "My Dad is in the office."

He shook his head, unconcerned. "I can only stay for a minute." His broad shoulders were bare, only a loose pair of workout shorts keeping him decent. He stepped closer and I backed up, bumping into the bed as he continued to stroll closer. There was no escaping him and I couldn"t stop my shiver as he caged me in. "I"m here to mark my territory, you might say," he growled low, his sheer size keeping me in place. He was enormous and there was no escaping him once he had you.

He tossed me on the bed and I bounced lightly, my eyes widening as I realized his intent. "NOOOOO," I cried, trying to wiggle away, but it was useless as his fingers ran along my sides. Giggles erupted from me as I squirmed, but he was merciless.


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