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It Takes Three Simple Steps To Make a Guy Fall in Love with you"
Let the game begin…

Presley Cabot has come a long way from the overweight, awkward college student who fell hard for the gorgeous track star, Nolan Banks, only to be humiliated after their one night together. Now, she"s one of the billionaire badass owners of LWW Enterprises and has everything she"d ever wanted in life, leaving her past behind.
But when Nolan comes back into town, and doesn"t even recognize the girl he once destroyed, she decides to invoke her own personal revenge. The plan is simple"make him fall hard for her, then dump him. She transforms herself into his perfect woman using three simple steps to spin her web.
But she never planned on getting caught up in old feelings"and new promises"

Nolan Banks leaves Wall Street behind to open up a brewery in his small college town. Finally ready to carve out his life away from the dreams of his family, he never expected to find an immediate attraction to the sexy corporate mogul who challenges him at every step. He falls hard and fast, determined to show her they"re meant for each other, until the truth of their shared past shatters their fragile foundation. But Nolan is playing for higher stakes, and he"s not about to let Presley walk away without a fight. Can he convince her his feelings have nothing to do with the game rules, and everything to do with the woman she is"Books by Author:Jennifer Probst Books

Chapter 1

"I have something to tell you."

Presley Cabot stared at her friend from across her sleek, espresso desk and wondered why she suddenly felt poised at the edge of a roller coaster hill, hovering at the tip, ready to fall to crashing depths at the slightest tap. Her tummy clenched. "Just tell me you"re not sick and no one died."

Trinity dropped in the chair opposite her desk and groaned. Her long-limbed body looked squashed in the fashionably designed but small cranberry chair. She didn"t seem to care, choosing to hook one leather clad leg over the arm, her feet baring bad-ass black strappy wedges jiggling nonstop. Her snug hot pink t-shirt screamed Bend the Knee from Game of Thrones. "No, nothing like that. Why are you always so dramatic""

"Are you kidding" You live drama. Why are you wearing leather when it"s going to be in the seventies today""

Her friend gave an elegant shrug. "I"m feeling needy and pathetic so I needed to change my energy. And I don"t live drama. I just engage whole-heartedly in this thing called life."

Presley tried not to grin. The moment Trinity walked into a room, her entire aura screamed high maintenance. If she wore a warning label, it would read, "Proceed with caution." But she had the biggest, mushiest heart hidden beneath all that gorgeousness, which made Presley protective over who her friend chose to love. "I engage. But I like to get straight to the truth without delay," she explained. "Rip off the band aid. None of that pansy ass pampering or pulling it off inch by inch, hoping it will dull the pain. No bullshit with me."

"Nolan Banks is back in town."

And just like that, Presley wished she"d prepared herself a bit before the explosion.

His name seared into her mind like a tattoo, launching a pit of memories she"d buried deep and hoped to never unearth. Her body short-circuited like a cut wire suddenly unable to function. The image of those laughing blue eyes nailing her with his stare. The crooked, charming smile. The hard, sleek muscles and ripped abs. The smell of his skin"freshly washed cotton and the delicious mix of sunshine and ocean from his cologne. The years fell away and she was once again that awkward, overweight college student no one ever acknowledged.

Until Nolan talked to her that one night.

So, she"d slept with him.

And he"d destroyed her.

"Uh, oh. You have that look in your eye," Trinity said, a worry glint in her chocolate brown eyes. Her foot jiggled faster. "Breathe, girlfriend. Just take some deep breaths."

"Why didn"t I know" Why wasn"t I told"" She rattled off questions like bullets, her mind madly buzzing. "Why did Aubrey keep this a secret and why did Libby let her"" Her two best friends knew all about her past with Nolan. Presley assumed they"d be the ones to break the news.

Trinity held up one elegant hand, her Pandora bracelets clicking together. "You"ve been in Europe, remember" I was not about to mess with your mojo by telling you this from overseas. Aubrey"s been visiting Charlotte for a well needed break, and Libby got involved with another fundraiser in Chicago. I figured I"d break the news the moment you got back. I"m kind of surprised you didn"t hear the gossip, though. It"s been buzzing in Port Hudson for weeks about the old dive bar being taken over by a new owner. How was Italy, by the way" Did you bring me new shoes""

"Yes, of course. Now, give me a moment as my head is spinning. I need to focus."

Gripping the edge of the desk and forcing oxygen into her lungs, Presley tried to steady herself. Ridiculous. It"d been almost a decade since they"ve seen each other. She was over the humiliation. She"d moved on and kicked ass with her life. Lost a hundred pounds. Became one of the richest CEO"s in America with the world at her feet. She dated anyone who caught her fancy because, finally, she got to choose.

Yet the sound of his name rattling in her brain was enough to make all her damn girly parts tingle.


Trinity snapped her fingers, her scarlet-tipped nails flashing in the air. "There you are! Anger is good. Anger is real. Let the hate flow so you can clear out those junk emotions and begin moving forward."

Presley groaned, launching up from her chair to pace her modern, lush office like a caged animal. "Damnit, I should have been back last week but I had to check on one of my writers who"s late on her deadline. She"s hiding in the deep South because she"s afraid of the blowback from her tell-all."

Trinity licked her lush lips. "Did she sleep with him" Tell me!"

"Buy the book."


"Tell me everything," Presley demanded. "Every last detail. Why is he back" When is he leaving" Is he married" Is he bald and fat" Why aren"t you talking""


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