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Brooks: She came into my life like a flash of lightning and disappeared just as fast. Every minute she’s away is hell. I can’t trust anyone, not even my brother. I’m beginning to lose control. Maybe she’s better off without me.

Brooks Downing has always played it cool but now that Daria is missing, he feels his control slipping. He’s a smart man with a lot to offer but family and duty keep tearing him away from discovering his potential. The stakes keep rising as he tries to navigate through a treacherous and dangerous maze of allegiances and deals. Will Brooks manage to find Daria before his anger leads him down a path he can’t return from"

You don’t want to miss book 2 in the Downing Family from bestselling author, Cassie Wild. The stakes has never been higher.Books by Author:Cassie Wild Books

Chapter One


Daria, you need to get the hell out of wherever you are. I just overheard my dad and Sean talking. Dad knows where you are and he"s sending people to get you. I don"t know what to think about all of this, but I"m afraid you"re in danger. RUN.


My mind was spinning.

Run, she"d told me.

I texted back, asking how her father knew where I was. My phone buzzed in my hand:

He traced our phone call. Now you need to get out of there. Be careful! He was talking to somebody on the phone. I went downstairs because I couldn"t sleep and he was in his office, talking about how you were on some island somewhere and he wanted you brought back here. GET OUT of there, Daria. Trust nobody!

Adrenaline crashed through me as I sat on the bed, cringing like I might just disappear inside the mattress beneath me.

If I could, I probably would have done just that.

Get out" How was I supposed to get away from there" I was on an island for heaven"s sake. It wasn"t like I could just call a taxi. And it wasn"t like I didn"t have people watching me here.

True, Duncan had said the security was for my benefit, and I believed it was. But I didn"t want Brooks" people involved any more than they already had been if Basilio was really that dangerous.

Plus, the one person I trusted most in the world told me to trust nobody.

I had to get off the island. And I had to do it in a way that wouldn"t have Duncan looking for me or contacting Brooks. I wouldn"t risk Brooks getting hurt all because he helped me.

Trust nobody.

The turmoil had me biting my lip and pulling at my hair. I slid from the bed, desperate to come up with a plan.

Maybe I could make Duncan think Brooks had wanted me to leave. After all, he hadn"t been at the beach with us, and most of the time Brooks had been on the island, he"d been with me.

Maybe it was a long shot, but I needed to try.

I dug around the room and managed to find the clothes I"d been wearing when I was flown so unexpectedly here. They"d been washed and pressed, so I didn"t think I"d catch as much attention wearing them this time around.

The bruises on my arms from that horrible man at the strip club hadn"t faded, and I worried they might attract attention, but I had to shove that concern away and focus on the task at hand.

I tidied the room until it looked like nobody had even been in there, then went to get the pad of paper I"d seen on the nightstand next to my bed.

I couldn"t find a pen and opened the top drawer, ignoring the bottle of lubricant I saw, trying not to think about when Brooks had used it on me.

This drawer wasn"t neatly organized. It was filled with some odds and ends"and a gun. My mouth went dry when I saw it, and I cautiously eased it aside in my search for a pen.

A small silver case caught my eye, and I picked it up, flipping it open. It held exactly what I"d hoped it would hold"business cards.

Business cards belonging to Brooks, complete with a phone number.

I shoved one into my hip pocket, mumbling the number to myself. I didn"t know if I"d reach out to him or not, yet I couldn"t stand the thought of not being able to contact him, even if all I did was assure him I was okay. Just convincing myself that I needed to leave was proving to be harder than I"d expected.

I scrawled a quick note to Duncan and hoped he wouldn"t see through my lies right away.

Hi, Duncan,

I wanted to thank you for everything. Brooks is sending the boat back for me. I"ve got a flight later today to return to the US since he"s taken care of everything.

I wanted to tell you goodbye in person, but I couldn"t find you.

Again, thank you.

I signed my name, read the note again and knew I"d just have to hope for the best. Leaving the note on the middle of the bed, I slid out through the balcony door.

I lingered there several minutes as I listened for footsteps. When I didn"t hear any sound coming from below me, I started down the spiral staircase. I moved slowly until I could see the doors that opened into the library. When I didn"t see Duncan or any of the bodyguards, I started to move faster, all but running as I headed for the beach.

Run, Isabel had told me.

That was what I"d do, although I had no idea if I was going to actually make it off the island without being seen.

I thought of the business card I had tucked into my pocket. There was a phone number on it. I could call Brooks, let him know what Isabel had said, tell him what I was doing.


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