The Devil’s Match (Devil’s Own #5) ~ Page 2

"I don"t know," I grin, my attention falling on Raze who is in the kitchen, blending up a god-forsaken protein smoothie. "I"d say I"m a pretty awesome sister, huh big brother!" Raze just glares at me, says nothing, then proceeds to turn the blender on. "See!" I say to Millie, well, rather yell to Millie.

Millie chuckles, patting her lover"s arm gently before pointing to the bar stool for him to take a seat. She flicks the blender off. "Be nice, baby."

"I"m always nice," Raze grunts.

I laugh because he is far from nice. But he is my big brother, and he did raise me, so"

Miles walks in, buttoning up his shirt, his sharp-edged jaw tight, but his stone emotionless eyes coming to life a little when they land on Millie. Millie grins at him a "Miles only" grin, pushes off the counter before throwing herself into his arms. Raze rolls his eyes, so I take this moment to slide off my chair, grab a glass down from the cabinet and pour some of that god-awful protein smoothie into a glass. Raze watches as I lift the glass to my mouth. I shrug. "What""

"When do you leave"" he asks, leaning back in his chair.

"Aw, I love you too."

He glares.

I roll my eyes, taking another sip of the thick juice"which admittedly, doesn"t taste too bad" "Tomorrow!"

His glaring eases, his jaw loosens and his eye twitches. Millie walks back to where I"m standing as I wind my middle finger up at Raze, flipping him off.

He chuckles, which is a step up from his glaring. "Try not to get into too much trouble. Your headcount is beginning to get deep."

I tilt my head. "I haven"t killed anyone," I pause and watch as Raze"s eyebrow quirks. "In a while""

"Much better," Raze smirks.

Miles steps in, straightening his bow tie. "You haven"t needed to. You have men who do it for you."

"Oh, hey, now"" I feign innocence, just as my phone starts vibrating in my pocket. "I am well equipped to take care of myself." I swipe it to unlock when I see it"s Meadow, Beast"s old lady, who is calling.

"That was never your issue," I hear Raze mutter under his breath before getting to his feet and briefly explaining to Millie that we were only joking. I ignore him anyway while bringing the phone to my ear.

"Hola, little lady." It"s safe to say, I get on very well with both of my brothers" women, and I love them both all the same, but Meadow is the not crazy one in the family, so we tend to sort of tread carefully around her. When I say we I just mean Millie and I, the guys don"t give a fuck. Even if Beast is the International president of The Devils Own MC, and the president of the Las Vegas chapter, I have to admit, Raze is another level. Same with Miles, only Miles is like a snake in grass. You will never see his move, you will only feel it, and when you feel it, you"d have only a few seconds to live.

You could make a movie out of my life along with the people in it. Everyone would probably die, but it"d be a great movie.

"Hey, Ella, how"s the packing going"" Meadow sings into my ear.

"Ehh, I hate it. I think Raze was right. I have too many clothes."

She giggles. "Hey, look, I know that you might not want to, you know, er"" she pauses, so I take this moment to clear my throat.

"Wassup"" I know she"s fluffing around the F subject. When I say "F" I wished I meant Friday, but I don"t.

"Okay! Well the boys are having a hog roast if you want to come and have it as like a"farewell as well""

Usually, I would decline, but would it really be that bad" Last I had heard of Frost, which was last week after all the shit blew over with Raze and Millie, then finding out he was going nomad, so surely he won"t be there. I"m good. Of course, me being Ella McKenna, I don"t confirm this with Meadow because if I do that, that would display my trying to duck and hide from the tatted up, dead inside, dead fucking eyes, dead flesh probably too because he has THAT many tattoos, sexy as fuck biker. The sexy comment was uncalled for, but I can"t help it. No one can, because you take one look at Frost and you know, whether you"re married, a lesbian, fucking bisexual in a multi-person marriage, you just can"t help but see Frost. Our shitsuationship (which is not a word, I just made it up because it clearly describes Frost and I"s relationship perfectly), all started when Raze made trade.

Millie, for me. So my ass was thrown straight into the lion"s den.


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