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KAYLA~ He moved in next door to me, all bronzed skin and lean muscle, with a panty dropping smile that could make any girl weep with need. He set my body and teenage hormones on fire for three years. THREE LONG YEARS.

In that time he became a cop- Officer Sexy as I liked to call him- and every time I pushed, he retreated. But I knew he felt it, I saw it in the way he looked at me. So one night I set my plan in motion and upped my game. I finally reeled the sexy bastard in, and he didn"t know what hit him.

COOPER~ She tempted me with her smart mouth and tight body for three painful years. I took an oath to uphold the law and honor it, which she made almost impossible not to break. But when the day finally came, I made her pay, every beautiful inch of her. She might drive me crazy and be the biggest pain in the ass, but she"s my pain in the ass. And I"ll spend everyday for the rest of my life making sure she never forgets who she belongs to.

WARNING~ Due to mature subject matter, such as explicit sexual situations and coarse language, this story is not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen.Books in Series:Men Of Honor Series by K.C. LynnBooks by Author:K.C. Lynn Books



There are certain moments in life that we will remember forever. Some may be a memorable birthday from our childhood, one that stood out a little more than the rest of them; that awkward moment with the first boy you ever kissed; or times with your best friend where you laughed so hard that you cried. Or, in Julia"s and my case, times where I got us into deep shit thanks to my dumb ideas and hot temper. And then there are moments that altered the course of your life. They touched you so deeply that every time you think about them you can still feel what you felt in that moment just as strongly as you did all those years ago.

I"m lucky enough to have a few of those moments, and one of them was the night of my senior prom. Though, not because of my success of getting through twelve years of school"nope. It"s because it was that night when I found out the one guy, who I had been in love with since I was fourteen-years-old, returned my feelings. The same one who lived next door to me and tempted my teenage hormones on a regular basis. He"s a guy that was born with natural good looks, like insane good looks, like so damn sexy that it should be illegal to look that good. He could charm the panties off any girl who came within reach of him" Don"t think about that part, Kayla.

He was a natural at sports, good in school, and was loved by everyone"still is. You know that term, the All-American boy next door" Well that was Cooper McKay. But the attributes I just listed are only a very small part of why I fell in love with him. The one thing I love most about Cooper"other than his delectable body of course"is his heart. He is the most honorable and courageous man I"ve ever known. A man who puts his life on the line every day, and damn does he look good doing it too, uniform and all" Head out of the gutter, Kayla.

Okay, in all seriousness, it"s his integrity that made me fall madly in love with him. The way he takes care of me and protects me, my friends and all the other citizens of Sunset Bay. The guy will go to Grams" senior home every time Gladys thinks someone is stealing her panties for crying out loud. Now how many guys do you know that would do that" None, zero, zip, nada"but my Coop will. We all know the real reason why Gladys calls the good sheriff time and time again, and it ain"t because she thinks anyone is stealing her panties. She just wants to get a look at the goods, and can you really blame her" I most certainly don"t. Though, if she were about forty years younger and looked like Megan Fox, the bitch and I would be having words.

"You look so darn beautiful, Kayla," Grace says softly, breaking into my thoughts.

I smile at her reflection in the mirror as she stands behind me. "Thanks, Grace."

Today I will be adding to those memorable moments in my life, because I am finally going to marry the man I"m madly in love with. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about this day, and I have to admit, as I look at my reflection, what I see staring back at me is exactly how I pictured myself. With my white, strapless, poufy dress, high veil and classy shoes I feel like a modern-day Cinderella. Add along the plantation we chose, which has a beautiful outdoor garden, and of course my very own prince charming, it"s my dream wedding come true. Although, Cooper is a little more on the rugged side for a prince, but I"ll bet good ol" prince charming can"t do half of the things Coop can with his mouth"

"Miss Gwace is wight. You wook boutiful," Ruthie chimes in, cutting off my perverted thoughts.

With a smile I turn around and hunch down to her level. "And you look so beautiful too, Ruthie. Thank you for agreeing to be my flower girl, and thank you for parting with your beanie. I know that must have been difficult. But I promise that as soon as the ceremony and pictures are finished you can put it right back on."

She gives me a big, gap-toothed grin. "No pwobwem. Da big guy and me talked about it and decided it was a small sacwifice to make fwor just one day." All of us bite back a chuckle, knowing how serious her and Cade"s beanie obsession is. It"s adorable how much she tries to be just like him.

I look around at the beautiful ladies who surround me in this room, and feel so blessed. Grace, Katelyn and Faith all agreed to be my bridesmaids, while Ruthie and Annabelle are my flower girls. And, of course, Julia is my matron of honor. They all look stunning in their pink, silk, strapless dresses and I know the guys with their pink ties are going to compliment them nicely. I feel my lips tilt with a smirk at the thought. I bet the guys have been grumbling all morning about that, but Coop put up and shut up because it made me happy. One of the other things I love about him so much.

I"m brought out of my thoughts when the bathroom door swings open to reveal a smiling Julia. My heart immediately thrums in anticipation for what she"s about to tell me. "So" What does it say"" I ask, but by her expression I already know the answer.

"It"s positive," she responds softly.

Silence fills the room as I stare at her. Everyone awaits my reaction, not knowing what to expect. "Positive"" I repeat, making sure I heard her right. She nods. I blow out a heavy breath and feel tears blur my eyes but I hold them back, not wanting to ruin my makeup. Walking over, I snatch the pregnancy test from her and stare at the blue plus sign. "Oh my god. Coop and I are going to have a baby," I whisper.


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