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WHEN HANS BAUER, a college student in New Hampshire, accepts a job as a housekeeper for an older gay couple, he soon learns the reason they’ve hired someone with no experience is that professional agencies won’t work there. Thomas is a successful businessman whose biggest goal in life appears to be giving his husband anything he wants. Boris is a writer who immigrated to this country from Russia, and suffers from depression and PTSD because of the things he endured in his native country.

He also refuses to wear clothes"ever.

While Hans is working alone in the house with Naked Boris all day, things start getting a little weird. Boris gets flirtatious and Hans backs away, not wanting to come between him and his husband. So Boris calls Thomas at work and asks permission.

At that moment, The Rules are born"rules about touching and kissing and pet names that the three men use to keep jealousies at bay, as they explore the possibilities in a new type of relationship….

WARNING: This story deals with themes of sexual assault and past abuse.Books by Author:Jamie Fessenden Books

Chapter One

The house was enormous and one of the most beautiful homes Hans had ever seen. Just inside the front door was a cavernous hall with hardwood floors, oak paneling, and an Oriental carpet he was sure had been imported. To the right, an archway opened into a living room with a Victorian sofa and chair set positioned in front of a large stone fireplace. To the left another archway opened into a dining room with a gorgeous mahogany table and chairs.

I"m supposed to clean this fucker"

"How do you feel about same-sex marriage"" Thomas Fisher asked.

Hans was startled away from his examination of the chandelier overhead. Does he expect me to dust that" How the hell am I going to reach it" "What""

"Same-sex marriage," Thomas Fisher repeated, leading him into the dining room. "I asked how you felt about it."

Hans didn"t know much about Mr. Fisher. He"d answered a help-wanted ad posted at the college student union. Married couple looking for someone to clean large Victorian house two or three times a week. $35/hr. It had seemed like a pretty good deal, and Hans could certainly use the money. Though now that he saw how large the house was, he was having second thoughts.

Why was Fisher asking him such a loaded question" Was he checking to see if Hans was some kind of lefty liberal or trying to find out if he was a homophobe" Well, fuck it. Hans wasn"t going to lie about who he was. "I"m gay," he said, looking Fisher directly in the eye. "And yes, I intend to marry someday."

Fisher didn"t even blink. "Good." He was carrying a leather briefcase, and he laid it on the table. "I don"t particularly care about your orientation, but I"m married"to a man. And we"ve already had one incident with a housekeeper who couldn"t get past her prejudices."

"Oh. Well, I think it"s cool."

Fisher nodded politely. He was an amazingly handsome man, with classic Hollywood leading man looks"a strong jaw, steely gray eyes, a high brow, and an aquiline nose. His ash blond hair was short but wavy on top, like Guy Madison, the lead in The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok, a "50"s TV series Hans"s grandfather had loved. "My husband is in his study""he indicated the closed sliding door in the north wall of the dining room""and we don"t disturb him when he"s there. I"ll show you around the rest of the house."

They retraced their steps into the entry hall, and Fisher led Hans into the living room. "I assume you"re a student""

"I"m getting a BA in Liberal Arts." Fisher glanced at him with the hint of a smile"the same smile Hans often got from people when he told them he was a Liberal Arts major. Fuck you. "I"m an artist," Hans said proudly. "Mostly oil paints, though I"ve experimented with all kinds of media. And, no, I have no idea what I"m going to do with that after I graduate."

"I"m sure you"ll figure it out."

"How many hours does it normally take someone to clean this place"" Hans asked, changing the subject.

Fisher waved a hand vaguely. "We used to hire an agency. I honestly don"t know how many people they had coming in or for how long. I"m rarely here during the day. I"m hoping you"ll be able to do the downstairs one day, and the upstairs another. Or perhaps you could stretch it out over three days."

"So you don"t have any idea how long it should take""

Fisher went to the far end of the living room and opened a pair of sliding wooden panels to reveal a library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on two walls. At the far end, French doors let in the light. Fisher motioned for Hans to follow as he crossed the hardwood floor and opened the doors onto a stone patio. It was only April, but the day was unusually warm and sunny, with white cotton ball clouds drifting across the blue sky. Hans wished he could take his oil paints onto the patio and do a landscape of the little frog pond and gazebo in the center of the lawn.

"The last woman managed to do an excellent job in just two days," Fisher responded. "Of course, she"d been housecleaning for a long time. I don"t expect you""

"Why did she leave"" Hans knew he was being rude, but he couldn"t shake the feeling something was off here. Fisher and his husband could afford to hire top-notch cleaning agencies. Why post ads for inexperienced college students"

Fisher hesitated long enough to confirm his suspicions. "She had an issue with my husband."

"That you"re gay""

"No. That was the woman we interviewed before her. She wouldn"t even take the job. She kept insisting she was a good Christian and didn"t want any part of our "life choices."" Fisher gritted his teeth, causing the muscles in his cheek to twitch.


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