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“Will you marry me and carry my baby"”

Ruthless billionaire. Cold. Untamable.
Relationships meant nothing to me. I never wanted a family.
Then she walked into my office.
My best friend’s little sister.
She’s more beautiful than I remembered.
I wanted to protect her in the past, but I f*cked up.
Years passed. She’s my new secretary.
And still the only girl I want to claim. Mark as mine.

To inherit the company, I need a baby. And a wife.
She needs money to save her mother.
I gave her a proposal. We made a contract.
She thinks our marriage has an expiration date.
But her sweet curves and innocence belongs to me now.
I’ll be damned if I let her get away.

Can we build the perfect future or will our past get in the way"Books by Author:R.R. Banks Books

Chapter One


I was really beginning to hate my wedding planner.

“There’s no way I’m letting that thing anywhere near my mouth,” he spat.

“Oh, come on,” Jess coaxed.

“It’s fuzzy.”

“It’s supposed to be fuzzy. Just take a little nibble.”

My best friend is also starting to piss me off.

“No. That’s disgusting.”

“No, it’s not. Just open up and go for it.”

“No. And you know why" It doesn’t want me to eat it. It is telling the world that its gross, furry outside should not be eaten.”

I turned around and held my hand out.

“Give me the damn peach.”

Jess looked dejected as she dropped the peach into my hand. I put it back in the basket I was carrying and took a moment to smooth down my dress.

“I still can’t believe that you are bringing them peaches,” she said.

I shot her a glare.

“I picked them myself during my visit to Georgia last week,” I said, trying to keep the defensive note out of my voice. “I can’t come to a tea empty-handed. Especially one that’s being held in my honor.”

“Speaking of which. Remind me, why did you think it was a good idea to meet your fianc"s parents at the same time that you are introducing them to your maid of honor and your wedding planner"”

“Anthony and I had a whirlwind romance and I haven’t had a chance to meet them. Since the date that we chose is coming up fast, we wanted to make sure everyone could get to know each other without slowing down the planning process.”

“I didn’t think that ‘whirlwind romance’ was a phrase that people actually used in conversation."

My glare changed trajectory to focus directly on Smyth the Wedding Planner. I really should have known better than to hire someone with a deliberately misspelled last name as a first name and a capitalized title that was not warranted in any way. He came highly recommended, but I was now convinced that I was the butt of a particularly cruel matrimonial prank. I could just see the announcement now:

Wedding planned by wedding coordinator to the nobodies " Smyth the Wedding Planner.

“They will think it’s a sweet gesture.”


“Because it’s a sweet gesture, damn it.” I took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. I smoothed my simple floral dress again and flashed what I hoped was a somewhat convincing smile to Jess. “They’re expecting us. Let’s go.”

We started back up the meandering stone walkway that led to the palatial estate owned by Anthony’s parents.

"Remember, don"t say the "v" word,” Jess muttered toward Smyth.

"What "v" word" Violet" Vanilla" Viagra""

"No, that Cherry"s a virgin."

As I continued up the path, I closed my eyes and tried to count to ten to calm my nerves.

"Why, thank you, Big Bird. Next week will be brought to you by the letter "Q"."

I’m going to kill them before we get to the party.

"And now to the Count for today"s number."

I’m going to plan my own wedding and be my own maid of honor.

"Would that be 666""

Maybe we’ll just elope.

"Two scary future-in-laws, ha-ha-ha."

As we made our way up the walkway I noticed a car pulling up the driveway that looped behind the house. The driveway had been designed in what may be the least convenient way possible so that the drive itself wasn’t visible from the road in front of the house. Instead, just the hint of the entrance could be seen before the asphalt veered away from the grounds so that they remained untouched. Pristine. It was one of the few features of the house that Anthony had described to me beforehand, so I would know what to expect when I arrived. I had stopped in front of the house just as he had instructed, and a valet appeared beside me, taking my keys. The three of us hurried out of the car and he unceremoniously drove away, leaving us at the gate that led to the walkway.

The walkway was so long I couldn’t really imagine the family used it on a regular basis. It was only used by people that they wanted to impress with their manicured lawns and fountains, before taking their breath away with their estate that seemed to unfold like origami on the horizon the closer we got.

But it wasn’t my car making its way up the hidden drive. The brief glimpse of it that I caught told me that it was a different color and a far more elegant, expensive model.

“I thought that we were the only ones coming to this shindig,” Smyth said.

“It isn’t a shindig,” I said. “And we are. That’s probably a caterer.”

As I said it, however, I knew that wasn"t the case. Caterers showed up in big white trucks, not glittering European sports cars. A nervous feeling was building in my gut and I forced an even larger smile on my face.


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