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My name is Trent Ramsey. It’s possible you’ve heard of me. I’m one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Not only that, but I’ve built a vast empire of businesses, including two of the hottest BDSM clubs on the map. My face has been plastered on big screens and magazines for over a decade. Plus, I’ve got more money than I know what to do with.

At one point in my life, I thought that was enough to make me happy.

So, why am I not" Why have I found myself at a crossroad" It’s not like I don’t know what I want. I know exactly what I want.

Or rather who.

But it isn’t what you think. I’m not after a submissive who will fill the void. No, it’s never that easy for me.

I’m after two and they aren’t both submissive. In fact, one happens to be my personal assistant, a man who has spent the past three years working alongside me, helping to manage my entire world.

Although my mind has been set on one particular woman for so long, I can’t deny I have an overwhelming urge to dominate him, too.

Better yet, both of them together.

At the same time.Books in Series:Office Intrigue Duet Series by Nicole EdwardsBooks by Author:Nicole Edwards Books

Four Chapter Missing Due to Memory Limitations :(



SUNDAY ENDED THE SAME AS pretty much every Sunday had for the past year.

After going for an afternoon walk, I returned home to shower, put on my pajamas and settled on the couch with a turkey sandwich, a bag of chili-cheese Fritos, and the remote. I"d spent the entire day working on lists. Admittedly, I was a list maker and I found it soothed me to lay out my plans on paper. I had discovered planners"the cute Erin Condren ones"a few years ago and I"d become addicted to them. To the point I filled them with stickers depicting various holidays and celebrations, as well as upcoming events.

It seemed to be the only thing I had that was consistent anymore. Without a steady job, I was quickly losing sight of anything that resembled normal for me. Truth be told, I did much better with a routine, with some sort of guidance.

Not that I couldn"t do this on my own. I could. If I really put my mind to it.

I think that was the problem. Ever since I was let go, my heart wasn"t in it. I didn"t like the idea of working for myself. It was harder than I"d thought it would be and it wasn"t nearly as rewarding.

While Alan Dillis had officially hired me to review his contract"come to find out, it was a standard lease agreement for a storage unit, of all things"it hadn"t taken me any time at all to complete. And since I billed by the hour " well, you could do the math.

Without any other prospects aside from Trent"s friends"whoever they were"I was starting to feel the pressure. In fact, I was feeling it so much that I"d decided it was time to start packing up my house because I knew the end was near. Without a steady income, I wouldn"t be able to pay my mortgage, which meant I had to gear up to sell it.

It wasn"t like it was the end of the world. I knew my situation was only temporary. Things would turn around for me eventually, but I had to be patient and I had to be smart with my decisions. Since I didn"t have any sentimental attachment to the house, I didn"t feel bad about selling it.

I hated acknowledging that, but at least I wasn"t in denial.

So, first thing this morning, I"d written out a list of things I needed to do in order to prep my house to go on the market. With my background in real estate, I knew what was necessary, so I put a plan in motion. After that, I headed to the home improvement store and picked up some boxes and packing tape. The decision was made and I knew I wouldn"t change my mind.

While I was carrying the boxes into the garage that afternoon, another flower delivery had arrived. It wasn"t until then that I realized how much I was looking forward to those daily deliveries. So much so that I knew I wouldn"t be putting Trent off any longer. I figured if he was putting forth the effort, why couldn"t I"

If and when he requested to see me, I would simply give in.

No, I wasn"t thinking that this could be any sort of relationship"Trent was not that type of guy"but I wasn"t above spending a little time getting to know him. What could it hurt" He was a Dom, I was a submissive, and if nothing else, we had that in common. Perhaps we could do a few scenes together.

I put my empty chip bag on the paper plate and set it to the side just as my phone buzzed.

My heart thumped painfully against my ribs as excitement fizzed in my veins. I knew without looking who it was and I hated that I"d been looking forward to hearing from him all day.

I pulled up the message.

I"m back in town and I"d like to take you to lunch tomorrow. While I am making a request, I"ll phrase it as a command because, pet, I believe that is what you respond to best. I"d like you to meet me at noon. A table will be reserved.

My heart continued to beat wildly as I stared at the message. Another followed shortly thereafter with the address for the restaurant. It was the same place we"d met at last week.

Without hesitating, I typed a response before I lost my nerve. I"d be happy to meet you for lunch. I will be there.

His reply came almost instantly: Perfect. Wear a skirt. I look forward to seeing you, Clarissa.

I wasn"t entirely sure I was thinking clearly, but I was past the point of caring. Right now, I needed something to take my mind off how shitty my life had become. I needed something to look forward to.


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