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Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would do just about anything to get it" Have you felt as though you weren"t quite good enough, so you deserved what life eked out" So much so that you"ve endured things you knew were wrong, but weren"t sure what to change to fix it"

If you have, then you"re very much like me.

Perhaps you were hanging by a thread, trying to be grateful for the things you did have, but hating every moment all the same. That was exactly how I"d been living my life, suffering for reasons I couldn"t explain. I wanted something I couldn"t seem to find, something I doubted I deserved.

Until one day, I was in exactly the right place at the precisely the right time"and they were there.

That was the moment everything changed.

Publisher note: This is a full-length, standalone novel. It is part of the Office Intrigue series, however, it can be read as a standalone.Books in Series:Office Intrigue Duet Series by Nicole EdwardsBooks by Author:Nicole Edwards Books



WHEN I WOKE UP THIS morning, I had no idea my world would go to shit so quickly.

Then again, perhaps I"d been waiting for it to happen. After all, things had been going to shit pretty much since the day I was born. I would say you could ask my mother, but I didn"t know who she was, other than the person who"d left my tiny body bundled up on a bus stop bench for someone to find when I was a whopping two days old.

Yep. My life started out on a bench, and based on what was happening here in this fancy dungeon, it looked as though it was about to go down on one, too.

"You are a pathetic excuse for a sub," Josh hissed in my ear as I knelt on the floor before him. "So fucking pathetic."

Perhaps he could come up with another adjective, no"

"Ungrateful, irritating, pathetic""

Okay. Not exactly what I was hoping for but this was Josh. He wasn"t the nicest man in the world.

"Did you hear me"" he taunted. "You"re a pathetic mess."

Yep. Pathetic. Loud and fucking clear.

Despite my mounting irritation, I kept my trap shut, knowing that if I said anything at all, it would only end up worse for me than merely enduring Josh"s unimaginative verbal humiliation.

What I wanted to do was give him the finger and tell him to go to hell, but biting the hand that fed me wasn"t the best idea I"d ever had. And since we were already drawing the attention of other club members who were congregating down here, I was hoping to move on with this. Once we got back to Josh"s house, he would calm down, and in a couple of days, everything would be fine. Or as fine as it could get, anyway.

"What" No smartass comment, Addy"" he snarled, his thin eyebrows pointing up toward his hairline.

I hated that nickname as much as I hated the degrading comments. And truth be told, I was starting to hate him.

"Well, then I"ve got an idea"" Josh grabbed a crop from a nearby table.


My body instinctively tensed.

It wasn"t that I didn"t like the crop. However, when he wielded it, it meant nothing but severe pain, numerous welts, and days to heal. Now that I thought about it, the guy took all the fun out of the whole spank-my-ass-until-I-orgasm thing I"d been aiming for.

"Oh, come on, now, Addy. I want to hear you call me Master." He laughed, a cackling sound that grated on my nerves. "Yes, Master. You"re right, Master. Beat me, Master. I enjoy it"Master."

This was getting old fast.

His eyes drilled into me as though he could will me to say something I had no desire to say.

Don"t get me wrong, I contemplated it. For about two seconds. If for nothing else than to get this show on the road.


Couldn"t do it.

When it came to Josh, Master wasn"t in my vocabulary. And he knew it, too. For one, he hadn"t earned the title. And everyone who knew anything about BDSM knew that a Dom wasn"t a fictional character who had all the power and none of the responsibility.

Sure, he"d asked me to refer to him as such. I told him it wasn"t important to me, which was a lie. I longed for the day I would find the man who I could respect enough to find a suitable honorific. It wouldn"t be Master, though. That was reserved for titles at the club, outrageously overused, in my opinion.

Unfortunately for all of us, today wouldn"t be the day I caved.

For the most part, the only reason Josh and I were still together was because I lived with him and I also worked for him. Basically, I was dependent on him for a place to sleep and food to eat. Otherwise, I would"ve been gone a long time ago.

Not a good reason to endure the hell he put me through, I knew, but at this point in my life, survival was key.

"Fucking bitch," he snapped, grabbing my arm and jerking me to my feet.

I hurried to get my legs underneath me as pain shot through my arm. If he wasn"t careful"which he wasn"t"he was going to dislocate my shoulder and that would only make the situation worse. Up to this point, he hadn"t done anything that required a hospital visit. I was actually grateful for that.

"What do you say"" Josh growled with amusement, his eyes alight as he scanned the ever-growing crowd. "Let"s do twenty for that infraction." He cackled. "With the crop. That should certainly teach you a lesson."

I swallowed hard, praying he would stop before he went too far. The man wasn"t known to be gentle. He"d also been known to draw blood from time to time. Not with a crop, but, hey, there was a first time for everything.


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