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Can you handle three Irish brothers… all at once"

I used to think I was one of the lucky ones.

But at twenty-six, I"ve left my "perfect" life in New York behind"my perfect fianc", my stylish friends, my high-flying marketing career"and ended up in Ireland.

Truthfully, my perfect fianc" is now my ex after I walked in on him face-deep in my best friend"s p***y.
And my career" It"s over. Because that cheating ex-fianc" of mine"he owns the company I worked for.
I know. I know. Don"t screw your boss. Trust me, I"m never making that mistake again.

On my way to the remote Irish farm I"m now working on, my car hits a ditch. I"m rescued by the three sexiest men I"ve ever seen.

The three Irish O"Callaghan brothers.
Broad shoulders, strong arms, accents that make me wet just to hear them.

I want them. All of them.

I know they all want me.

Plot twist"

Turns out they"re my new bosses.Books by Author:Sienna Blake Books


Sometimes I wonder how I got so damn lucky.

""and then he kneeled down in the sand," I say, recounting the story for yet the thousandth time, "and begged me to be his wife."

I turn my left hand to let the light catch on the 3-karat princess-cut diamond solitaire white gold engagement ring, mesmerized at the way it glimmers like rainbows off the diamond.

It"s like a symbol of my life, I think with relish.

"Jesus, Savannah, you"re going to need a mini-crane just to hold your hand up," says Avery, my personal assistant, as she watches me admiring my newest piece of ice-wear.

She"s leaning so far over the divide between our desks I"m afraid she"s going to fall.

"I know," I say with a sigh. "Theo has the most amazing taste in jewelry."

I almost lie without flinching. Almost.

I discreetly scan the area around me, at the faces of other girls in the digital marketing team of Prescott Agency. They"re all listening in.

None of them have noticed my lie.

They don"t need to know that the original engagement ring was the most hideous pear-cut yellow diamond set in chunky rose gold. I mean rose gold. Who wears that except for senior citizens" Thankfully, Theo let me exchange the ring for a new one as soon as we got back to New York from the Bahamas.

His questionable taste in jewelry is the one flaw in Theodore"s perfection.

Well"if I were to nitpick, there is the way he grins at himself in the mirror in the morning. He practically takes longer than I do getting ready.

And the way he corrects my English sometimes. Annoying.

And when we make love, it almost seems like he"s running a race with me and I often don"t get to fin"

No, no, I correct myself. Theodore is perfect.

His taste in jewelry is his one flaw.

"Talking about me, ladies"" A masculine voice breaks through my thoughts.

Avery swings around in her chair.

Standing there in all his Armani-suited glory is Theodore Henry Willian Prescott.

One of New York"s hottest CEOs under thirty-five. Perfectly square jaw, cheekbones of a god and sandy-blonde hair pushed back off his strong forehead. Owner of Prescott Agency, one of the oldest and most prestigious marketing and public relation agencies in New York, handed down to him from his father, who retired six months ago after a mild stroke.

And he"s mine.

"How"s the most beautiful girl in the world"" he asks, his brilliant blue eyes on mine.

His sickly-sweet words have Avery sighing along with half the girls in the marketing team.

I stand and the smile I give him is triumphant. "Guess who just closed the Merrion Resorts deal this morning""

Theo"s face breaks out into a grin. "Congratulations, babe."

He pulls me into a hug and I accept it with a gracious sigh.

I kick ass at my job. And I"m not even bragging. Haters might say that I gained my position as Senior Executive in the Digital Marketing team of Prescott Agency by sleeping with the boss"who, by the way was not the boss when I started sleeping with him"but that"s not true.

I earned this job. With blood, sweat and tears.

Okay, fine. More like sass, talent and my huge network of contacts, but still.

When Theo and I pull back I can feel the eyes of the entire marketing team on us, loving us, envying us, wanting to be us. Can you say hashtag-couplegoals"

"What did you come down here for" It"s not like you to come down into the bullpen where the real work happens," I tease him, brushing down his lapels.

He doesn"t smile at my joke.

I falter for a mere second before I force my smile wider. "Is there a business reason for this visit or did you just miss me too much""

"I just wanted to stop by to say that I can"t have lunch with you today."

"Oh." I pout but only half-heartedly.

Theo and I have a running lunch date every day unless something comes up. It"s been that way since he convinced me to have lunch with him one year ago. It was the most perfect lunch date in the history of lunch dates. We"ve been an item since.

"Don"t pout, babe, it"ll give you wrinkles." Theo bops my nose with his finger. "I have a last-minute business meeting I have to run off to."

"Oh, okay," I say, trying to ignore his quip about wrinkles. I"m twenty-six, for God"s sake. I don"t smoke, eat well, always wear sunscreen. I don"t have a single line on my face, so where did that come from" "We"re still on for the celebratory drinks with my bridesmaids tonight, right""

His flinch only lasts a split second before it"s replaced with his trademark lopsided smile. "Of course, babe."

I don"t know why he"s flinching. My bridesmaids are the best girls ever: my two great friends, Genevieve Stone and Olivia Rotterdam, and my maid of honor, Cecily "C.C." Platt. My BFF since we entered the same Little Miss New York beauty pageant at the age of ten. I won, of course.


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