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Cara Carelli is a silver-tongued mafia princess, master manipulator, and the only woman I"ve ever loved. But she"s also smokin" hot, sinfully sexy, and my ex-wife.

When Cara led me straight into a trap and pleaded for my help, I couldn"t say no. She thought she had the upper hand, but this time, I was in control and planned to make her beg.

They say all"s fair in love and war and turnabout"s fair play, but what starts out as a wickedly seductive ploy turns into a twisted game of the heart.

Kiel’s story! Tied Down is the second book in the Nailed Down series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss and Eden Butler.Books in Series:Nailed Down Series by Chelle BlissBooks by Author:Chelle Bliss Books



The woman two rows ahead of me knew she was beautiful. She knew how to work what the good Lord gave her. She also knew I was watching.

"Would you like another whiskey, Mr. Kaino"" It was only the soft twang in the flight attendant"s voice that got my attention off the curvy brunette sitting in first class.

"Please," I told her, not able to keep the wink from my eye. Couldn"t keep from watching the woman"s face as she leaned over my tray and topped off my drink. She smelled like peaches, all sweet and tantalizing.

The whiskey went down with a bite, something I found oddly comforting. Something that did little to keep the swirl of arousal from my gut when the leggy brunette a few rows ahead of me rubbed her ankle, thumb pressing down into the arch of her foot before she shifted a gaze over her shoulder, eyes lidded, fucking sexy and dark.

My brother Kane had schooled me about women. Especially women like this. But his opinions shifted to the old-school kind. He liked to play the protector. He liked to be straightforward, honest about what he wanted. But Kane was happily besotted back in Seattle with his love Kit Carlyle. And currently, the cable viewing audience and the rest of the country were taken by the PDA on their home improvement show.

Kane could have his woman and the happily ever after they were building together. Me" I liked to play. I liked the game, and I was fucking good at it.

I took in the look Legs gave me, watched the slip of her small tongue against her bottom lip. Spotted the tease of cleavage when she bent down, stretching to grab her shoe that had somehow ended up in the next row over. Accident" I"m sure, but deep down, I hoped she"d started the game"one I"d win. One that would end with me leaning back as that sexy woman rode me in the airport bathroom.

It would be a good way to welcome myself back to New York. Celebrate in a JFK stall. Maybe a service closet because no one was expecting me until the next morning anyway. I shot a smile at Legs, who was currently stretching, standing to the overhead compartment to retrieve something. Another move she made that told me she was good at game-playing herself. She wore a fitted skirt and a flowy blouse with a cinched waist. It made that glorious body look dangerous, and I was in the mood to be a little reckless. Legs looked around the cabin, shrugging to herself when no flight attendant approached, and pulled open the compartment, grabbing what looked like a small wallet.

Legs turned to face me, adjusting something in her seat that brought her body facing me. She moved her gaze from the blanket she pretended to fix, right to my face. I held that sharp gaze a full six seconds, examining the planes of her pretty face. The smooth, young skin, the pronounced angles of her chin, and the thin top lip dwarfed by a bottom lip that had no business being that full and that damn sexy. Green eyes, from what I could make of them and perfectly trimmed, arched brows. She was just this side of being too polished, too well put-together, but that only added to her appeal. I felt a deep-down craving to muss her perfect hair and smear her lipstick, all over my stomach and"

Legs stood straight, grabbing her small bag before she left her seat. Hips in a tempting sway as she walked toward me. I got an up-close look, and my suspicions were confirmed: fucking glorious, gorgeous, and definitely interested. No one looks at a perfect stranger the way she looked at me. Not unless they were attracted, and holy hell, did that look promise she was a shit-ton more than attracted.

Her gaze went primal, hungry. The way she let her eyes glide over my face, right down to my lap, told me all I needed to know. She was biding her time. Maybe waiting for me to make a move, speak just a little to encourage her. But I was good at the game, remember" You don"t show your hand so soon after the game has started.

When she swept by my seat, close enough to reach out and touch my shoulder, I moved, leaning my seat back, smiling at the heat I felt from her stare as I closed my eyes. I caught her perfume as she moved by me "a fucking delicious scent that made me want to dive right between her thighs"and I licked my lips, wondering if she spotted the movement, hoping it frustrated her that I was playing distant.

The smell of her perfume disappeared, and I moved the smile off my face, making a mental note to thank my new boss Raquel for the shot at the crime beat in one of the most prestigious papers in the country"and the first-class ticket. I felt like a king, comfortable, smug at having caught the attention of such a gorgeous woman, but then one of the flight attendants went around the plane, asking for final requests, and I knew we"d be landing soon.


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