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The Ash brothers"they know how to handle their wood.

A new smoking-hot Ash Brothers novella from USA TODAY bestselling author Jenika Snow

I"ve been celibate for years, by choice. No woman has held my interest long enough to be worth sacrificing time spent at Ash Lumber, energy spent building the family business.

All that changed when a feisty redhead walked into our job-site trailer.


Her skirts drive me crazy and her trying so hard to flat-out ignore me does the rest. Her flushed cheeks when we flirt are enough to send me to bed for a week.

Andra might be supervising this development deal, but there"s no way we"re going to be able to keep things professional around here. My celibate streak is over, and I owe it all to her.

This book is approximately 13,000 words

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Chapter One


She thought I didn"t see the way she watched me. She was wrong. And knowing she tried to hide it, tried to fight being with me, only turned me on even more.

From the moment I saw Andra strutting her sexy as sin self toward the construction site I"d instantly gotten wood. I knew why she was here, that she was calling the shots for the new development Ash Lumber would be constructing. This should have only been about work, but one look at her and I knew all bets were off.

Then again the way she looked like she"d eat a man for lunch could have had my balls retreating if I didn"t want her so damn badly.

I knew I wanted her as mine. I knew that I"d have her, too. I hadn"t been with a woman in years. Yeah, fucking years. To say I had blue balls was an understatement, but there had never been a woman who had turned me on the way Andra did. Maybe it was the fact she didn"t throw herself at me like every other woman in this town.

In my younger days I"d liked that, craved the attention. But I was in my thirties now, didn"t do the dating scene, and just focused on Ash Lumber.

That"s where my passion was, the same as my brothers".

She was the oil to my water, but fuck did I love that. We might not mesh, but I knew we were perfect for each other.

So there I was, a celibate-by-choice lumberjack who wanted a woman who acted like I grated on her nerves. But it was the latter that got me off, turned me on like a fucking fiend. I couldn"t stop staring at her, not when she was bent over the fucking table, her pencil skirt so damn tight it was like a second skin. She was pointing something out to my brother Noah, papers and files strewn about. Her red hair blew around her shoulders lightly when the wind picked up, and I didn"t bother suppressing a groan.

As soon as I get home I"m taking a shower and beating one off to the image of her spread out on my bed, her pussy on display, her moans and cries for me to fuck her filling my head. I"d spread her pretty thighs, see how wet she was for me, how primed. Then I"d eat her out, devour her, and take her flavor into the very essence of my body. She"d be mine, and no other man would touch her.

I shook my head and clenched my teeth, the possessive urge so fucking intense it was hard to even see straight. I wanted Andra, no doubt, but having her as only mine" Hell, that was a forever kind of thing. I didn"t even know her, and if she knew how much I craved her she"d think there was something definitely wrong with me.

And then she looked over at me, her hair falling over one shoulder, her green eyes so fucking gorgeous I could see them sparkling even from where I stood. She didn"t show any emotion, but I could see she was curious, maybe even trying to hide her expression from me. I grinned, a shit-eating one if I was being honest, and she narrowed her eyes at me. I felt a laugh build in my belly, because she was pissed that I got under her skin. But instead of letting it spill forth, I grinned wider and winked at her.

I watched as she straightened and faced me, her hands on her tucked-in waist, her lips pursed. Maybe she was used to men submitting to her" Maybe she was used to holding the cards and being dominant in the big city. Well, here there were no men in suits. There were hardworking lumberjacks that slung logs around for a living. If she thought I could be easily molded, she was sorely mistaken.

But then again, it would be fun as hell to show her exactly how a man really handled a woman…in bed and out.


I tried to not let Liam Ash bother me, but God, he was so damn annoying.

In the best of ways, in ways that get under my skin, that make me want to see how far I can push him.

I turned away from him and focused on the task at hand, on the work that I was getting paid to do here. I brought my latte to my lips and took a sip of the scalding hot liquid. I was at the job site, observing the Ash Lumber development. This was a big project for the small town of Rockbridge, one where hundreds of new jobs would be available, and where my new office would be located. I wasn"t too happy about having to relocate and start up the new firm in a small town, but with the tourist population in Rockbridge booming, the real estate company I worked for wanted to cash in.


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