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Tonight"s the night we take what"s ours. Tonight, she"s going to have a Halloween she"ll never forget"

Some people call me a demon " a bad bad man who does very bad things. They"re not wrong.
We"ve waited patiently. We"ve planned this for months, down to the finest detail. And tonight, our patience will be rewarded. Because tonight, we"re done waiting patiently.
College sorority girl, steel-fortune heiress, and all-around tease. We"ve watched Annabella for months, and our obsession has only grown into pure, untamed hunger.
Years ago, her father nearly destroyed us, but tonight, we"ll be settling that debt. Tonight, this pampered little rich girl is going to be ours.
Forget ghosts, goblins, and horror-movie monsters. There are way worse things stalking her tonight " things like us.
Trick or treat, trick or treat, tonight she"ll give us something sweet to eat.
"She just has no idea yet.Books by Author:Madison Faye Books



The second she steps out of the car, I can feel the blood rushing into my cock. I growl lowly, muscles tensing and jaw tightening as the raw hunger for her takes over. It’s something primal at this point " a caveman instinct to take and to claim her.

I sniff the air, as if I could smell her scent from over here – here across the moonlit lawn of the opulent Antebellum-era Louisiana mansion, hiding in the shadows watching her through the branches of a tree like some sort of wild beast.

It’s a pretty accurate analogy. Because this is what she does to me " to us. The mere sight of her gorgeous little body, or the faintest scent of her drives the two of us into a beast-like frenzy. “Us” is Remy and me, and when I hear him growl next to me in the bushes, I know he’s as hungry for her as I am. I know he’s as ready for this evening’s plans to move forward as I am.

We’ve waited patiently. We’ve planned this for months, down to the finest detail. We picked the night, the place, and the time, and tonight, our patience will be rewarded. Because tonight, we’re done waiting patiently.

Tonight’s the night we claim what’s ours and take her, because she’s ours to take. Tonight, she’s going to have a Halloween she’ll never fucking forget.

Annabella Dupuis. Yeah, those Dupuis. Annabella Dupuis as in the Governor’s daughter, and heiress to the Dupuis Steel fortune. Annabella’s a pretty little college girl, sorority sister, and all around fucking tease. Gorgeous chestnut hair, big blue innocent eyes, tits a man could bury his face into and an ass that’s just begging for a big hard cock.

Like mine, for instance.

She’s eighteen. She loves horses, and classic rock. She hasn’t declared a major, and she volunteers at a veterinary clinic on Sundays.

And tonight, she’s going to be our plaything.

"She just doesn’t know it yet.

The black, tinted-window car pulls away, and as I get a full look at her, my cock throbs in the confines of my dirty jeans.

Fuck is she enticing.

She’s arrived to the college-hosted, alumni-sponsored Halloween party for the school’s more pedigreed, legacy students dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. I grin hungrily: how hilariously appropriate, even if she has no idea that there are two big bad wolves stalking her through the forest tonight. Two big bad men who are going to show her much more than big hands and big teeth, I can tell you that.

She’s wearing a small red cape over a black, corset-style top and a flimsy red skirt, with tall, black, fuck-me heels.

And I will. We will, like she ain’t never been fucked before. Like I said, tonight is going to be a Halloween she’s never going to forget. Tonight, Little Red’s got two hungry wolves ready to pounce.

The fucker she’s arrived with steps forward " this dumb-fuck, daddy’s-money piece of pampered frat trash. He grins at her, his face as hungry as ours as his fucking eyes drink her in. And just watching him leer at what’s ours makes me want to blow our cover right now and run over there to kill him with my bare hands.

I want to fucking murder him " tear that arm off and beat him with it as he begs for mercy. It’s only us who get to touch her " from now on, that is. Remy and I share everything, but only with each other. And from now on, it’s her we’ll be sharing.

She"ll be ours forever after this night.

My friend seems to sense the way I’m about to snap, because he turns and glares at me.

“Easy, buddy,” he growls quietly, his eyes about as fierce as mine are.

“Follow the plan, Bishop.”

“How about we skip to the good part"” I mutter, my blood roaring in my ears as I watch the primped and preppy little fuck-wad she’s with put his pampered hand on her bare arm and lead her up the stairs to the mansion.

“All in good time,” Remy growls, watching our prize be pulled away from us. But we both know, it’s only a temporary save. Soon, nothing’s going to save her from being ours.

Her father wronged us. Badly. Tonight, we"re going to settle the score.

I swallow back the beast inside and check the gun in my hands.

It’s time.

I turn and glance at Remy, meeting his eye.

“You ready"”

“For that"” He nods at the slight swish to Annabella’s mini-skirt-covered ass as she slips through the front door. A little parting flash of red like a matador’s flag antagonizing a bull.

He growls.

“Fuck yes.”

I could make a crude joke about us playing rock-paper-scissors to see who gets her first but it’s a laughable notion. There’s no “first” in what’s about about to happen.

Tonight, we’re taking her together.

And she has no idea.


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