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This time, I f*cked up.
Walking into a charity event naked doesn"t make for a good first impression.
The boys flapping in the wind doesn"t encourage investors.
But it happened, and now my ass is on the line.
I need to clean up my act. Margot"s business is the perfect cover.
My new business partner wants me out. Too bad I"m infatuated with her.
Have been since we were kids.
She"s not the typical 20 year old who throws herself at my money.
30s, confident, and curves in all the right places.
A real woman.
I won"t lose it all again. I won"t let her pull away.
This time, she"s mine.Books by Author:Kira Blakely Books

Chapter 1


What did every woman in Chicago have in common"

They all wanted this dick.


I shrugged off the fruity fuckin" bathrobe the hotel had provided me in the luxury suite upstairs and rolled my shoulders, shook out my arms, waggled my head, and ignored the resultant blur.

Too much to drink" Maybe. But, baby, it was party time, and on the other side of these doors, nirvana awaited. My paradise. My perfection. At last I"d have what I"d wanted for the past day and a half.

A dip in the sudsy hot tub.

Essential for sobering up before the charity event this evening. And even better if there just so happened to be a couple of gorgeous ladies on the other side of these doors to witness my entrance"the dick cravers.

Shit, they"d probably bore me like everything else did. But what else was there to do in this place" In this world" What else was there for a man like me"

I had everything and nothing at the same time.

Money didn"t buy happiness. Or maybe it did, just not for me.

Screw the empty throbbing hole, man. Not that one, Christ. Easy. Easy. The proverbial hole. Ah, forget it.

I shook my hips to air myself out downstairs"ah, wink, wink"then placed a hand on the wood-paneled door.

Vibrations hummed against my palm, but I didn"t hesitate. Why would I" I"d never hesitated a day, a moment, a millisecond in my entire life.

I pushed the door inward and walked into the room, squinting in the sudden glare from lights overhead. What idiot put lights this bright by the Jacuzzi" I"ll have his ass on toast. "Is this what you"ve been waiting for"" I asked, grinning at nothing.

A collective gasp dragged me to my senses.

I forced my eyes open wider, wider, wider.

And" damn.

The room, no, the hall, in front of me was filled with tables, each outfitted with a cutesy little centerpiece which did nothing to hide the shocked expressions on the faces of the people sitting everywhere.

Every. Fucking. Where.

Jaws dropped. Eyes widened. And gazes focused on me, most of them darting down between my legs. Could I blame them" No. Was this ideal" Probably not.

My brain tumbled to catch up.

Women pressed their hands to their lipsticked mouths, and one of them, a familiar face in the crowd, shook her head. Wait a second, wasn"t that what"s-her-face" The daughter of my dad"s business partner.


The one who owned a tattoo shop.

What was she doing here"

And why"d she gone red in the face"

And where the hell was the goddamned Jacuzzi"

I had one of two options: cover my junk and retreat backward, humiliated, or own it.

Owning it came naturally to me.

I placed my hands on my hips and offered the good folks a smile. "Looks like your entertainment for the night has arrived. Unfortunately, I can"t stay long, folks. I"ve got a bachelorette party down the hall begging for attention."

Crickets met that declaration.

Behind me, a man cleared his throat into a microphone.

I sloshed toward him, blinking behind the booze-tinted glasses"then froze.

A bucket of ice dropped in my gut.

Oh fuck.

I seldom took back jokes, but if I could, this would"ve been one of those times.

The man on the podium at the end of the hall was the head of the charity which I helped sponsor.

Mr. Begay wore his long dark hair in a ponytail and a feather around his neck, resting against the front of his suit. His dark eyebrows drew downward above a sharp nose. Eagle eyes.

Wait a second, if he was here"

And the event was"

"What time is it"" I asked. A door opened to my left, and cold wind assaulted my cock. A man and woman entered, arm-in-arm and dressed in evening wear"tux and a glitzy gown. The woman let out a shrill squeak at the sight of me.

Oh Jesus, this was the event. It had to be. The event was tonight, but tonight was now" How had I missed this" It wasn"t possible.

"Mr. Foster," Begay growled, into the microphone.

I didn"t shift my hands off my hips. I didn"t back down. There would be a way to salvage this shitty situation, there always was. "I see I"ve made it in time, Mr. Begay," I said. "I"ran into mist hap along the way." Mist hap. That was the right word. Of course, it was. "A gang of crooks who stole my clothes. But, don"t worry, I kicked their lily-white asses too."

Another gasp from the onlookers.

You"d swear this was a telenovela.

Begay"s gaze darkened further. "Mr. Foster""

A hand grazed my forearm and sent a jolt through me. I looked left and blinked.

It was her.

The one and only stick-up-the-ass daughter of that business partner. I"d gone to school with her. I"d lusted after her. I"d never claimed her. My cock stirred, and I shifted one hand down to shield it for the first time.

Naked was totally fine. I"d always been comfortable in my birthday suit, but sporting a rager probably wouldn"t leave the best impression. Not on the men, at least.


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