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Men of Courage: A brotherhood bound by courage, honor, and sacrifice.

Hard work and dedication brought Austin Hawke up the ranks at his department, eventually earning him Lieutenant position. He was more than ready to lead his fellow brothers but one fatal call leads to tragedy and a danger they never saw coming.

Meanwhile, his personal life is just as destructive. All thanks to the gorgeous sports bar owner he shared an unforgettable night with only to have her slip out on him before the morning sun. Zoey thought she could escape him without a fight but what she fails to realize is Austin doesn"t give up when he wants something, and he wants Zoey.

Zoey Anderson had dreams of exploring the world, capturing its beauty behind a lens, but all that changed the moment her disabled sister was born. Due to their loveless home, Zoey dropped her dreams and took on the role of caring for her younger sister. A decision she could never regret.

Taking her life by storm, Austin Hawke crashes through all the barriers she placed around her carefully guarded heart. When passion burns and devastation strikes, Zoey quickly learns that love doesn’t come without sacrifice.Books in Series:Men of Courage Series by K.C. LynnBooks by Author:K.C. Lynn Books


My hand shakes from the intense precision I require, sweat dotting my forehead as each wire is carefully constructed and wrapped.

It"s been so long since I"ve given in to this urge; I"d forgotten what it feels like. The power that accompanies the thrill, but this time, it"s about more than power.

It"s about revenge.

Soon there will be nothing left of this town but ash, and everyone in it will feel the wrath of my vengeance.



Anticipation slides down my spine, my pulse racing at a rapid pace as we drive down a long gravel road just outside of town, my heart and body fully aware of the man next to me.

I"ve waited a long time for this night. A night I am going to allow myself to have just this once then I"ll hold the beautiful memories close to me when it"s all over.

My gaze shifts to Austin, admiring his strong profile and the hard angle of his jaw, the glow from the dashboard illuminating his handsome face. One I often admire from afar when he and his friends come into the bar for a drink. Whether it"s after a long day of fire fighting or a grueling hockey game, they spend many nights socializing at Overtime. Considering I own the place, it"s definitely a bonus.

Weeks ago, I hosted a date auction with some of the most eligible bachelors of Colorado, the courageous men of Fire Station Two. It was for a cause that I hold very dear to my heart. All the proceeds were donated to the Children"s Miracle Center. A place where my eleven-year-old sister, Chrissy, has resided for the past three years. She has cerebral palsy, one of the most severe cases her doctors have ever seen, which is why she requires assisted living.

The auction was a success, as I knew it would be. We raised a lot of money. The men were less than enthused to be bid on by a bunch of hungry women but they did it for me anyway. They know how important that center is for my sister.

It also gave me the perfect opportunity to snag a date with Austin Hawke, a man I now consider a friend but feel so much more for. It turned into quite the bidding war between me and two other women but I was not going to back down, which is why I topped the bid at one thousand dollars. I knew it would be money well spent, not only for myself but also for Chrissy. However, when it came time to pay, I found out Austin had already taken care of it. My heart warms at the reminder, a small smile stealing my lips.

Sensing the weight of my stare, Austin spares me a glance. "What"s going on in that pretty head of yours, Zoey girl""

"Zoey girl." A nickname he has given me for as long as I have known him. It makes me smile every time he uses it.

I rest back against my seat, keeping my eyes trained on his handsome face. "Just thinking about how much fun I"ve had with you today."

It"s been a date I"ll remember forever. We started the afternoon by going on a long hike through the mountains, a trail Austin visits frequently. The scenery was incredible and my fingers twitched, wishing I had brought my camera with me. Photography is a hobby of mine that I don"t get to do often and today I experienced some of the most beautiful sights this world has to offer.

Afterward, we had a picnic that was packed with all my favorite food; lying next to the basket was also a bouquet of daffodils"my favorite flower. Turns out my best friend, Sam, gave Austin a helping hand by sharing the information about me. He put a lot of thought into this date and it has meant more to me than he will ever know.

Conversation flowed well throughout dinner. I was riveted by everything he shared about himself, especially about his life as a firefighter. His career is just one of the many things I"ve always admired about him. Our meal ended with us watching the sunset. The red, orange, and purple hues danced across the sky, sinking beyond the mountains. It was beautiful and peaceful.

A moment I will treasure forever.

He reaches over the console and takes my hand in his, sending a warm sensation up my arm. "It"s not over yet, I"m nowhere near done with you."

My belly dips with anticipation at the underlying promise in his words. To finish the night off he"s taking me to the house that he"s been building for the past year, seated just on the outskirts of town. I"m both excited and anxious of the prospect for how the night will end.

Unlike me, Austin doesn"t look the least bit nervous; his large, fit body is nothing but relaxed behind the wheel.


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