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She can"t run away from me"she"s carrying my babies.
Serena, you"re mine and only mine.
I will bring you back"and make you beg.

My life was just so perfect.
Money, Fame, Women " you name it, I had it.
And yet something seemed missing.
Until Her"
Her delicious, curvy package was made for me.
She"s that sweet and spicy seduction"completely intoxicating " you could call her every man"s dream.
And yet, I was a jerk and let her go.
I was a bigger jerk thinking she would wait for me.
She says she doesn"t need me in her life now.
But one look into her luscious eyes and at that pregnant belly,
And I know"I will do all it takes to make her mine.Books by Author:Bella Winters Books

Chapter One " Ben

"Thank you for coming everyone!" I yell over the microphone, slurring my words only slightly from the alcohol. "After yet another fantastic quarter you all deserve to party thanks to all your hard work at Katch Industries… that"s why I"ve purchased the most expensive champagne."

A cheer bursts up around the room, effectively ending my speech for me.

I"m glad really, the company is doing so well that we have plenty of these events. There are only so many ways to say well done to everyone. I love my staff members, but they already know that. They don"t need to hear it every minute of every day.

Instead, I raise my glass and everyone cheers. As I stagger down from the stage, I"m swarmed by people. Not the managers of each department in my financial company but the staff from the bottom floor too. That"s why these sorts of events are a good idea. It gives everyone a little bit of access to me. I"ve learned over time that letting people feel connected to me means they"ll work that much harder for me.

It also means I only have to do it every so often. I"m a busy man, I can"t speak to everyone all the time. They know that, I"m sure they do.

"Thanks, everyone," I say to everyone, no one in particular. "Your work has all been fantastic recently."

I soak in the compliments I get in return like a sponge. I"m no different to anyone else, I need a boost to keep me going. "You"re all awesome. Please, enjoy the party."

"Hello there, handsome." As the sultry voice blasts into my ear I almost let my eyes roll to the back of my head in mild annoyance. I know who it belongs to without even turning around, but I also know from past experience that ignoring her leads to bigger trouble than just speaking to her. "That was a great speech up there, Mr. Ben Katch."

"Thank you very much, Marie." I plaster a fake, wide smile on my face. Even my teeth are showing "I didn"t know you were coming tonight."

What I mean by that is I didn"t send her an invite, but I can"t be direct with Marie. Not unless I want another scene. No one has forgotten the Christmas party two years ago where she screamed at me and smashed a wine bottle all over the dance floor ruining everyone else"s night. And to think she was so sweet and innocent when I first met her… maybe it was my influence that ruined her!

"Oh well I saw it was happening and I just knew I had to come." She waves her hand dismissively. "I have this new dress anyway that really needed an outing. What do you think""

My eyes automatically travel down her body and unfortunately my sensibilities go out the window. Marie might be a crazy bitch but she"s hot enough to pull that off. With her slim waist, her peachy butt, and her lovely ballooned breasts that get her more glamour modelling work than most of the other models in the city, she has a fantasy, plastic doll style body, and I know she"s crazy too. Crazy and up for anything.

With the skin tight red dress that clings to every inch of her, leaving nothing to the imagination, and a plunging neckline that means I can almost see her nipples, she"s a wet dream. I already know Marie doesn"t like underwear, so she"s bound to be pantie free down there…

Fuck, I"m horny.

She can see it in my eyes as soon as I drag them back up to meet hers. The heady lust must be evident behind my gaze because she smirks knowingly.

Marie knows that when I"m sober and in my right frame of mind, I can"t stand her, her personality annoys the living hell out of me, but when I"ve been drinking I just don"t think straight. My cock takes over and I follow what it wants instead.

Marie knows that it always wants her.

"What are you doing to me, Marie"" I groan with my eyes falling closed. "Why do you have to come here dressed like that""

"Because I want you! That"s why." She snakes her fingers through mine and tugs me towards her.

I know I should resist, I know this is perfect moment to do so, but I allow her to take me with her. After all the hard work I"ve done recently, and after all the expense I put into this event, I feel like I deserve a bit of fun. "Come on, let"s go somewhere."

She has me hooked, and she damn well knows it. As Marie drags me through the party she does so with a swagger in her step as if she thinks she has me. She probably likes the thought that she has control over the wealthy, powerful Ben Katch. What she doesn"t seem to realise is that I"m just letting her think that for a moment. Just until I get her alone.


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