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From the moment Dwayne sees Blair, he wants her. He wants all of those beautiful curves to himself. But she"s his boss"s daughter, and he"s the new guy in town, still trying to prove that he"s not just some flighty city boy.

She"s already had a messy breakup, and Blair has no interest in a relationship now. Every woman in town wants to date the new guy, but he only has eyes for her. She"s attracted to him but is afraid of anything serious.

After one night of harmless sex, Blair tells him straight that they"re just having fun. Dwayne likes to have fun, and he"s determined to show her exactly what she"s been missing out on.

From sex outdoors, to dancing, to sharing a picnic, Dwayne proves that he"s not only fun but dirty as well. Then comes one romantic dinner beneath the stars and what was once "just fun" changes, deepens.

Can Blair risk telling him that her feelings for him have changed" What will happen when Dwayne risks his life, running into a burning building to save another"Books by Author:Sam Crescent Books

Chapter One

"Sexy lady up ahead," Dwayne Cole said, watching the curvy woman as she entered the fire department. He"d just come back from a call out, a small backyard fire that had gotten a little out of hand. His boss had given out a warning, and they"d been on their way after dealing with it.

Stepping up to Ben, he gave the guy a nudge.

"Do you know her""

Ben laughed. "Know her" I went to high school with her. It"s Blair Curtis."

"I"ve not seen her around here." Dwayne was new to town. He"d only arrived two months ago, and for the most part kept to himself in his home set back from the road. He"d found the place at a steal, and he"d been working on renovating it. Living in the city for the past twenty years, he was more than ready to settle down. "Wait" Curtis""

"You heard that, huh" Yep, she"s the chief"s daughter. I suggest if you value your life, you"ll stop panting after her, pronto."

Dwayne gritted his teeth. His own rules stated that he shouldn"t touch his boss"s family, but this curvy chick was just too damn good to ignore. Her ass called to be spanked, and those tits, he wanted to suck on them and thrust his dick between that sweet valley. Just one look at her and the things he wanted to do to her were fucking sinful.

"Does she come around here often"" he asked.

"Sometimes. It"s the annual Christmas calendar event, and she"s always asked to come and get the guys to pose."

"It"s summer."

"I know, but we don"t look half as good naked while freezing our junk off as we do in the summer. It"s for a good cause as well. All money raised goes to the local hospital. We help with families that struggle."

Dwayne watched as Blair turned. She held a clipboard and was already talking to Ralf and Smithy.

"Have you done it""

"Yeah, a couple of times. Blair always oversees the shots and makes sure everything looks good."

When Dwayne saw her heading toward them, he couldn"t help but stand a little taller as he watched her. The figure-hugging pencil skirt left nothing to the imagination as it molded to all of her curves, and it only served to enhance his need for her.

"Hey, Ben, do you think you could give the time this year" We"re hoping to raise double. I"ve set up several social media pages and stuff."

"You know I can"t say no to kids. Blair, have you met our latest recruit, Dwayne Cole" He"d love to model for our little calendar." Ben pointed his way.

Her green eyes fell on him, and he gave her a smile. "Dad"s told me a lot about you." She held her hand out for him to take, and she had the sweetest smile he"d ever seen.

Pressing a kiss to her knuckles, he gave her a wink. "The pleasure is all mine." The moment he did that, he saw her quickly change. The smile vanished, and she jerked a little.

"Okay, wow." She pulled her hand back. "Yeah, that"s not going to work. This is serious."

Ben chuckled. "I can see you"ve got everything handled."

"Go out with me," Dwayne said. He wanted her so damn bad.

"I don"t have a clue who you are."

"So" This is a small town. Go out with me, give me a chance. I can promise you won"t be disappointed."

"Not going to happen. I don"t date my dad"s firemen." She pointed at the board. "Can I put your name down""

"You don"t date any firemen""

She tilted her head to the side, and the light cast from the window gave her blonde hair a golden hue. It was so glossy. He wanted to reach out and touch it.

"I don"t date men that work for my dad. I"ve got nothing against firemen, but seeing as I live in the same town as where my dad is boss, that means I won"t ever date a fireman."

"I"m new in town. Maybe you can give me a little reprieve."

She chuckled. "How many women have you asked out since you got to town""

"You"re the first."

She shook her head. "You"re lying."

"Not lying. I don"t ask random women out, and that is a promise. I"ve made an exception for you." He looked at the clipboard she held. "You can put my name down, and you don"t even have to date me."

"What did you say your name was again""

"You heard my name, baby." He winked at her. "Let me know if you change your mind about that date."

"I won"t."

She turned on her heel and walked away.

He couldn"t help but admire the sway of her ass.

One day he"d have his hands on that ass, holding her close as he drove his cock deep inside her. He was a very, very patient man. When he wanted something he always knew what to do to get it.


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