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I thought I"d lost everything. My life was in tatters when a man half my age broke into my property and invaded my future. Our love is forbidden, but I"m single and he"s all the taboo I crave. For once in my life, why not" But what if I start wanting more than a fleeting love affair" What if his secrets will destroy me" I had no idea how much more I was about to lose.

(Young Enough is Book 2 of The Age Between Us duology. Old Enough, Book 1, must be read to follow the story.)Books in Series:The Age Between Us Series by Charmaine PaulsBooks by Author:Charmaine Pauls Books



Life is never just good or just bad. Mostly, it"s a mix. My life is many kinds of wrongs, but it also has rights. A short while ago, my husband left me for his pregnant mistress. I lost my home in the process. I lost my stability and direction. I thought I"d lost everything, until a stranger broke into my property and ended up in my bed. He"s not like any man I"ve met. When it comes to passion, he demands nothing less than the most extreme and forbidden corners of my fantasies. He gives light and awakens darkness. He gives darkness, and my light can"t exist without it. It"s the most explosive sex of my life, the most depraved and serenely beautiful acts I"ve committed.

Brian is everything I"ve ever wanted, the closest to happy I"ve been since my first love, Evan, died, which is why I"m ignoring that Brian is half my age. What we share is taboo. Which is why we"re each other"s secret. You could say I"m unlucky in love, like a fortuneteller recently told me when she gave a hair-raisingly accurate account of my life, but Brian makes me feel alive. He makes me feel desired. I"ve mourned a lost love to death. I"ve been left for another woman. But right now, I"m being coveted by a beautiful, sexually skilled man. I"m too weak to walk away from an affair that has no future. I want him too much. I need to breathe him like air and drown in him like water. I trust him with the darker side of my lust like I trust him with my body, because he earned it. He proved to me he"s worthy of both, so I continue with my perfect, imperfect life, playing our game of secret love affair.

While Abby is with Francois, Brian and I spend the weekend together. We have sex as often as we can, anywhere we can. We"re both shameless, but there is no shame in honest lust. The days we work together make up for the nights we can"t sleep next to each other. Sometimes, we sneak off during our lunch break to make love in his truck at the dead-end road in Midrand with our clothes on or naked, lying amongst the grass that grows taller as summer advances. We"re careful. We don"t slip away together too frequently or raise suspicion with our behavior.

Toby likes Brian"s Bakers idea, and Bakers likes it even more. By the end of the month, we"re running their collectable card campaign. It"s a major hit. Sales fly. They have to increase production for Christmas, resulting in an unexpected bonus for Brian and myself.

Abby is caught up in her studies for the year-end exams. The move from the only house I"ve considered my home, soon to be home to my ex-husband"s mistress, doesn"t come at the best time, right before the grade eight finals, but if we want to secure the cottage Brian found for me, we don"t have a choice. If I weren"t so worn-out from the last sprint before the end of the year at the office, I would"ve said tough luck and looked for something else after Abby finished her exams, but places like those don"t become available every day. I"m not happy that Abby doesn"t like the cottage, but as my good friend, Dorothy, said, she"ll come around.

We arranged for Abby to be with Francois on the weekend I move. Brian assured me he"d take care of the furniture. I can count on him for something other than sex, and it warms my heart.

I"m offloading kitchen appliances at the cottage when his truck pulls up. A guy jumps from the passenger side and another from the back. Walking toward them with a greeting on my lips, I stop in my tracks. They"re Brian"s buddies from the pool.

"This is Jane Logan." Brian points at the slender one. "This is Eugene Prinsloo." He slaps the chubby one on the shoulder. "And this is Clive Claassen."

They both stare at me as if my clothes are on fire.

I"m the first to recover. "I think we got off on the wrong foot the first-time round. Shall we start over""

Eugene gives me a lukewarm handshake. "Uh, nice to meet you""

Clive keeps his arms at his sides. "Hi."

"I appreciate your help. I hope Brian didn"t bully you into it."

Clive snorts.

"No worries, Ms. Logan," Eugene says.

"Jane, please."

It takes us the whole morning and three truckloads to move Abby"s belongings and mine. Brian transfers the security equipment from the house to the cottage while I put the smaller pieces of furniture in place. With the big furniture arranged, Brian connects the dishwasher and washing machine, and test both to make sure they work. There"s no space for a tumble dryer, but we have enough sun"even in winter"and a line outside to dry our clothes.


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